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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

One Piece 737

The Officers' Tower

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 9, 2014 01:31 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 737: The Officers’ Tower
Cover Page Request: “Zoro Has A Drinking Contest With A Monkey Boss” From pen-name Noda Skywalker, Osaka-shi

[Insert text: He’s...huge~~~~~~!]
Violet: Watch out! That’s one of the Family’s Chief Officers!!!
Zoro: This stone monster?!
Violet: He ate the Ishi Ishi no Mi...he’s a “stone fusion man”!!
Luffy: ?

Zoro: ...Looks like there’s more to him than just being made of stone.
Violet: He can fuse with any stone that he touches! So in effect... // You could say right now... // He’s in control... // ...of this entire stone palace!!
People: ?!
Luffy: The walls!!!
People: Guaaaahhhh!!! // !!!

[Box: The Corrida Colosseum]
Announcer: Another Fighting Fish has leapt out of the water~~~~~!! // Can Burgess dodge it in time?!!
Burgess: Hadou...
FightingFish: ?! // ?!!
Burgess: ELBOW!!!
Announcer: ?!!
People: !!!
Announcer: The whole Colosseum is shaking~~~~~!!! // There it is~~~~~!!! / It’s Burgess’s...
People: Uwaaahhhhh!! // Aaaahhhh!!
Announcer: ...”Hadou Elbow”!!! // He’s opened a hole in the stands~~~~~!!! // Upstart pirate Blackbeard has been supported in his efforts... / ...by his famous Ten Massive Captains! // This is one of those men, Jesus Burgess!!!

People: Stretchers!! Somebody bring stretchers!! // Why, that brute~~~~~!!! // Don’t hit the audience with your attacks~~~~!!
Burgess: Wihahah!!
People: ?!!
Bartolomeo: Ahh!!
Diamante: .........
Announcer: It’s appeared!!! The Fighting Fish with the Devil Fruit on its back!!!

Announcer: And it’s after Rebecca~~~~!!!
Rebecca: !!! // If I can at least get the chains... // Ahh!!
People: !!
DefinitelyNotSabo: There - got you!!

DefinitelyNotSabo: ?!!
Diamante: I’m sure you want that Fruit pretty bad... // But you’re not having it, Straw Hat~~~~~~~!!! // !!
Burgess: Wihahah!! I’ll pound you both to the ground together!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: !

Announcer: !! // Burgess is readying an attack!!!
People: Aaaaghhhhh~~~~!! // Run for it~~~~~~!! // Here it comes again~~~!!
Bartolomeo: Hiding behind me?! That’s pretty sneaky!!!
Diamante: ! // You mean to take this blow, Lucy?!!
Burgess: Hadou...
Announcer: He’s giving Lucy no time to run!!!
People: Hurry up, get out of the way!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: Dragon’s Claw...
Burgess: ELBOW!!!

People: !!! // !!! // Whoaaaahhhhh~~~~!!! // Lucy~~~~~!!!
Announcer: Burgess’ armour is shattered~~~~~~~!!!
Bartolomeo: ......!! I...!! I knew you were amazing, super-senpai~~~~!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: So you’re not handing it over... // ...that easily, eh...?!!
Diamante: He fights a whole different kind of battle... Is this really Straw Hat~~~~?!

[Box: Underground Trading Port - Usopp’s Team]
[Label: Current Position]
Usopp: There are so many toys coming out of this place!
Leo: (That just goes to prove... // ...that Sugar is here in the Officers’ Tower!!)
Usopp: What are those tentacles?
Leo: The column in the middle is the Officers’ Private Lift. // The pipes spreading off in all directions... / ...are for Big Humans and broken toys to fall down. // There are so-called “scrapyard entrances”... / ...dotted all across the surface of Dresrosa. / Anything sent down one of those is delivered directly... / ...to the scrapyard right beneath the Officers’ Tower!!
[Labels: Officers’ Tower // Scrapyard]

[Box: Inside the Officers’ Tower]
Cavendish: ......Ugh! I’ve had enough of all this!! // First they drop me in a pile of scrap, and now this?!! / Where am I?!! // And what is this slimy substance?!! // I thought something was odd... / ...when they sent me to a medical room even though I wasn’t hurt!!
Trebol: It’s not “slimy”, it’s “sticky”!!
Cavendish: Guahh!! Get back!!! / Who in the world are you?!!
Trebol: Beheheh... / This is the Officers’ Tower. / ...However~~~~!! // This particular room, oddly like a factory... / ...from which toys seem to emerge one after another for some reason...is known by another name!! / Sugar, what’s its other name?
Sugar: ..................

