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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 738

Trebol Army Special Officer Sugar

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 23, 2014 00:53 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 738: Trebol Army Special Officer Sugar
Cover Page Request: “Franky Making a Miniature House for Hamsters” From pen-name Noda Skywalker, Osaka-shi

[Insert text: The do-or-die Tontatta plan is afoot!!]
Leo: (With this “spiciest grape in the world” made from pure Tatababasco...!! // I will make you faint, Sugar!!)
Trebol: .........
People: ?!!

Sugar: ......What was that?
Trebol: Hmmm~~~~~~~~~~? // A fly.
Robin: (..................)
Dwarfs: ...............!!
Leo: You may be able to shoot down a fly... // ...but you can’t shoot me!! // I’m going to recover... // ...my captured comrades!!
Dwarfs: Go get ‘em, Leo!!
Robin: ...............!!
Usopp: (Please go according to plan!!!)
Robin: (Wait!! Leo!!!)
Leo: ?!! // Eh...?!

[Box: Underground Trading Port - The Smile Factory]
[Labels: Factory // Officers’ Tower]
People: We haven’t had any “new workers” for the past year or so... // They’re not showing up at the Palace, either.
[Box: Luminescent flowers “Elegant Sunflower”]
People: Okay, who the hell’s slacking off?!!!
Dwarfs: Aaaghh! // W...We’re not slacking off!!
[Box: Artificial Devil Fruit “Smile” Factory]
People: If 500 of their fellow dwarfs leave and don’t come back...they’re gonna think something’s up, right?
Dwarfs: *pant* // *pant*
People: Nah, even then, they won’t suspect foul play in the slightest. / That’s just the foolish...no, the “pure” nature of the Tontatta tribe!! Heheh! // Then why aren’t they showing up...? // Beats me...
Dwarfs: *pant* // *pant*
People: Ah well, if we can’t get any more of ‘em... // We’ll just have to work the 500 we’ve already got for all they’re worth!
Dwarfs: *pant* // *pant*
People: Too slow!!! // Whip of Love~~~~~!!!
Dwarfs: Aaaghhhh!!

Dwarfs: *pant* / *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
People: .................. / Hold on now... // These fruit aren’t fully turned into Smile!!! // I thought you Tontatta were meant to be able to grow any kind of plant, eh?!
Dwarfs: Aaaaahhh...!! // Y...Yes, we are, but... / These Smile fruit are very “unnatural”, and...
People: I don’t want to hear excuses!!!

Dwarfs: Please, let my brother rest for a little while...!! // His food today was a little gone off, and -
People: Now you’re complaining about the food as well?! // Don’t you lot want to cure the disease afflicting your Princess Manshelly?!
Dwarfs: O...Of course we do!!
People: Then hurry up and make more Smile fruits!! / They contain the only chemical that can create a medicine to cure your Princess! // So far, less than a tenth of the fruit from each harvest have proven successful!! / So figure out a way to increase that success rate!!
Dwarfs: Would it be possible for us to see Princess Manshelly, just for a moment?
People: Absolutely not!! Why, if her rare disease were to infect you as well.........!! // We’d fall to the ground and cry...!! Don’t you know you Tontatta are our precious partners?!
Dwarfs: M...Mr Minion...!! // We’ll work as hard as we possibly can...!! // Please take care of the Princess for us......! ...*cough*...
People: Sure thing. // (It always amazes me how they can believe these transparent lies...)

Leo: Wh... // What are you doing, Robiland?!!
Robin: I’m very sorry. But I fear if you had continued any further... // You would have been killed...!!
Leo: ?!
Robin: The corpse of the fly he just killed... // Its tiny body was pierced through the middle of the forehead with perfect accuracy. / Trebol’s physical and observational abilities are far beyond any normal human!! / It’s too dangerous to make any attempt on Sugar while Trebol is defending her.
Usopp: ...What’s your plan then, Robiland?
People: Aaaaaaghhhh~~~~~~~~!! // Hey, what’s up with this cargo?!!! // It’s an army of pink wasps~~~~~!!
Bian: Ufufu...

Robin: Trebol-sama!!! I bring a report!! / *pant* // You are needed in Area 4 of the Trading Port! / Captain Yves and his pirate crew are causing trouble!! // *pant*... // They are violently insisting to speak to the officer in charge with regard to the agreed price!
Dwarfs: (..................)
Trebol: Hmmmm~? They have the nerve to argue with Joker’s decisions...? / How very bold of them, nyehhh~~~~~!!! // ...Nyehh? Where is the usual worker in charge of reporting to me?
Usopp: (...............!!)
Robin: ...He is eating his meal at the moment. // And this is an emergency!!! // There have already been injuries among the workers on our side! Please lend us your help!
Trebol: Injuries~~~~~~?! // All right, I’ll go~~~~!!!

