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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 746


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 17, 2014 17:49 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 746: Stars
Cover Page Request: “Law Plotting Together With A Stern-Looking Walrus” from pen-name “Sleeping Samurai”, Tokyo-to

[Insert text: Dresrosa encaged!!]
Doflamingo: Nobody will come to save you...!!! // And nobody can escape from thie “birdcage”!
People: !!!
Doflamingo: Communication with the outside world is impossible!
People: ...............!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzt...*
Doflamingo: Unbeknownst to the world at large, you will die here alone. // Your crazed fellows will continue to harm those around them without distinction or remorse.
People: Dad, stop!!
Doflamingo: Be it their own families...!!
People: Somebody stop me~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: Or their best friends...!!!

Doflamingo: Or the citizens they have sworn to protect......!!
People: Get away from me, all of you!! // Ughh!! // Urghhh...!! // Isshou-san!! // *pant* *pant* // Nguoohhh...!!
Doflamingo: No matter how you try to run or hide...
Fujitora: ..................
Doflamingo: There is no safe haven to be found within this cage!!! // The terror of the Birdcage will continue for as many days as need be!! It is only a question of which comes first!! // The death of everyone on this island, or the fulfilment of my conditions!!!

People: Who knows what that Doflamingo bastard is planning... // Is this even possible?! / The factory just rose out of the ground and went off somewhere!! // But one thing is for sure - this is our chance!! // It’s time to get out of this place~~~~!!! // We are finally free from our underground prison!! // Thank you, God Usopp~~~~~!! // (..................)

Robin: What was all that fuss just now, Kin’emon?
Kin’emon: Ah, well, I was in disguise and some people came after my life...
Robin: ?!
Kin’emon: (A... An iron chest-band?! This foreign culture... I like it!!)
Dwarfs: Ah! Wicca!!
Bartolomeo: R...Robin-senpai, I wanna be your sla... I mean, I wanna ask you something!! // Th...That guy’s nose looks just like that of the famed “Sogeking-senpai” who shot down the flag at the Tower of Justice, but could it be...?
Robin: Yes, that’s him. His real name is Usopp.
Bartolomeo: OHHHH, MAN~~~~~~~~!!! The man who fired the shot that made an enemy of the whole world, and the woman in whose fragile heart that shot found its mark~~~!! // It’s the Enies Lobby Shot of Justice Duo~~~~~~~!!!
Sabo: The hell are you getting all worked up about, you fanatic?!! Give it a rest!
Hack: This is the man who made short work of my arm......?!!!
Kin’emon: I am glad I was able to reunite you with your comrades. / Though small, your people are true warriors!!
Dwarfs: Thanks, Topknotland!!
Wicca: We found them collapsed in a Palace corridor!
Dwarfs: They must have risked their lives for the Captain!! Kabu-san!! Rampo!! We’re so proud of you!!

Doflamingo: Cry out!! Embrace your hatred!!
People: Aaaaaghhhh!!
Doflamingo: You are all mere “victims”!!!
People: Stoooop~~~!!! // ......It’s like we’ve gone back... / This is that night ten years ago all over again!! // I finally see the truth!! That night, King Riku... // The Riku Royal Army... / They were all being controlled... // ...by Doflamingo!!!
Riku: ......!! // ......Stop this... // Doflamingo...!!!

Doflamingo: Think carefully... Will you come and try to take my head?!! // Or will you lend your aid to my Donquixote Family...
Riku: ......!!
Doflamingo: ...and bring the twelve fools who oppose me to justice?!! // Make the wrong choice, and this game will never end!! // For each star, I will pay one hundred million Beli!!!
People: !!
Doflamingo: These are the convicts I ask you to seek!!!
People: Ahhhhh!!

Straw Hat Pirates
“Pirate Hunter” Zoro
Former Army Captain
Straw Hat Pirates
“Cyborg” Franky

Former Princess

Samurai of the Wano Country
“Foxfire” Kin’emon

Straw Hat Pirates
“Devil Child”
Nico Robin

Corrida Colosseum
Imprisoned Gladiator (Granddaughter of King Riku)

Former King of Dresrosa
Riku Doldo III
Captain of the Heart Pirates
Royal Shichibukai (tentative)
“Surgeon of Death”
Trafalgar Law
Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates
“Straw Hat” Luffy
Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army
People: C...Captain Kyros!! I’d forgotten about him! / The invincible gladiator!!! // There are pirates up there, too!! It’s the Straw Hats!!! // Violet, Officer of the Family...!! / She was really Princess Viola...?!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!!! / The main leaders of each organisation... // ...are all worth three stars each!!!
People: Three hundred million~~~!!!

People: Law and Straw Hat Luffy!! It’s that duo who’s been the talk of the papers... / The new “Pirate Alliance”!! // ......King Riku...!! // ......!!! His Majesty is still alive...!! // There’s a big shot from the Revolutionaries, too!!! Their Chief of Staff!!!
Hack: It seems word has travelled quickly...
Sabo: Even me?!!
Usopp: (...Th...Thank goodness... They haven’t noticed me......)
Doflamingo: And finally... There is one man who has angered me today more than any other...!! / He is the very reason why you are all forced to take part in this twisted game!! To the lucky individual who brings me this man’s head...!! // I will pay five hundred million Beli!!!
Straw Hat Pirates
“God” Usopp

People: Whoaaa!! // Five hundred million~~~~!!!
Straw Hat Pirates
“God” Usopp
People: Yeahhhhhhh~~~~~~!!! // That’s enough to live out a whole life of pleasure~~~~~!!!
Usopp: !!! // ...............!!
Dwarfs: ......Th...This is quite terrible... // Usoland is in trouble......!!

