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Translations: Gintama 588 (2) , Bleach 673 by cnet128 , One Piece 825 by cnet128

One Piece 743

Dresrosa Shakes

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 7, 2014 21:13 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 743: Dresrosa Shakes
Cover Page Request: “Carue and Vivi Playing Tennis” from pen-name Mokuku, Aichi-ken

[Insert text: Usopp and Sugar’s terrible scream!!]
Trebol: S...

Trebol: SUGAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Robin: !! // ...............!!
Toys: ?!!

People: Ahh!! // Ahhhhh!!!
Cavendish: I’m back...!!
Chinjao: Dear me!!!
Hajrudin: ......!!
Sai: We’re back~~~~~~~~~!!
People: All the toys~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // ...............!! // We’re human again~~~~~~~~~!!!

Trebol: I’m so sorry, Dofi~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: ...Trebol?!
Trebol: Sugar’s gone and fainted~~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: ?!! // ...What kind of joke is this?!!!
Trebol: All the servants we’ve gathered over the past ten years... / ...are turning back into humans~~~~~~~!!! // The Hobi-Hobi curse is breaking~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: ?!!

Milo: Ruf... // Aaaahhhhh~~~~~!!
Daughter: Huh?!! // ...P...!! P...Papa...?!!
Wife: Darling...!! How can we have forgotten about you all this time...?!!!
Milo: That’s the nature of the curse!! I thought I would spend my whole life as a toy...!!
People: The toys are all turning into humans!!
Gorilla: ?!!
People: Aaaaghhh!! This one turned into a gorilla!!
Gorilla: UOHHHHH~~~~!!!

Communications: This is Sebio in the South... // ...calling the Palace!! // All the toys working at the port... / ...have suddenly turned into pirates~~~~~!!! // Urgent report!! This is Karta in the East! // The toys are turning into former Dresrosa soldiers!!! // Government officials!!! // Marines!! International personages!! // Wild beasts~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // This is Primula!! / Calling the Palace!! Calling the Palace!!

Communications: Requesting urgent backup!! // The pirates are going crazy... Aaaaghhh!!! / *fzzt*
Franky: Heheheh...
Dellinger: Everything we’ve built up over these ten years...!!!
Machvise: Somebody must have taken out Sugar, oiiing!!
SenorPink: That damned midget’s gone and failed us!!! // I just hope she’s not hurt...
Girls: Aaaahhh~~!♡ Señor~~~~~!!!♡
Zoro: *pant*... *pant*...... // Where has he gone...?! // Hey!! Stone-man!!!

Robin: Usopp, hang in there!! // I’m grateful for your efforts. Thanks to you, I’m human again!!
Dwarfs: Usoland~~~~~~~~~!!! / He really did it!! The SOP Operation is a success!!! // All the toys have returned... // ...to their original forms!!! // Look at you, so terrible injured...all for our sake...!!! / *sniff* // We’ll build a statue of you for sure!!! / ‘Cause there’s no doubt about it...

Leo: You’re our hero!!!
Usopp: ......!! // This wazh awll... / / ...accordingh to plannn...
Dwarfs: !!! // Really~~~~~~?!! That’s so cool~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Usopp: Now you must...seek help from my crewmates... The real battle...starts here... // *pant* // *pant*
Dwarfs: Of course!!!
Communications: *brrrinnnnggg!!* // Calling the Palace!! Palace, please respond~~~!!
Someone: Young master!! The emergency reports just won’t stop coming in!!! // All of Dresrosa...
People: Get out here, Doflamingo~~~~~!! We’re gonna kill ya!!! // I’m human again~~~~~!!! // Aaahhhh~~!! My teddy bear!! / It turned into a weird man~~~~!!! // RRRRGHH!! GRAAAHHH!!! // We must report to the Government~~~~!! // Don’t be fooled, everyone!!! // Doflamingo is a demon!!!
Someone: ...has fallen into panic!!!!

