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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 744

Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 14, 2014 19:25 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 744: Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army
Cover Page Request: “Kuzan and Camel Eating Shaved Ice Together And Holding Their Heads” from pen-name “I Love One Piece”, Hiroshima-ken

[Insert text: A single attack from Lucy annihilates the ring!!]
Announcer: The ring is completely falling apart!! // And if my eyes aren’t deceiving me, it looks like even the water level is sinking!! // Everyone, please evacuate the arena!!! // We can no longer guarantee the safety of this Colosseum~~~~!!
Burgess: Urghh...
Bartolomeo: Don’t grab me~~~~~~~!!!
Diamante: ...............!! // My strength is... // Stop!! We’re not letting you have that prize!!!

People: !!!
Announcer: Eh?!
DefinitelyNotSabo: Everyone else is out of the ring!! / Looks like I win!! // Victory goes to whoever gets their hands on this, right?!
Announcer: Ahh...!! // The Mera Mera no Mi!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: I can have it, yes?

Announcer: We...!! We have a victor!!! Victory~~~~~~!!! // This hardly seems the time for it, but... // Shockingly enough, one contender has taken advantage of the confusion to obtain today’s prize, the Mera Mera no Mi!! // It’s the biggest dark horse of this whole tournament...!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: Urgh... That tastes gross~~~~~~!!
People: Aaahhh!! // Aghhhh!!
Rebecca: Aaahhh!
Bartolomeo: Ahhh!! Super-senpai, can’t you help me too?!!!
Announcer: It’s Lucy~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Announcer: Lucy is our victor~~~~~~~~~!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: You’re a man, aren’t you?!! Protect your own hide!!
Bartolomeo: Ehhhh~~~~~~~~?!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: I’m going to do another one, so watch out!!
Bartolomeo: ?!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: Whoa, that’s hot! / It really came out!! // No, wait...it’s not hot at all!! I was imagining it!! / I’ve actually “turned into” fire!!
Burgess: He went and ate the Mera Mera~~~~!!!
Diamante: Hmm?! Could that be...from the Revolutionary Army...?!
Koala: Your clothes!! I’ve got them right here!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: Ace! I’m going to use your technique...!!!

DefinitelyNotSabo: FIRE FIST!!!
People: !!!! // Guaaahhhhhhh!!!
[Box: The Underground Trading Port]
Trebol: Curse you, Straw Hat Pirates!!! / Tontatta!!! // I’m not letting your leave this place!!!
Robin: You take care of Usopp!!
Leo: Run for it!!! Don’t let him lay a finger on Usoland!!!
Dwarfs: Yeahhh~~~!!!
Trebol: Your target is the Smile Factory!! I’m right, nyehhh?!! // Nico Robin!!!
Robin: !!!
Trebol: Beta-Beta Chaaaaaain!!!

Hajrudin: Hold it!!!
Robin: ?!!
Trebol: ?!!
Robin: ! // A giant!
Tontatta: Ahhhh!! Usoland~~~~!!
Hajrudin: I’ll just borrow him, if you don’t mind. / Hm? Are you lot dwarfs?! // ........................!!! // You fought for us until you ended up like this...!! // From what I hear, some of those toys had been cursed for ten whole years... / I can scarcely imagine their pain. If you had not come...
Usopp: (It hurts... Stop moving me......!!)
Hajrudin: We would surely have pend an eternity in those bodies, serving as slaves...!! / I feel I owe you my life...!!

Hajrudin: Look closely, my fellow warriors!!! // This man is the hero who broke our curse!! / His name... // ...is Captain Usopp~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Guooohhhh~~~~~!! Thank you~~~~~~~!!! // Guaaahhhh~~!! What the?!! The ceiling just collapsed!!! // There’s light coming from above~~~~~!!! // Ehhhhh~~~?!! Do you mean to say this man...was sent from heaven itself?!!

People: (Is this a miracle we are witnessing right now...?!) // !!! // ...............!! // !!!

People: Ahhh! // H... // How divine...!! / ...............!!
Usopp: ......!!! Let me...lea...d’you......to......sal.........vei......tion...
People: !!
Usopp: (...Let me down!! Leave me alone!! D’you think I want to be held up here salivating like a moron while blood pours from my veins?! What is this, an execution?!)
People: ?!! // “Let me lead you...to salvation”...?!! // You really are an angel from heaven...! / No, a Messiah!!! // Please, guide us!! What should we do now?!! Tell us, God Usopp!!
Usopp: ?! // ? // *pant*... *pant*... / Th... Then... // Destroy...the factory behind you... / ...and save my small friends...!!
People: As you wish~~~~~~~~~!!!
Dwarfs: Usoland~~~~~~!!!