Sugar: The Officers’ Tower.
Trebol: That ain’t it~~~~~~!!! // Behhheheheheh!!!
Cavendish: ..................
Trebol: You made my nose erupt!!! Snot everywhere!!
Sugar: That’s disgusting. Please die.
Trebol: I ain’t gonna die!! I ain’t gonna listen to a thing a little brat like you says!! Beheheh!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / Chief Officer / Trebol♣ / (User of the Beta Beta no Mi)]

Cavendish: I can’t move...! Hey, little girl! // Can you get this sticky liquid off - // - me... // ?!
Sugar: Let’s make a contract. // “Never harm a human being”. // And “always follow orders from the Family”.
Cavendish: !! // What are you saying?! Hey, there’s something wrong with my body! Hurry up and -
Trebol: Stop talking and go get working.
Cavendish: ! // (...What’s this?! I can’t speak......?! / Why can’t I disobey this man’s words...?!)
Flashback!Sugar: “Always follow orders from the Family”.
Cavendish: A...“contract”?!
Trebol: Beheheheh!! Nobody remembers you any more!! / Even I’ve forgotten who you are! // You’re going to work for Dofi until you die...and fight for him! Beheheheh~~~~!!

Cavendish: (...Hey!! What’s going on?!! This body!! I’ve turned into a toy!!)
Trebol: Just carry on through the door at the end to the port...!!
Toy: Hi there, new guy. / Your designated area is...
Cavendish: (Where is this place......?! // I’m a pirate, not a toy! This is just a bad dream! / Let me wake up!!)
Someone: Keep that cargo moving!!
Cavendish: (I’m not going to spend the rest of my life... / ...working with these creepy moving toys!!)
Sai: (...So this is where the weapons were being smuggled from...!! // But I can’t disobey their orders!! I can’t do a thing about it!!)
Hack: (To think there was a massive port like this beneath the city...!! If I can only get word out... // Koala is waiting for my report! Is there not some way for me to move about freely?!)
Elizabello: (I am the King of Prodence!!! Curse you, Doflamingo!!! // Do you mean to keep me like this for the rest of my life?! I will not stand for it!! Somebody help me!!!)

Robin: .........
Usopp: ..................
Robin: So that’s Trebol... / ...and Sugar.
Usopp: She really is just a kid...
Leo: Indeed she is! / She loves grapes and never stops eating them!!
Usopp: Yeah? What about it?
Leo: That’s the plan!! // Take a look at this!! / It is a concentrated dose of the world’s spiciest spice, Tatababasco!! // We have made it look exactly like a grape!
Usopp: Don’t tell me you’re going to feed it to...?!
Leo: I’m going to put it into that basket!!

Leo: We already tested this on 50 Tontatta! / 100% of them fainted, and 18 nearly died! Eheheh!
Usopp: You actually tried it?!!
Leo: We are well prepared!! / Now, we must feed this to Sugar!!
Usopp: ...All right!! Go for it, Leo!! / I’m watching over you!!
Leo: Ah, how reassuring!!
Usopp: (If panic breaks loose, I’d better run!)
Dwarfs: Good luck, Leo!! // Watch out for Trebol!!
Usopp: Keep your voices down, people!!
Leo: No problem!! // Everyone, prepare yourselves!! // When you hear Sugar scream... // That will be the moment all the toys in this country...

Leo: ...turn back into Big Humans!! / The moment all the lost memories return!!! // The moment the dark truth is revealed... // ...and the pirate Doflamingo... // ...will reveal his true colours!! // Here goes nothing!!! // It’s time to save our comrades, and take back King Riku’s kingdom!!!
Dwarfs: Yeahhhhhh~~~~!!!
Usopp: Seriously, voices down!!
[Insert text: The operation is almost complete!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 13.]

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