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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

One Piece 739


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 1, 2014 21:36 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 739: Captain
Cover Page Request: “Brook With Balloons Painted To Look Like Laboon” From pen-name Dokuro, Kyoto-shi

[Insert text: A giant ship plummets down~~~~~!!]

People: ...............?!! // Trebol-sama’s gone crazy~~~~~!!! // Aaaaahhhhhh! // The Officers’ Tower is in pieces~~~~~~~!!!

People: ...............??!
Robin: (Usopp!! Usopp, pull yourself together!!)
Usopp: Hueghh??
Robin: *pant* // Thank goodness...
Usopp: Robi...
Robin: Shhhhhhhh!
Usopp: ?! // (What’s going on?! A duck suddenly came crashing through the roof!!)

Robin: (Leo and the others have been captured...!!)
Usopp: Huh?!
Trebol: There are still more of you out there, nnnnyeeehhhhs?!! // Nnnyehhh, nnyehhh, I need names~~~!
Leo: We’ll never tell you!!!
Usopp: (That’s right! Don’t tell him a thing! / Let’s get out of here while we still can, Robin!!)
Trebol: The truth is, he’s a friend of mine. Now, what was his name again......?
Leo: You mean Usoland?
Usopp: (Oooooi!!!)
Trebol: Little fool!! He’s not my friend at all, nyehhh~~!!!
Leo: Oh, no!! I was tricked!!
Trebol: Is the One-Legged Soldier with you as well?
Leo: I...I’m saying nothing!!!
Trebol: I already know he is.
Leo: Oh. Well, if you know, there’s no point hiding it.
Trebol: Just as I suspected...
Leo: ...Oh no, tricked again!!

Trebol: I’m starting to get a good picture of how this is all connected, nnnnyehhh~~!!
Leo: ...............!! // It doesn’t matter what you know... // Your evildoing ends here!! // We will take our comrades back!!!
Trebol: That sticky stuff...
Leo: ?
Trebol: quite flammable, you know......!!
People: !!! // Aaaaghhhhhh!! // ?!!

People: Uaaaghhh!!! // ?!! // What is it now?!! // Trebol-sama~~~~~!!
Usopp: (Leo!! // Leo!!) // We’ve gotta ru...... / I mean... // Retreat at once!! This is too much for your people!! / You can’t hope to match Trebol...!!
Leo: ......*cough*...We can’t...... / ...just retreat now......!! // We have to complete...the SOP quickly as possible...... // Once we do...the Captain will defeat Doflamingo for sure!! We have to hurry!!! // The Captain is waiting for us!!!

[Box: The Royal Palace, 1F Lift]
[Right label: Palace]
[Top label: House]
[Left label: Port]
LaoG: Hooohhhhh... // Hadyahhh~!!!
People: !!!
Kabu: Captain~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
OneLeg: ...............!! // *pant*... *pant*...
Flashback!People: Hey! Did you hear?!
OneLeg: ...............!!

[Box: This morning in Dresrosa]
Flashback!People: Doflamingo’s left the Shichibukai!!! // He won’t be the King of Dresrosa any more, either!!!
Flashback!Gladiators: Now he’s nothing more than a dirty pirate!!! // We’re finally gonna be set free!!!
Flashback!Dwarfs: Captain!! Did you see the newspaper?! // This means our comrades will return, doesn’t it?!! // We won’t have to fight after all!! Thank goodnes...
Flashback!OneLeg: No. // Apparently that report was a “mistake”...
Flashback!Dwarfs: ?!!
Flashback!OneLeg: Rebecca!! You must remain calm...!! // I understand your anger...!! I feel the same way!! But you must not do anything rash!!! // It is we who will make a stand!! Our preparations are complete!!!

Flashback!Rebecca: Forget it!! I’m not waiting!! / After being kicked down from heaven into hell like that......!! / Everyone’s at their limit!! Their spirits are almost completely broken!!!
DoubleFlashback!Gladiators: There’s nothing left for us but to wait for our executions...
Flashback!Rebecca: The promise of freedom if we win a thousand matches... // That’s nothing to hope for...!! That’s just a wall of despair!!! // That so-called “Legendary Warrior Kyros” said to have fought and won three thousand matches?! / Everyone knows that statue is just a lie!!! // Kyros is a dream, an ideal invented by all the prisoners who have gone to their deaths! / He’s just a symbol of their longing to escape from this place!! // I’m done with chasing after impossible dreams. I’d rather place my hopes on today’s tournament! // It’s our one big chance!!! That’s why...
Flashback!OneLeg: This is no chance!! This is not a tournament you can hope to win!!! / You will only lose your life!! I won’t allow you to enter!!! This is just foolish desperation!! // Do you think yourself an adult with your scant 16 years, Rebecca?!! / You are still only a child!! And you will do as I say!!!

