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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 749

Onward, Army of Rogues!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 7, 2014 21:56 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 749: Onward, Army of Rogues!!
Cover Page Request: “Dadan Dreaming of Sabo and Friends” from pen-name “Maru x Kazu”, Miyagi-ken

[Insert text: The repayment army is going all out!!]
Pica: Ahhhhh...!!!
People: Pica-sama~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Elizabello: You big blockhead.
Chinjao: There is nothing my drill-head cannot rend!!!
Luffy: Ahhhhh~~~~~~~~~?!

Luffy: Look out~~~~~!!!
People: Hey!! Don’t let ‘em through!! // They’re heading for the Palace!!! // ?!! // Eh... // Aahhh!! That’s!! // It’s Ideo the Fighting King!!!
Ideo: Bring some people worth fighting next time!

Ideo: Hakaihou!!!!
[TN: “Destruction Cannon”]
People: Aaaaaghhhhhhhh!!! // !! // Ahh!! // Commodore Orlumbus~~~~~~~~!!! // Guehh!!!
Orlumbus: Commodore Hug!!!
People: !!!
Cavendish: Blade of Beauty!!! “Swan Lake”!!!
People: It’s Cavendish~~~~~~~~!!! // What’s the deal with this army~~~~~?!!!

People: Ahh!! // ?!!
Sai: Heads up!! He’s gonna let loose another punch!!!
Zoro: Don’t bother, you two!!
People: ?!!
Zoro: The arm you destroyed will be back to normal soon enough!! / Until we figure out how his ability works... // ...it’s just a waste of your strength!!!
People: Run for it~~~~~~!!!
Cavendish: This is quite an irritating obstruction...!!!
Chinjao: If we can’t do something about it, we’ll never reach the Palace!
Cavendish: ?! // Where did Straw Hat go?!
Boo: I don’t see his bull, either!! Did they get crushed to death?!
Hajrudin: ...............!! // ?!!

Hajrudin: He’s up there......!!! // Has he gone completely mad?!!!
People: ?!! // Ehhhhh~~~~~~~~?!! // He’s climbing up~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Go for it, Ucy~~~~~~!!! It’s a shortcut~~~~!!!
Zoro: .........
Ucy: Mooooooooo~~~~~~~~~!!!
Abdullah: Yeah!! You go for it, bull~~~~~~~!!!

Luffy: Hey!! / What’re you two cheering for?!!
Jet: Hm?
Luffy: Get off already!! You’re weighing Ucy down!!
Jet: Ah, I haven’t introduced myself properly yet. My name is Jet. / And the large fellow behind me iiiiis...?
Abdullah: I’m Abdullah.
Luffy: Nobody asked!! // Ah...
Pica: !! // Straw Hat...!!!

Pica: Hm?!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no~~~~~~!!!
Pica: ...............!!
Luffy: Grizzly Magnum!!!!
Pica: !!!
People: !!! // Whoaaaaaa~~~~~~!!! // He went and did it~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Pica-sama~~~?!!

Zoro: ...............!! // Luffy, it looks like his head up there is just a piece of rock!!
Luffy: Huh?!
Zoro: And the place we’re standing right now is just rock, too!! Like a statue!!
Luffy: ?!
Zoro: His real body is over there!!!
Luffy: !!!
Zoro: Finally, you show your real human face.

Jet: Ahhhh!!! He pulled out a giant sword~~!! Dodge~~~~~!!! // If you can’t dodge then stop~~~~!! Bull~~~~~~~!!!
Ucy: Mooooooo~~~~~~!!!
Jet: It’s too late~~~~~~~~!!!
Ucy: Moo?
People: ?!!

Abdullah: Ehhhh~~~~~~~~~?!! // The bull jumped~~~~~!!
Luffy: Hup!
Pica: !!
Jet/Abdullah: Here he comes again~~!!!
Luffy: I’m going on ahead!
Zoro: Right!! Leave this to me!!!
Jet: Whooooaaahhh!!! He’s amazing~~~~~~!!!

Jet/Abdullah: That’s a crewmate of our God for ya......!!
Zoro: .........
Pica: Move aside. I have business with Straw Hat!!
Zoro: Yeah? Well, our Captain doesn’t have any business with a rock like you. / So you’ll have to make do with me instead...!! // You big soprano...!
Pica: !!!
People: ...............!! / ...Hey. The giant monster stopped moving... // Is it dead?!
Cavendish: At any rate, if it isn’t going to be launching any more irritating punches... // ...then this is our chance!!!

People: Straw Hat is travelling along the back of that statue!!! // We can’t let him get to Doflamingo before we do~~~~~~!!! // We should be able to make it up the plateau to the Palace now!!!
Law: (.........)
Luffy: Go for it, Ucy~~~~!!
Jet/Abdullah: Yeah! Go for it, bull!
Luffy: Seriously, guys, get off!!
Jet/Abdullah: Oh, you~~~!
Law: Say, Mister Straw Hat...
Luffy: Hm?
Law: ...I know this is our only option now if we want to live. // ...I’m prepared to face the consequences...!!
Luffy: ?!
Law: The plan I suggested to you was my way of trying to take out Doflamingo indirectly...!! // But if I’m honest...... // I want to get back at him in person!!! / I failed once already, but this time I’ll get him for sure!!!

Law: ......!! Thirteen years ago, a man I dearly cared for...
Ucy: Mooo! // Moooo!
Law: ...was murdered by Doflamingo...!!
Luffy: !!
Law: His name was Corazon. / A former Chief Officer of the Donquixote Family...
Luffy: Huh?! One of his crew?!
Law: That’s right. I owed him... / ...my very life. // And he was Doflamingo’s... // ...own little brother!!!
Luffy: ?!!
[Insert text: What lies hidden in their past...?!]
[Bottom text: One Piece will be taking a break in Issues 28 and 29 due to the author being hospitalised. It will be back in Issue 30.]

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#1. by rawronoa ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2014
thanks a million!! never stop translating one piece.. :D
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