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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

One Piece 747

Chief Officer Pica

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 24, 2014 21:43 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 747: Chief Officer Pica
Cover Page Request: “Cute Bear Cubs Take A Liking To Mihawk While Perona Enviously Watches” from pen-name Yonemi, Yokohama-shi

[Insert text: The chaos continues!!]
Marine: People are flooding out into the Colosseum from underground!!! // It looks like the underground has been linked to the surface by the shifting ground!!! // These must be the people... // ...who were being forced to work in the underground port as toys!! There are soldiers, officials, pirates...!!
People: It’s the surface~~~~~!!
Marine: To think that so many remarkable people... / ...were being enslaved all this time, with nobody any the wiser......!!

Bastille: Who the hell told you to infiltrate the tournament, Maynard?!! / You impulsive fool!! You’re lucky you made it out alive!
[Box: Marine HQ Vice-Admiral / Maynard the Pursuer / (Tournament Entrant)]
Maynard: *pant* / But, Bastille-san!! / *pant* // Thanks to my actions, I was able to witness it all!! // If we can arrest Doflamingo...... // It might make an impact on the whole world!
Bastille: ?!
[Box: Underground Trading Port]
[BubbleSFX: *rustle rustle*]
Koala: (...This is...!! // It’s disguised as a pirate ship... // ...but it’s actually a trading vessel from the Doerena Kingdom...!! / The “dark sides” of all kinds of countries are gathered here in this port...!!)

Maynard: Why, Isshou-san?!!
Fujitora: .........
Maynard: Doflamingo won’t be able to remain a Shichibukai after this!! We should capture him now!!
Fujitora: ......We’ve done the same thing any number of times, have we not? // You’ve been in the Marines long enough, Vice-Admiral.
Maynard: !
Fujitora: Have you been ignoring them all this time...? // These...impassioned screams of anger. / They’re not crying, you understand...... // They’re enraged...!! ......!!!
Maynard: ...............?!!

Fujitora: Do you think the World Government... / ...is some kind of God?
[TN: Disclaimer - I have no goddamn idea what Fujitora is getting at here, so take my translations of his lines with a grain of salt]
Maynard: ?!!
Fujitora: You will follow my orders, Vice-Admiral.
Maynard: ......?!! ......?!
[TN: My reaction exactly.]
[Box: Relocated Royal Palace (Sunflower Field)]
Trebol: Law and his allies are after the Smile, aren’t they?! // Nyehh, Dofi... Shouldn’t we be protecting the Factory?!
Doflamingo: They won’t get inside. The place is made of Kairouseki. // And I have the keys right here...
Trebol: ?!! // Ehhh?!! Are you sure about this?!!
Doflamingo: We don’t need to leave our enemies any hope...
LaoG: Still, I’m quite unimpressed by your abilities, Trebol. To think you could not even protect a single young girl.
Trebol: Shaddup, Gigi!! She only looks like a little girl, anyway!!

Trebol: Nnyehh, nnyehh, Dofi!! I’m really sorry ‘bout what happened with Sugar!! / I never thought a guy with both hands and legs bound would be able to knock Sugar unconscious......!! / Could anyone have predicted it?! Nnyehh?!!
Diamante: The same goes for the Mera Mera no Mi!! Who could have predicted... / ...that the No. 2 of the Revolutionary Army would infiltrate the tournament?!!
Pica: ...............!!
LaoG: Enough of the pathetic excuses, you insolent fools!!! / G is for disGusting!!!
Doflamingo: What’s done is done...... // Handing out blame at this point won’t turn back the clock.
Trebol: Nnnyehhh~~~!! That’s our boss, all right!!! / Beheheh!! Take that, Lao G!!
Diamante: If you must insist, I will accept your forgiveness!! // But, Dofi!! At this rate, the Marines are going to be quite the nuisance. // What shall we do about Fujitora?!
Doflamingo: I’ve already spoken with him. The Marines won’t come after us. / That said...once Fujitora is no longer useful to us... // I think we should eliminate him. Nothing good will come of letting that man live. / Not that it will be an easy task...
Pica: Be it pirates or Marines...
Doflamingo: !
Pica: If you let me have free rein...

Pica: I can take care of them all... // ...by myself......!!!
People: ?!!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / Chief Officer / Pica♠]
People: (His voice!!! His voice~~~~~!!! // It’s so...high~~~~~~~~~!! // How does a voice like that come out of that body...?!! // It’s no good... I can’t get used to it!! // Mustn’t...laugh... If I laugh, I’m a goner...!)
Doflamingo: Fufufu... / No need to be so hasty... / Listen, now. You could call this game... / ...a form of “election” for the throne of this Kingdom.

Doflamingo: I have asked the people of Dresrosa to choose for themselves...!!! // Which royal line deserves to rule this land?!! The House of Riku, or the House of Donquixote?!! The people will decide!! It is their right!!! // All we need do is crush those who come to challenge us...!! // The rest of the carnage, we can watch at our leisure...
Pica: Sounds like a pain. Dofi, I think...
People: Pffft~~~~~~~!!! // ?!! // !!! / Ahhhhh!! I...!! I’m very sorry, Pica-sama!! // Please forgive me!! This guy’s new here!! He was just taken by surprise, that’s all...!!
Pica: I will bury you alive in the stone...!!!
People: Aaaaaghhhhh~~~!! // Wait, Pica-sama!!