Flashback!Rebecca: Who do you think you are?!!! You’re not my father, you know!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: ?!!
Flashback!Rebecca: You’re the one who’s being desperate and foolish!! You and your “operation”!! // How do you expect to defeat Doflamingo?!! You’re just...just... // ...Just a one-legged toy!!!! // Ahh...
Flashback!OneLeg: Very true... Very true indeed...
Flashback!Rebecca: Ahh............!! ......!! / No, I......!!
Flashback!OneLeg: Perhaps I have overstepped my place. / Still, I pray you will not enter this tournament.
Flashback!Rebecca: ......!! / No...That’s not it at all.........!!! // I...!! I’m just scared!! I have this horrible feeling that you’re just going... / get yourself killed...!!!

Flashback!Rebecca: I’m sorry!! Wait, please!! / Mr Soldier!!! // Mr Soldier~~~!!!
OneLeg: *pant*... // *pant*... // *pant*
Flashback!Rebecca: Mr Soldie~~~~~~~r!!!
Rebecca: Haaaaahhhhh~~~~!!!

Announcer: What’s this?!! It looks like Rebecca, who has never played anything but a defensive game... // ...has gone on the offensive~~~~!!
Diamante: ?! // ......What the hell is that sword......? // It’s got no blade... // This ring is a place for killing!!

Diamante: If you can’t slice a man down... // ...then shed your own blood!!
Rebecca: Eh - ?! // ?!
Diamante: That’s what’ll get the crowd excited!!!
Rebecca: !!!
Announcer: ......!! A direct hit~~~~!!! // The “Undefeated Woman” stands powerless before this foe~~!!!

People: Diamante~~~!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: Oh, no!! // Hey!! Musclemelon!!
Bartolomeo: It’s Bartolomeo, actually...?!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: You go and protect the girl!!
Bartolomeo: ?! // Ehhh?!!
Diamante: Rebecca......!! Do you know...
Rebecca: *pant*...
Diamante: your mother, Scarlet, died......?
Rebecca: !! / *pant*
Flashback!Scarlet: I'll go and buy something for you to eat...
Rebecca: ......?!
Diamante: That toy soldier cried and screamed so, it was quite irritating to watch...
Flashback!OneLeg: *pant*... I am so sorry!!! / I failed to protect... // ...your mother's life...
Rebecca: ?!

[Box: Royal Palace 1F, outside the lift / Toy Soldier VS Lao G]
People: !!
OneLeg: ...............!!
LaoG: Hmm?! This shaking...!! // This must be Pica’s doing. // Why is he causing such a ruckus...? // !!
Dwarfs: We won’t let you go!!! // Kabu-san!!
Kabu: Right!! // Can you stand, Captain?!!
OneLeg: Y...You have my thanks...
LaoG: Ughhh!! // Unhand me, filthy dwarfs!!
Kabu: Hurry!
OneLeg: ! // Wait!! If we leave now, our comrades will fall!!

Kabu: You must look forward, Captain!!!
OneLeg: ?!
Kabu: We have always been ready to sacrifice ourselves!!!
OneLeg: Ridiculous!!
Kabu: If you do not move onward, what will this all have been for?!!! // Even assuming Leo and his team succeed in the SOP Operation... / If you do not eliminate Doflamingo, he will restore everything to the way it was!!!
OneLeg: ...............!!
Rampo: You are the only one among us... / ...who can eliminate Doflamingo, Captain!!!
[Box: Underground Trading Port - The Officers’ Tower]
Usopp: What is that “Captain” to you, Leo?! // Why do you place so much faith in him?!!
Leo: ..................

Usopp: He’s just a one-legged toy, for crying out loud!!!
Leo: Normally...when people are turned into toys, they are given a contract... // Forced to become obedient workers who cannot disobey their orders... / But in the case of our Captain, the first toy who was ever created in this country... // Sugar made a mistake... She forgot to impose a contract on him!! / That single mistake, ten long years ago, created the Captain you see today! // He is the only toy who is able to rebel against the Donquixote Family! / That is why he has fought against them on his own for ten whole years!!
Usopp: ...............!!
Leo: If it weren’t for him, all of the other toys... / ...would have had no choice but to succumb to their cruel fate!! // And we of the Tontatta, too... / ...would all have been turned into slaves without ever realising what was really happening!!

Leo: If we do not respond to his cries... // ...this country will truly be beyond saving!!! // That man is worth placing all our hopes in!! // Though nobody remembers him now, there was a time when everyone knew his name!! // When he was a Big Human, the name of that man was... / “Kyros”!!!
Usopp: !!
Leo: The greatest gladiator who ever fought in the Colosseum!!! // That is the Captain we follow!!!
Usopp: ?!!
[Insert text: The identity of “hope”...!!]

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