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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 742

"I Will Always Be By Your Side"

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 30, 2014 00:39 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 742: “I Will Always Be By Your Side”
Cover Page Request: “Alpacas Sleep While Robin Reads Them A Story” From pen-name Maru-chan, Tochigi-ken

[Insert text: Kyros’ past unfolds before us...!!]
Flashback!Announcer: Defeating even the mighty mystery warrior “Ricky” who descended like a comet before him!! // Over nine years, he has finally achieved a record of three thousand victories, and remains undefeated!!! // The living legend, Kyros!!!
Flashback!Kyros: *pant* / *pant*
Flashback!Announcer: The word “invincible” was created for this man~~~~!!!
Flashback!Kyros: Why did you enter yourself without telling me...? King Riku......!!
Flashback!Riku: I have become quite strong thanks to your teaching, have I not? // Still, to think that you would hesitate when you realised it was me. Some “wild beast” you are!
Flashback!Kyros: ?!
Flashback!Riku: ...Don’t you think this is enough now...? / For nine long years, you have shut yourself away in this “cage”.
Flashback!Kyros: !!
Flashback!Riku: It’s time you emerged...!!! // There is something I wish to ask of you.

DoubleFlashback!Riku: Kyros...rather than wallow in regret over your past mistakes... // You can spend the rest of your life protecting the lives of others. That is a valid way to live.
[Box: One year later]
Flashback!People: Kyros~~~~!! // Captain Kyros~~!!
[Box: Dresrosa / Captain in the Riku Royal Army / Kyros (25)]
Flashback!People: Kyros-saamaaa~~~!♡
Flashback!Scarlet: Well, aren’t you so terribly popular! / Kyros-sama!

Flashback!Scarlet: But you are still a murderer!! / I for one cannot understand why my father saw fit... / ...to welcome you into his palace!!
Flashback!Viola: Sister, it’s not nice to open old wounds...!!
Flashback!Scarlet: And he lets you represent “justice” as a Captain in his army, no less!! / It’s madness, I tell you!! // You may be able to fool the people of this country... // But you can’t fool me!! I know you’ll show your true colours someday!!
Flashback!Viola: .........
[Box: Princess of Dresrosa / Scarlet (16)]
[Box: Second Princess (her little sister) / Viola (10)]
Flashback!Scarlet: I forbid you to come near me and my sister, or to lay a finger upon either of us!! Is that clear?!
Flashback!Viola: But, Sister, this man is actually quite...
Flashback!Scarlet: Viola! You shouldn’t look into such unclean hearts!!
Flashback!Kyros: ...But I have a duty to protect you both...
Flashback!Scarlet: That will not be necessary!!!

Flashback!People: Princes Scarlet has been kidnapped~~~~~!! // Pirates~~!!! It’s a pirate attack~~~!!! // What happened to the guards?!! // They’ve all been defeated!! It’s terrible~~~~!!
Flashback!Kyros: I...I beg your forgiveness!!
Flashback!Scarlet: ?! // ...............!!
Flashback!Kyros: I...I laid a finger upon you...
Flashback!Scarlet: Waaaaaaahhhhh~~~~~~~!! Kyros~~~!! I was so scared~~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Kyros: Aghhh!! I’m so sorry!! // I’m so sorry!!

Flashback!Riku: Am I dreaming? What brought this on?
Flashback!Viola: Sister is...cooking...!!
Flashback!Riku: You wish to be removed from your position guarding my daughters?! // You wouldn’t have feeling for Scarlet by any chance, would you?
Flashback!Kyros: N-No!!
Flashback!Riku: Though each individual citizen of this country would likely wish you the best... / The people as a whole would never be able to stand for it, considering your history. // That is the way of the masses...
Flashback!Scarlet: Father!! If I cannot be with him, I will die!!!
Flashback!Riku: Eh?!!
Flashback!People: Princess Scarlet...!! // A sudden illness...!! / How tragic...she would have been a fine Queen someday...
Flashback!Riku: ........................!!! // Scarlet... From this day forth, you are no longer of royal blood.