Trebol: Nnnyehh, nnnyehh!!
People: Ah!! Trebol-sama, are you going somewhere?!
Trebol: Increase the guard on the four entrances to the Officers’ Tower. / If anything happens, let me know at once!
People: Y...Yes, sir!!
Trebol: Nnnyehh... Nnnnyehh... Now, where is this little fight??
Robin: It’s in Area 4.
People: Whoahh!! Trebol-sama! / It’s good to see you, sir!!
Leo: Huh? Aren’t you going to fight for us, Usoland?
Usopp: It would be easy for me to take care of the fighting. // (Here’s hoping I don’t have to do anything at all!!) // But by taking care of it yourselves, you will build confidence in your own abilities!! / Fear not!! If things go wrong, I will always be here to save you!!!
Leo: Ahhhh!! How inspiring!!

Sugar: ? // Who’s there~? // !!
Leo: Accept your fate, Sugar!!! / We have come to make you release... // ...all our comrades who are enslaved in the factory!! / And we will render you unconscious!!!
Sugar: ......Unconscious? Hmmmm... I don’t know anything about your comrades, though.
Leo: Ehhhhh?!! Is that true?!
Sugar: Yup.
Leo: That’s all right then!
Usopp: (It’s not all right!! Don’t let her trick you!!)
Leo: Ahhhh!!! Th...That was a close one!! Release our comrades!!
Sugar: Who put you up to this? / You fools would never realise you’re being tricked on your own...

Sugar: Tontatta Tribe... // I’ve been wondering why we haven’t seen you at the Palace for the past year... / It looks like somebody has been giving you ideas.
Dwarfs: CHAAAAARGE!!! // Hold her down and open her mouth~~~~~~!!!
Sugar: Well, this isn’t nice. // I do believe they think I’m weak......

Dwarfs: Haaahhh!! // !!
Sugar: “Little Black Bears”!!!
Dwarfs: ?!!

Usopp: Hm? // Huh?
Sugar: This is a contract. // “You will obey my orders...” // “...until the day you die”!!!
Leo: Huh? / Huh?? / Toys just appeared out of nowhere!! // What were we just doing......??
Sugar: Hunt down everyone lurking in the Officers’ Tower... / ...and slaughter them!!!

Usopp: (Eh...?! Even me?!)
Dwarfs: (Oh, no!! I’ve been turned into a toy!! / Does this mean everyone’s forgotten about me...?! // I can’t disobey hey orders!! No...stop this, please!! / I don’t want to fight!!)
Leo: Eliminate the enemy soldiers!!!
Dwarfs: Leo!! It’s me, Flapper!!!
Leo: Haaaaaahhhhh!!!
Dwarfs: (Nooooooo!!)
Sugar: Trebol!!! Return here at once!!! // It’s a trap!!!
Trebol: ?!!

Sugar: Trebol~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Trebol: ?! // A trap~?? // ......... // Hey...
Robin: Look, Trebol-sama!! Over there!! / The pirates are rioting, and we can’t keep them under control!!
Trebol: Nnnyehhhh!! Nnnnyehhh!! You lot~~~!!!
People: ?!
Trebol: What’s going on around here, eh?!!
Robin: !
People: Trebol-sama!
Trebol: Nnnyehhh, what’s the problem?!

Pirates: Oh, well, there was a little incident... / We found a swarm of bees lurking inside the cargo, you see... / But don’t worry, it shouldn’t affect our dealings!
Trebol: ......... // That woman...!!
Robin: *pant*... *pant*...
Trebol: Nnnyehhh, nnnnyehhh!! Hold it right there, woman~~~~~~!!!
Robin: Aahhhh!!
Trebol: Nnnyehhh, who the hell are you?!! Nnnnyehhhh?!!!
Robin: *pant*... *pant*......!!
Trebol: Hmm? // ?! // SHE JUST DISAPPEARED~~~~~~!! NNNNYEHHHH...NNYEHHHH!!! // But that face... Could it be...?!!!

Sugar: TREBOL~~~~~~!!!
Trebol: Is this the work of those Straw Hat Pirates?! / How did they get here?!! Why are they after Sugar??! // Nnnnyaaaaaghhhh... // Now I’m angry~~~~~~~!!! // Beta Beta Chaaaaaain!!! // ?!! // Beta Betton!!! // Meteora!!!!
People: Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! // Aaaghhhhh~~~~~~~!!! // ?!!!
[Insert text: Mission failed?!]

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