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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

One Piece 748


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 30, 2014 22:18 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 748: Repayment
Cover Page Request: “Heraclesun Riding On A White Horse And Really Getting Into It” from pen-name Noda Skywalker

[Insert text: Luffy!! That’s not a good idea!!]
Luffy: Ahahahahahahahahah!! What a weird voice~~~~~~~~!!!
Pica: ...............!!! // ...............!!
People: (Whoa, whoa, Straw Hat, stop!! Pica-sama is super touchy about his high voice!! // If he goes wild in that form...!!!) // Ahhhh~~~!!!

People: RUN FOR IT~~~~~~!!! // Who can call that a punch?!! It’s like a whole town falling on top of us~~~~!!!
Fujitora: I feel a rather terrible presence...
Marines: Isshou-san!! You have to run!! There’s a stone giant–!!
Zoro: Luffy!! Is this really the time to be provoking the...*pffft~~!!*
Luffy: See, you’re laughing as well!!
Law: You people......!!
People: Here it comes~~~~!!

People: Aaaaaghhhh~~~~~!!! // !!! // Uwaaaahhhhhhhhh!!
Pica: *huff*... // *huff*...

[Box: “Plaza” outside the Colosseum]
Luffy: Urghhh...... / We flew quite a way, huh...... // Where are we now?
Zoro: Ughhhh... Damn that rock-fusion guy... / He’s so big he makes even Oars look tiny...!! // If only we knew a way of actually beating him...
Cavendish: Straw Hat!!
Luffy: Hm? // Ahh!!! // Cabbage!!!
Cavendish: You must be “Pirate Hunter Zoro”...!! // And......!!!
Zoro: The hell is this guy?!!
Law: ...............?
Cavendish: Trafal...

Cavendish: ...GAR LAAAAAW~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ?!! // Ahhhh~~!! Stop~~~!!!
Cavendish: Give me back my popularity, you “Terrible Generation” dog~~~~~!!!
Luffy: What are you doing?!! He’s one of my crew now!!
Law: I am not!!!
Luffy: What, have you still got a grudge against me?!
Cavendish: ...No, I will no longer target the Straw Hat Pirates.
Luffy: ?
Cavendish: After all, your crew member “God Usopp”... // ...was responsible for saving my very life. / I will never forget his heroism......!! / Though I did not see it myself.
Luffy: It’s pretty nice hearing compliments about my crew~!
Cavendish: ...Ah, yes... Trafalgar. This is...your hat, is it not?
Law: !!
Cavendish: I found it lying outside the Colosseum... / Why don’t I put it back on you? Stick your head out now!!
Law: You just want to chop it off!!

Cavendish: matter. I am quite busy myself. // As repayment for the debt I owe your crew... / I have decided it is my duty to take Doflamingo’s head! // So you can go hide somewhere safe, and...
Luffy: Don’t bother, I’m going to do that!! / I have to repay Rebecca for buying me lunch!!!
Law: ?!! Was your whole battle based on food?!!
Cavendish: Do not test my patience!! I can see right through your scheme!! / You mean to take the glory of killing Doflamingo and boost your own popularity still further!!!
Luffy: Popularity?!! What’re you on about?!!
Cavendish: Isn’t it obvious?!! No newspaper could resist the man who defeated a pirate as terrible as Doflamingo!!
Luffy: Let’s go.
Cavendish: They’ll be begging to cover me for days in a row...!! / “Hello there, superstar”, they’ll say!! // “How do you feel about pirate affairs lately...wait, huh?” / “Cavendish-san?! Hello?! You are there, aren’t you?!!” / “I’m right here.” “Alas, I cannot see your face through this blinding light!!” / “I must apologise, my dear. I cannot hide my own radiance!” Ahahahaha!!