Flashback!Riku: As far as the people are concerned, Princess Scarlet is dead.
Flashback!Scarlet: Yes, Father!
Flashback!Kyros: It pains me to reward your trust with further hardship, Your Majesty...
Flashback!Riku: I should think so!! This is quite unforgivable!! // Or it would be, from any man but you!! Ah, Kyros... This is quite the story. I have never heard the like!
Flashback!Rebecca: Waaahhh!! // Waaahhh!!
Flashback!Scarlet: Her name is... / Rebecca. // Come and hold her, Kyros. This is your daughter!
Flashback!Kyros: I could never touch something so pure and innocent!! / My hands are tainted hands!! / I cannot dirty this infant!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Oh dear, oh dear... // Isn’t your daddy a silly man, Rebecca?
Flashback!Kyros: She’s like a little angel...!! Rebecca...! // I will always watch over you... Always be by your side...!!

Flashback!Riku: Say hello to your granddaddy~~~!! // Rebecca~~~!! You’ve grown even bigger than last time I saw you~~!♡
Flashback!Scarlet: Father, take off the ninja mask...!!
Flashback!Kyros: Gloves... // Gloves...!! // Aren’t you so cute......!! // So, so cute~~~!
Flashback!Scarlet: Oh, look at you, crying again!
Flashback!People: What in the world has happened to the King?!!
Flashback!Kyros: The Palace...is burning...!!
Flashback!Scarlet: What is happening in this country......?!
Flashback!Kyros: I will go to the Palace!! / Listen carefully, Scarlet, Rebecca!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Father...!
Flashback!Kyros: If the danger reaches this far... // You must wait for me in the Red Flower Field!! / I will meet you there, I promise!!!

Flashback!Kyros: *pant* // *pant* // What have you done to this country?!! To His Majesty?!! Filthy pirates!!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: You saw for yourself, didn’t you? The King set the towns alight himself...
Flashback!Riku: ..................
Flashback!Kyros: His Majesty would never do such a thing!!!
Flashback!Riku: Kyros...!!
Flashback!Kyros: Release me from these Kairouseki chains!! / I am no Fruit user!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: Kyros... / I have heard a lot about you... I want you to serve under me.
Flashback!Kyros: ?!
Flashback!Doflamingo: This land will have a new King... And the old Royal Family will all perish!!! // I have already sent my men after all those of royal blood... / Including your wife and daughter...!!!
Flashback!Kyros: ?!! // See for yourself!! The age of Dresrosa under the House of Riku is over!!!
Flashback!Riku: !!

Flashback!Doflamingo: ?!! // This man...!!! // He sliced off his own leg!!!
Flashback!Riku: Kyros!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: ?!! / ...............!! // ?!
Flashback!Riku: A toy...?!
Flashback!OneLeg: *pant* // ? / ? // *pant*

Flashback!OneLeg: (My body has become a toy!! // What is this...?! Am I dreaming?!)
Flashback!Buffalo: That toy just ran off with the King!!!
Flashback!Kyros: It’s me, Your Majesty!! Kyros!!
Flashback!Riku: I’m sorry... I can’t say I have ever heard that name. / But I will not forget the debt I owe you...mysterious toy!
Flashback!OneLeg: ?! // Run for your lives!! Scarlet...Rebecca...!! // Wait for me in the place we promised~~~~!! // (Nobody remembers...my name...) // *pant* // *pant* // (Night is falling...) // *pant* // (I must reach the Red Flower Field... / Scarlet and Rebecca...are waiting...)
[BubbleSFX: Bang!!]
Flashback!OneLeg: ?!

Flashback!OneLeg: (...!! Scarlet?!)
[BubbleSFX: Bang!!]
Flashback!OneLeg: (Scarlet?!! Why are you here?!)
Flashback!People: Aaaahhhhh!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: Scarlet!!!
Flashback!People: Someone just got shot!! Is it the Riku Royal Army again?!!
Flashback!OneLeg: (Why did you not wait for me...?! // But of course... I must have disappeared from your heart as well... // Has everything truly gone...?!! Even our promise......?! // Even our memories together...?!)

Flashback!OneLeg: Scarlet!! // *pant*
DoubleFlashback!Scarlet: I do not know who you may be, but...
DoubleFlashback!OneLeg: ?!!
DoubleFlashback!Scarlet: My daughter... / She is waiting for me...she is hungry...
Flashback!OneLeg: AAAAAAGHHHHHH~~~!!!
DoubleFlashback!OneLeg: It’s me!!! // It’s Kyros!!!
DoubleFlashback!OneLeg: (What kind of parting is this?! // This is hell!!! This is too much!!)
Flashback!OneLeg: ...EEEEEEEEET~~~~~~~~!!!!
DoubleFlashback!OneLeg: (With these arms of tin... I cannot even feel your warmth...)
Flashback!OneLeg: AAAAAAGHHHHHH~~~~!!!
DoubleFlashback!OneLeg: (...as you die in my arms......!!!)