Burgess: ......... // Dammit... // That’s not Straw Hat at all!! How dare he eat that fruit...?!! / The Mera Mera no Mi was meant to be mine...!! Damn that man!!
Diamante: Ughh!! What am I going to tell Dofi?!! // ?!! // What the...?!! Who are all these men?!!! // Of course...!! The toys from underground!!!
Bartolomeo: Ain’t this a little harsh of you, super-senpai?!! / I mean, yeah, I can make barriers, but still!!
Rebecca: I had no idea there was a place like this underground...... / Ah...!! Who in the world are you?! Where did the other Lucy go?
DefinitelyNotSabo: Whoahh!! / That was a surprise!! Controlling this is kind of tricky!

Sabo: ...Anyway. The first Lucy was a a 400 million bounty head... // ...and the man who’s going to be Pirate King someday...!! Straw Hat Luffy!!
Rebecca: A pirate?!
Sabo: Oh, and he’s my little brother!! Nice to meet you!
[Box: Revolutionary Army Warrior / Hack]
[Box: Revolutionary Army / Chief of Staff / Sabo]
Sabo: We’re the Revolutionary Army.........!! / Luffy’s a pretty swell guy, isn’t he? He hasn’t changed a bit.

Rebecca: What are the Revolutionary Army doing in this country...?
Sabo: The weapons shipped from this port are supporting wars around the world. / We’re here to put a stop to it!!
Koala: The Revolutionary Army... // ...have sent soldiers into this country many times in the past... / ...but because they were all turned into toys... // ...we haven’t been able to expose this black market until now!
People: (......!! / Whoa, whoa, this guy’s trouble!! // That’s Sabo, isn’t it?! What’s the Number 2 of the Revolutionary Army doing here?!! / We have to tell the young master!!)
Sabo: ...But it looks like the actual “production” of the weapons is taking place elsewhere. / Where are they being sourced from......?!! // If we could just find that out... // ...it would make a fine present to take back to Dragon-san...

[Box: The Royal Palace]
People: Aaghhh!! // Guaahhh!! // !!! // Nguaaahhh~~~~!!!
Buffalo: You one-legged bastard~~~~~!!! // How dare you kill the young master~~~!!!

Buffalo: ?!! // !!! // Oinguahhh!!
Baby5: Buffalo!!
Luffy: Tra-dude~~~~~!!
Baby5: ?!!
Luffy: I’m here to save you~~~~!!!
Baby5: Straw Hat!!

Luffy: It’s great to see you’re alive~~~~~!!!
Law: !! // You shouldn’t have any business here, Straw Hat!!! / What of the factory?!! Have you destroyed it?!!
Violet: Here’s the key to his handcuffs!!
Luffy: You really are well-prepared!! It’s like you can see the future!!
Gladius: Hold it, Straw Hat!! // Violet!!! I won’t let you harm the young... // ?!! // Young master?!! // !!

Law: *pant* / ......!! Sorry to burst your bubble, but the alliance between me and your crew is over!! / *pant*
Luffy: Huh?! / That’s pretty self-centred of you. You can’t just decide that. I’ll decide when it’s over, so you be quiet.
Law: Who’s the self-centred one?!! // With our alliance over, we’re enemies once more!! If you let me go now, I’ll kill you, you understand that?!!
Luffy: Don’t move!!!
Law: ?!
Luffy: I can’t touch the Kairouseki, so it’s tricky to take this thing off.
Violet: Hang in there!!
Law: You’re not listening at all, are you?!!!
People: ?!! // Uwahhh!! // Aaahhh!!
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Weekly Shonen Jump Double Issue 22-23, with colour pages!!]

Luffy: ...Ahh!!! / The rock guy!!
Violet: Pica!!
Pica: .........
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu... You got me worse than I expected......
People: ?!!
Luffy: Ahhhhh!!! Mingo’s alive~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Baby5: Young master!!!
Gladius: Young master!!!
Riku: ...What kind of body does he have?!!!
Kyros: ...............!!
Doflamingo: This is a nasty situation...!! // We’ll have to use the Birdcage...!!
People: ?!!
Doflamingo: Isn’t that right...Law...?
Law: ........................!!! // The Birdcage?!!
[Insert text: What is Doflamingo’s new plan that stuns even Law...?!]

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#1. by bmjy1000 ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2014
please go back using romji on techniques, that is one of the benefits that makes you better than everyone else
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