Sai: There you are, Straw Hat~~!!!
Luffy: Oh, no!! Run for it!!!
Chinjao: Wait right there, grandson of Garp!! Eheheh!! Worry not, I no longer hold any grudge against your family!!
Boo: The whole reason we came to this country was to lay waste to Doflamingo’s twisted business!! // Such a meagre bounty isn’t enough to buy us out!!
[Box: Happou Armada (gang) / Don Chinjao / Leader: Sai / Vice-Leader: Boo]
Zoro: You’ve found yourself all kinds of new awkward friends...
Luffy: The Colosseum was just full of weirdos!
Chinjao: Now then, I have decided I must repay my debt to God Usopp... / putting paid to Doflamingo once and for all!!
Luffy: Seriously, don’t bother!! I’m going to do that!!!
Chinjao: What did you say?!!!
Hajrudin: Straw Hat Luffy...!!! Let us forget our differences in the arena!!
Luffy: !!
[Box: Warrior of Elbaf / Hajrudin]
Hajrudin: On my honour as a warrior of Elbaf, I will repay my debt by eliminating Doflamingo!!!

Elizabello: My Kingdom of Prodence has long been indebted to King Riku as well...
[Box: King of Prodence / Elizabello II / & / Military Advisor Dagama]
Elizabello: I will be the one to sink Doflamingo beneath the waves!!!
Dagama: Y...You heard His Majesty!! We will not be swayed by bounties!!
Abdullah: No, we’re the ones who’ll take his head!!!
[Box: Abdullah / & / Jet]
Jet: How could we forget the heavenly light that shone down upon our God?!!! Let us show our repentance~~~~!!!
Orlumbus: Doflamingo’s head?!! I will take it myself!!!
[Box: Fleet Commodore / Orlumbus]
Ideo: Destruction is my repayment!!!
[Box: Cannonblaster / Ideo]
Suleiman: Execution is my speciality!!
[Box: Beheader / Suleiman]
Bluegiri: No, I will!!!
[Box: Longleg / Bluegiri]
Zoro: Then how about the lot of you come along and back us up?
People: Preposterous!!! I will take Doflamingo’s head!!!
Zoro: ......!! / These guys are hopeless... They’re all too stubborn.
Luffy: Hey, you lot!!
People: ?!

Luffy: Give it a rest already, all of you!!! / I already said, I’m going to beat up Doflamingo myself!!!
Law: .........
Sai: Didn’t you hear what I said?!! I will repay my debt!!! / If you don’t quiet down, I’ll snap your neck, you insolent saviour!!!
Chinjao: For justice!!
Cavendish: Popularity...!!!
Hajrudin: Honour!!
Elizabello: King Riku!!
Abdullah&Jet: Our God~~~~!!!
People: There they are!! The three-star and two-star “convicts”!! // Take their heads~~~~~~~~!!!
Bluegiri: !! // Hey...aren’t those the former toys who were down underground with us......?!
Abdullah: Do they have no shame...?!!

People: Die, filthy ingrates~~~~~!!! // Aaaaghhhhhh~~~~~~~!!! // !!!
Luffy: Hmm? You’re...!!
Ucy: Moo?
Luffy: Ucy~~!! It’s me!!
Ucy: Mooooooo~~~~!!

[Box: Plaza outside the House of Toys]
People: Straw Hat and the others’ bodies are nowhere to be found!! // Either they were crushed beyond recognition...... / ...or they were sent flying somewhere else!!
Pica: If they still live, let me know. / I won’t let them reach Dofi......
People: ?! // Ahh... There’s a person emerging from beyond the smoke...!! No...a bull?!
Ucy: Moooo!!
People: We’ve found you now!! // It’s Straw Hat!! / Looks like they were blasted off and came straight back!! // He’s riding a bull!! All three of them are here... // ?!! // No, four... /!

People: ?!! // Uaaaghhh!!! They’ve grown in number!!!! // They’ve come back with a whole parade of vicious warriors in tow~~~~~!!!
People: I’ll be the one to take Doflamingo’s head!!! // I’ll do it if I have to slice all of you down first!!! // No, I’ll take him down~~~~~~~~!!!

People: Where did they suddenly get all these allies?!! // And such a notorious lot, as well...!!!
Pica: They can bring three or three hundred!! // It makes no difference~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Chinjao: Hasshouken Ougi! // Kiryuu...
Elizabello: It may not be fully charged just yet, but... // “Light Version”!! // KING PUNCH!!!
Pica: ?!!
Chinjao: Kirikugi!!!
Pica: Ahhh...
People: Guahhh!! Pica-sama’s hand!!
Luffy: Stop following me already!!!
People: Shaddup, ya damn saviour~~~!!!
[Insert text: An unusual army is formed?!]

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