Luffy: Hey!! Where did the soldier go?!
Violet: ......!!! .........
Luffy: Hm?
Violet: The Tontatta’s operation has succeeded......!!
Luffy: Huh~~?! Who’s that guy?!!
Violet: ......!! // ......!! / Kyros-niisama......!! // I had...!! I had forgotten all about him...!!
Luffy: Hey, what are you talking about?!! Who is he?!! Where’s the soldier?!
Violet: He is the soldier.
Luffy: What?! But he’s human!!
Violet: All the toys in this country were originally human!! / And the people who had been turned into toys disappeared from everyone’s memories!! / That’s the enemy’s ability!!
Luffy: ?!
Violet: But now that the culprit, Sugar, has been defeated...all of our memories have returned...

Violet: That man is the former Captain of the Riku Royal Army...!!! // Kyros!!!
Luffy: ......Kyros?! ...!!
Violet: The greatest gladiator the Colosseum has ever known.
Luffy: Ahh!! That’s the guy from the statue!!
Flashback!Rebecca: The man in that statue is a legend.
Violet: Yes, he is the man from that statue. / And he is also Rebecca’s father!!
Luffy: Huh?! But she said she didn’t know him!
Violet: While our memories were lost, there was no way for him to tell us of his identity. // That’s why he spent ten long years simple watching over his beloved daughter...!!! Making sure she would not be alone...!! // Even as a toy soldier, he spent every single day by her side...!!

Riku: (Why could I not remember...?!!) // Aahhh...
Announcer: Forget the tournament, we have bigger things to worry about now!!! / What a crazy situation!!!
People: Even in the Colosseum...!!
Doflamingo: ...............!!
Announcer: The stands are in a mad panic~~~~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: ?!! / Hey, who the hell are you?!!!
Riku: ...............!! // (...But now...I can remember clearly...!!)
Law: ......?!
Riku: Kyros, is that you?!!
Kyros: It is I!!!

Kyros: I must apologise for keeping you waiting... // ...these ten long years!!!
Riku: (I could not remember a thing...!!!)
Flashback!OneLeg: It’s me, Your Majesty!! / Kyros!!
Riku: (But it was you all along...!!!)
Doflamingo: You’re...!!!
Kyros: But now, I am here to save you!!!!
People: !!!

Baby5: Aaaaahhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!
Buffalo: Young master~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Whoaaa!! Mingo just died!!!
People: We’ve found you, intruders~~~~~~~!!!
Violet: !!
Luffy: Let’s go save Tra-dude!!!
Violet: Aahhh!
Kyros: I have come to take back... // ...the real Dresrosa!!!!

[Box: Corrida Colosseum]
People: Run for it!! To the exits~~~~!! // There are wild beasts in the stands~~~~!!
Diamante: Unbelievable... Damn it, Trebol...!! / Did you let your eyes off Sugar, you fool?!
Bartolomeo: Hey!! How long you gonna keep crying?! I’m not a babysitter!!
Rebecca: You don’t understand...!!
Bartolomeo: ?!
Rebecca: I had...I had a father!!! // I’ve just remembered......!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: ...It looks like this was the secret hidden beneath the surface of this Kingdom...!! Right, Rebecca?!!
Rebecca: ?!
DefinitelyNotSabo: All things have a “core” if you dig deep enough.
Bartolomeo: Don’t tell me you’re gonna start spouting weird stuff now an’ all, super-senpai!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: At any rate... // First, let’s finish off this match. // This ring is no different...it too has a “core”.
People: ?!
DefinitelyNotSabo: “Ryuusouken”!! Dragon...

DefinitelyNotSabo: ...BREATH!!!!
People: Uwaaaahhhhhhhh!!! // ?!!! / Aaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~!! // Aaaghhhhh!!! // Uoohhhh~!!!! // The ring exploded~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Announcer: Oh, my~~~~~~~!!! A single strike from Lucy has sunk the whole ring~~~~~!!!
Burgess: ?!! // There’s nowhere to stand!!!
Diamante: Hey!! What do you think you’re doing?!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: ! // I have something to take care of now. I’m going to win this!!
Diamante: ?!!
Koala: ...Hack?
Hack: Hm?!!
Koala: He’s heading down to the underground right now!
Hack: I just heard an incredible noise from up above!! You’re overdoing it again, aren’t you?!!!
[Insert text: The panic is only growing!!]

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