People: ?!! // Uaaaghhh!!!
Baby5: If you took care of him, there would be no body left. That wouldn’t be fair on the dead man’s family.
Pica: Thank you kindly, Baby 5...!!
People: Aaahhhhhhhh... // ...............!!!
Doflamingo: At the age of eight, I lost my mother... / And at the age of ten, I killed my father.
People: ?!!
Doflamingo: All the Officers who serve me... / ...are my “family” who have stood by me through thick and thin. // They’re all I have in the world...!! / I won’t forgive anyone who laughs at my family...!!! / Is that clear?
People: Y...Yes, sir!!
Pica: .........

People: Restrain the people who have gone berserk~~~~~!!! // Hunt down those pirates~~~~~~~~!!!
Machvise: Looks like the Marines don’t want to side against us, oiiing!!
SeñorPink: So they’re still treating the young master as a Shichibukai... / Isn’t that a little too convenient?
Dellinger: Oooh~~~!! Don’t you think they’re just scared by this Birdcage?!
SeñorPink: More to the point, where the hell has that pervert got to? // I’m surprised he still had the strength to run... / *Chupa!!*
Franky: *pant* // *pant* // Thanks to the reserve cola I was saving for destroying the factory, I’m back in action!!! // That must be the Smile Factory up ahead!! // Look at the stupid thing, not even trying to hide... / Does it want a taste of my beam that bad?!! Gahahah!!!

Machvise: Hm? // A balloon is falling towards us, oiiiing!!
SeñorPink: A balloon?
People: !!! // Bueghh!! // Uaaaghh!!! // Ahhhhhh~~!!
Machvise: Law!!!
SeñorPink: You’ve got a lot of guts showing your face here, brat!!
Dellinger: Big Bro Law?! I can barely remember him, haha!!

Marines: Straw Hat Luffy!!! // Trafalgar Law!! “Pirate Hunter”!!!
Luffy: We picked a nasty place to fall into!!!
Law: Hey, Straw Hat. Once I get out of these restraints, I’m going to kill you first of all!!!
Zoro: I should probably point out that almost anywhere would be a “nasty place”. // After all, this whole country is our enemy now!! / Now let’s run!!
Luffy: Zoro!! Not that way!!
Law: Straw Hat, not this way either!!
People: The “convicts” are here~~~~~~~~!!! // Two three-star targets, and one two-star!!

Luffy: Gahhhh!! I’ve been caught~~~~~!!! / A weird guy came swimming through the ground!!!
SeñorPink: Get him, Vise!!!
Machvise: Ton-Ton...
Law: Run for it!! He’s a “Superweight Man”!!
Machvise: Ten-Ton Vise!!!
Luffy: Guahhh!! // My feet are stuck~~!!
Dellinger: Pistol High-Heel!! // Uwahh... // ?!!

Dellinger: Eek~~~!!
Machvise: Hrnghh!!!
Dellinger: Too heavy~~~~~~!!!
Machvise: Owwwwww~~~~!!!
Luffy: I’m free!!
Zoro: Now concentrate!!
People: Fire~~~!!! They’re worth two or three stars each!!! // !!
Zoro: Should I actually slice them, though?!! Some of them are just civilians!!
Luffy: Right...I’ll use my Haki!!
Fujitora: I think that’s enough reckless shooting...
People: ?!

Fujitora: A rain of bullets will do no good here.
Zoro: It’s him!! The Marine Admiral!!!
Luffy: The old gambler...!! // *pant*
People: That Five-Star Usopp is here in the Colosseum~~~~~!!!
Usopp: Oh, leave me alone~~~~!!
People: He’s over there!! // Take his head~~~~!!!
Robin: Thanks to the moving terrain, the outer wall of the Colosseum is now connected to the King’s Plateau!! / If we climb up there, we can meet up with the others!
Bartolomeo: Hurry it up, hurry it up~~~~~!! I won’t let the enemy come after ya~~~~~!! Don’t you folks worry~~~~!!!
Hack: Curses...Sabo has wandered off somewhere again...!!

People: !! // ...............!!
Riku: ?! // What is he planning this time...?!!
People: Here it comes again~~~~~~!!
Kyros: !!
Fujitora: ......?!
People: ...............!! // That’s...!! // I knew it was no use... We can’t fight them......!

People: Guohhhhh~!! / What the heck is that~~~~?!! // A giant?!! Pica-sama... It’s Pica!! / He’s too huge~~~~~~~~!! // ?!!! // Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Pica: Now...... // Any fools who mean to stand against our Family can answer to me.
Luffy: His voice!!! // It’s so high~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Shhhhhhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ahahahahahah!! Just listen to it!! // It doesn’t suit him at all~~~~~~!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!
Pica: Straw Hat......!!!
[Insert text: He had to go and say it~~~~!!]

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