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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 745


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 30, 2014 18:16 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 745: Birdcage

[Insert text: In the midst of the confusion...?!]
[Box: The Smile Factory]
People: What now?!! The people that used to be toys are moving on this factory!! // As long as they don’t have a key to the door, they aren’t getting in!!! // To the young master, this factory is as important as his own life!! // Even if the whole sealing comes crashing down, it won’t make a scratch on this place’s Kairouseki walls!!! And most important of all... // We’ve got two Chief Officers defending us!! // You couldn’t ask for a better defended fortress!! Who’s gonna be able to defeat them?!!!

[Box: In the Trading Port]
Koala: Robin-sa~~~n!!
Robin: Koala!! Sabo! Hack! // Did you meet Luffy? / This is my crewmate, Usopp!
Usopp: H...Hi, I’b Uzobb...
Sabo: You can let him rest...
[Box: Outside the Lift]
People: Huh?! // Doflamingo!!
Kin’emon: My apologies!! You must let me through!!!
[Box: The King’s Plateau, outside the Outer Wall Tower]
Zoro: ......... // something’s going on down there......!! // Where did that rock guy go?!!

[Box: The Royal Palace]
Doflamingo: We must take countermeasures... // ...at once.
Kyros: That’s just unsettling...!!! // How are you still alive?!!
Doflamingo: Shall I teach you how...
Kyros: ?!!
Doflamingo: ...to cut off a man’s head properly?
Luffy: Soldier!!!
Violet: Kyros-niisama!!
Doflamingo: This is how you do it!!!

Riku: Kyros!!!
People: ?!!

Doflamingo: Straw Hat...
Baby5: There are two of the young master...!!
People: !!!

Kyros: My apologies!! I was careless!!
Luffy: Don’t worry!! // Gomu Gomu no...!!
Doflamingo: Armament!!

Luffy: ?!! // Uaahhh!!! // ?!

Luffy: Oww!!
Kyros: Luffyland!! // What is that double...?!
Luffy: ...That hurt...
Violet: It seems to be a marionette made from thread! I’ve never seen a technique like it!

Doflamingo: King Riku!!
Riku: !
Doflamingo: Do you remember how it felt...that night ten years ago? / The day you struck down your beloved subjects and burned their peaceful towns?!
Riku: ......!!! // ......!! It haunts me even now, every night when I sleep! What does that have to do with anything...?!!
Flashback!Riku: Please, somebody kill me!!!
Doflamingo: The tragedy that is about to occur will be nothing so meagre...
Riku: ?!! // Don’t be ridiculous!!! What are you planning?!! / I won’t allow you to stage such a tragedy a second time!!!
Doflamingo: I’ll let you all escape. // Pica, take these fools outside!! They’re in the way!!!
People: !! // Uwaahhhhh!!!

People: Uwaaaaghhhh!! // Aaaaaahhhhh!! // ...............!!
Riku: Doflamingo...!!! // ...............!! // I beg you, don’t harm this kingdom any more than you already have~~~~~!!!

Luffy: *pant* / *pant* / We’ve been dropped all the way down to outside the Outer Wall Tower...!!!
Violet: As long as Pica is protecting him, we won’t be able to get near Doflamingo!!
Law: ......!! // !!! // It’s begun......!! // It’s the Birdcage...!!!
People: ?! // ...............?!
Law: Before the truth of this country gets out... // He plans to massacre every last person... // ...on this entire island!!!
People: Ehh?!!

People: ?! / Captain, what’s that?!!! // Like I know!! At any rate, we’re getting out of here!! // There’s no point going up against Doflamingo here! / He’ll only take us out instead!!! // Captain!! Up ahead!! There’s something up ahead!! // Hm?! // Aaaghh!! That hurts!!! // Blades?!! // Ehhh?!! The hell are these bars?!!! // They stretch as far as the eye can see!! // Where’s the way out~~~~~?!!

Marines: .........!! Vice-Admiral Bastille!! / We can’t seem to contact HQ!!
DenDenMushi: *bzzzt*...
Bastille: ?! // What’s that up there...?
Marines: Same here!! Our line to base isn’t connecting!! / We haven’t even told them what happened here yet!!
Fujitora: .........
Marines: Aaaghhhhh~~~~!!! // Hey, what are you doing to those civilian houses?!! // It’s not me!! My body, it’s...!! // ?!
People: Uaaaaghhhhhhh!!!
Doflamingo: “Parasaito”.

Bastille: ?!!
Marines: What is it this time?!! // Th... // The King’s Plateau is sinking?!! // Urgent report!!! / *bzzzt...* // All around Dresrosa, people are starting to indiscriminately attack those around them!!!
Luffy: Hey, the ground’s sinking! What’s going on?!!
Law: It’s Pica!! As long as it’s made of rock, he can even control the terrain itself!!!
People: The Palace is going off somewhere on its own!! // Hold it~~~~!!!

People: Uwaaaahhhh~~~~!! The Factory is rising up from the ground~~~!! // Ehhhhhh?!! What the hell is going on here~~~~~~?!!! // Uaaaghhhh~~~!! Somebody!! Somebody stop me~~~!!! // Aaaghhhh~~~!! // The ground beneath the Flower Field!!! // It’s rising up and consuming the city~~~~~!!
[Box: The Royal Palace]
Doflamingo: .................. // Citizens of Dresrosa...... // And of course...honoured guests.

Doflamingo: I never had any objections... // ...to controlling you all through fear......!!!
People: ?!!
Doflamingo: Now that you know the truth...!!
People: ?!! // Doflamingo!!
Doflamingo: I’m sure there are many of you who desire to kill me!! // Thus, I have prepared a “game”. A game in which the goal is my death!!
People: ?!!
Doflamingo: I am here in the Palace. I won’t run, and I won’t hide!!! // If you can take my life, naturally the game will be over!! // But there is one more way... // ...that this game can end...!! // If you take the lives of all of the individuals... // ...I am about to name!!! // And I will pay a fine bounty for each of their heads!! // Kill or be killed!! // Everyone in this country is now a bounty hunter!!! / The only way to save yourselves...is to take the lives of others!!!
[Insert text: The curtain rises on a terrible spectacle...!!]

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