People: The five-star target~~~~~~~~~!!! // I’m seeing two one-stars and a three-star as well!!
Koala: Sabo-kun, what now?!
Sabo: We’re going above-ground. All of us. Hurry!!
Robin: ...............!!
People: Sorry ‘bout this, God Usopp!! Die for us, will ya~~~?!!!
Usopp: Th...Those traitors...!! They were worshipping me just a minute ago~~~~~~!!! // Dammitall~~~!! Let’s get outta here~~~~~!!!
Dwarfs: Roger that!!!
People: There’s one of ‘em over there, too!! The one-star samurai!! That’s a hundred million Beli!!
Kin’emon: ...A...According to the dwarfs, this is the scrapyard...!! // Are you really here, Kanjuurou?!! // Here goes nothing~~~!!!
People: He fell down!! The samurai fell into the hole!!!

Doflamingo: You don’t have time to be indecisive!! // Even as you hesitate, people will fall and your homes will burn around you!!!
People: What should we do?!! / Just when we found out that King Riku was innocent all along...!! // If we work together, the whole country as one, we might be able to take on Doflamingo! He’s just one man! // Not just one man. If we mean to take Doflamingo’s head... / We’ll have to face the whole Donquixote Family!! It’s two thousand men strong...!! // But King Riku himself was one of those twelve targets! // It’s not...... It’s not like we have to kill them... If we can just take them captive... There are only twelve of them...!!! // There’s nothing else for it...!! We have to fight!! // ...Hey!! What happened to... // ...that “Cyborg” Franky who was collapsed here?!

Bartolomeo: BA~~~~~RRIER!!!
People: Uwaaahhhhhhh...!!
Bartolomeo: Hehahahahah!! Y’all can stay right there!!! // Go on ahead!! To the surface~~~!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrrring*... / *ka-chunk!!*
Robin: Zoro?!
Zoro: Yeah.
Robin: Where are you?
Zoro: Robin, huh? Right now... // I’m with Luffy and the others...!! // Apparently this place is called the “King’s Plateau”... / But this is a fine mess we’ve wound up in...
Luffy: Robin, is that you?! Did you see Mingo just now?!! What an ass!! / And Usopp...that was really hilarious!!
Usopp: What was that, Luffy?!!
Luffy: Rebecca was on the list too, do you know if she’s all right?!!
Robin: Rebecca is...
Rebecca: I’m right here!! Lucy, is that you?!
Luffy: !

Luffy: Ahh!! That’s great!! // I’ve got soldier-guy right here...... // ...Wait, huh?! Where did soldier-guy go?!
People: Eh?! // ...............?!
Riku: Don’t tell me he’s...!!
People: There he is!! The one-star convict!! // Take him down~~~~!!! // Look, he’s only got one leg!! This’ll be an easy hundred million~~~!!
Rebecca: Mr Soldier?! Mr Soldier is human again now, right...?!! Say, Lucy... // What’s he like?
Luffy: Huh?!
People: !!!
Luffy: Did you just say “what’s he like”?!!!

Luffy: What’re you talking about?!! That one-legged soldier... // ...turned out to be your dad!!! / The guy from the statue at the Colosseum!!!
Rebecca: !!!
Flashback!OneLeg: ...I failed to protect her...!!!
Rebecca: ...So he really was......
Flashback!OneLeg: Soldiers like me~~~♪ are brave~~~♪ // I will always be by your side~~~~♪ // Look!! My body is strong!!
Luffy: Great news, right?!! He’s gone off somewhere now, though!! Listen, Rebecca!! // You can’t cry yet!! I won’t let soldier-guy die!!! So you stay safe too!!!
Robin: !!
Rebecca: ...............!!
Luffy: I’m sorry I couldn’t get you the Mera Mera no Mi you wanted to eat!! But instead...

Luffy: I swear I’ll beat up that Doflamingo for you!!! // So stay close to my crewmates, all right?!!! // I’ll end this game before you know it!! / So stay alive!! Got that?!!!
Rebecca: Yes...!!
Robin: Luffy, let me know who’s with you right now. // Here we have.........
Law: Do you understand what you’re doing, Straw Hat......?!
Luffy: ?!
Law: Our plan was to leave Doflamingo alive and force him into conflict with Kaidou. // If you defeat Doflamingo now... / Kaidou’s fury at losing his Smile supply... / ...will be directed at us instead!! // We’ll be the ones forced into head-on conflict with a furious Yonkou!!!

Luffy: We can think about that stuff later! / Take a good look at this country!! // You think I can just stop now?!!!
Law: ?!! // ......!!!
People: Search for the convicts~~~!! // If you spot a target, tell everyone else at once!!
Bastille: We can’t capture Doflamingo, and so...?!
Fujitora: We must keep the berserk citizens under control!! / Our target is the Pirate Alliance of Straw Hat and Law!! Send word to all units!!
Bastille: !!!

Law: Wait!! I need you to remove my restraints first!!
Luffy: Oh, they’ll come off sooner or later.
Law: Like hell they will!!!
Zoro: So what’s our route, then?
Luffy: Straight ahead!!
Law: ......!!
Viola: You’re not going to jump down?!
Luffy: You just wait, Doflamingo~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Law: Guooohhhhhh!!!
[Insert text: To the Palace!!]

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#1. by Australopithecus ()
Posted on May 17, 2014
Thank you Mr. Cnet for this translation. I enjoyed it greatly.
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