OneLeg: ...............!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Mr Soldier!!
Violet: Mr Soldier?!
OneLeg: Ah! // Ahhh...!! Viola-sama...!!
Luffy: Are you all right?!
Viola: I can see enemies coming our way from the ground floor!!
OneLeg: ?!
Gladius: Unforgivable!! To think that was an impostor posing as the young master!! / The Straw Hats must be above the first floor. Violet’s blood was on the wall!!
OneLeg: ...!! This is not good. / If we will be cornered and forced to fight either way... / Would it be better to simply launch an ambush on Doflamingo now?! // I fear Usoland and his team may be too late... // Come to think of it...you are all pirates, are you not? / I realised the truth about Fraland and Usoland after a while...
Luffy: Something wrong with that?
OneLeg: No...I too am a criminal. // If we share the same goal, I am glad of your help.
[Box: The Corrida Colosseum]

People: A crack underneath the Colosseum...?! // The Colosseum has never had to withstand the kind of forces it’s suffered today... // Burgess’ attack was the nail in the coffin. // At this rate, the whole stadium could collapse......!! // Aaaahhh~~!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: !
People: Uwaaaaghhhhh~~~~~!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: Very nice.
People: That bastard~~~~!!
Burgess: ?
Diamante: I’ll tell you as many times as you like, Rebecca~~~~!! / The man who shot your mother, Scarlet, dead...
Bartolomeo: Whoa, whoa, my barrier isn’t built to handle verbal assaults!!
Rebecca: ...............!! // (Mr Soldier......!! It’s no good...I...!!!
Diamante: ...was me!!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Mother, I’m really hungry...
Flashback!Scarlet: I’ll go and buy something for you to eat.
Rebecca: (I’m so frustrated...my body won’t move...!!!)

[Box: The House of Toys]
People: ...............!!
Franky: (U...U...Usopp~~~~!! I know I can rely on you... Hurry up and cause...the panic...!!!)
[Box: Underground Trading Port]
Dwarfs: Usoland!! // Usoland!! // Usoland!! // Usoland!!// Usoland!!
Toys: (There’s a massive battle going on in the Officers’ Tower...)
Dwarfs: Usoland!!
Toys: (Usopp of the Straw Hat Pirates...!! Go get ‘em!!)
Dwarfs: Usoland!!
Toys: (I don’t even know your face, but good luck, Usopp!! If you win this battle, I’ll be in your debt forever...!! // Go get ‘em!! // Good luck~~~~!!)

Cavendish: (I don’t want to be a toy for the rest of my life!! If you bring me back, I’ll never go after Straw Hat again!!)
Hajrudin: (I’ll become your servant or whatever you like!! Win this for us!!)
Dagama: (You want money?! I’ll give you a fortune!! Just do this!!!)
Doflamingo: Trebol!! Hurry and bring Sugar to the Palace!!
Trebol: Beheheh!! Don’t you worry, Dofi~~~! There ain’t gonna be... / ...any crisis down here~~~!!
Sugar: You can rest easy, young master!! // Our enemy is no longer... // ...even conscious...!!
Dwarfs: Usoland~~~~~!!
Sugar: You can have this poisoned grape back, too.
Dwarfs: ......Ahh!! The Tatababasco... // Our final hope......
Sugar: Eat it yourself......
Usopp: !!
Sugar: ...and end your sorry life.
Dwarfs: Ahhhh!! Usoland~~~~~!!

People: ?!!!
People: ...............?!!
Trebol: Hey?!! Sugar, what are you doing?!! Keep a hold of yourself!!! // !!
Leo: Ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: A piercing scream~~~~~!!]

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#1. by Australopithecus ()
Posted on Apr 3, 2014
I'm sorry, but in page 12 there's a typographical error. It was written "Someone just got 'show!!'." Shouldn't it be "someone just got "shot"?
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Apr 5, 2014
Thanks for catching that, fixed now.
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