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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 750

The State Of Battle

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 27, 2014 21:06 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 750: The State Of Battle
[Insert text: The chaos grows! Dresrosa in turmoil!!]
People: Pica-sama’s head is gone!! And he’s stopped moving!!! // What just happened?!! // Uh-oh, they’re going on the offensive again~~! // Aaaaghhhhh~~~~!!!
Madmen: I will take Doflamingo’s head myself! // No, I shall!!! // No, me~~~~~~!!!
Dellinger: .........
People: Hold ‘em off~~~~~!! // Don’t let ‘em near the Palace~~~~~!!!

Madmen: Out of my way~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaghhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!
Dellinger: Wowee~~~! Look at them go!!
Announcement: The group from the Colosseum can’t be stopped~~~~!!!
Machvise: They’re mad, oiiing~~!!
Gladius: Even in this situation, they choose to oppose the young master...!!
LaoG: They’ll need to get past Fujitora and his Marines... // ...if they want to make it here!! It’s futile!!
Baby5: ...............!! // As I thought, it was Straw Hat’s group that stopped Pica-sama. // This battle to reach the Royal Palace... // ...is progressing on four fronts.
[Top middle label: Current Position // Machvise / Gladius / Baby 5 / Lao G / Dellinger]
[Right label: Royal Palace]
[Left labels: Luffy / Law // Zoro VS Pica]
[Middle label: Marines]
[Bottom right label: Kyros]
[Bottom left label: Colosseum Army]
[Box: Kyros’ Battle]
People: Give it up and let us capture you!! Kyros!!!
Kyros: *pant*... // *pant*...

People: It’s not the money we’re after...!!
Kyros: ...............!!!
People: If we don’t take you down, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all dead!!! / The 12 “convicts” have to be captured!!
Kyros: I will not blame you for your judgement... // ...but if that is the case, then all the more reason why I must hurry onward...!!! / I too... // ...have a goal that I must achieve!!!
People: !!!

[Box: The Former King’s Plateau]
People: ......!!
[Box: God Usopp and his group have left the underground trading port and made it above ground.]
[Label: Viola // King Riku]
[Box: Travelling through the Colosseum, they have emerged onto the King’s Plateau.]
[Label: Tank]
[Label: Usopp / Robin / Tontatta / Rebecca / Bartolomeo / Hack]
Bartolomeo: What’s this~~~~~?!! Luffy-senpai isn’t even here~~~~~~~!!!
Robin: Well, of course.
Bartolomeo: Whaddaya mean, of course?!!
Usopp: Luffy can’t stay in the same place for a whole five minutes.
Bartolomeo: SUCH FREEDOM~~~!!! Ohhh yeah!! That’s my Pirate King!!

Leo: King Riku!! What is that rock monster?!
Riku: .........
Leo: And why is the Palace over there?!!
People: ? // ?
Rebecca: Robin-san!! There are pursuers coming after us from below!!
People: Haaaahhh~~!!
Robin: .........Now that everyone’s arrived, I’d better take down the net. // Excuse me!
People: ?!! // Aaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~!

Viola: I’ve found it!!
Rebecca: Ah!! / Viola-san!!
People: Aaaghh~~!! Viola-sama~~~~~~!!
Riku: What were you doing?
Viola: Finding this key! Father, this is the key to Trafalgar Law’s restraints!! // I finally found it... I must get it to him somehow.........!!
Riku: Wait, Viola. Why do those people matter so much?!! They’re pirates!!
Viola: ...Indeed! They are the outlaws who have come to destroy the false “peace” this country has suffered for so long.
Riku: ?!
Viola: Father... I have placed my hopes in them!!

Viola: After we have suffered such atrocities at the hands of Doflamingo... / ...a pirate who rules over this country with the blessing of the World Government... // I desire no help from the government or their Marines who speak of “justice”!!! // They cannot hear the cries... / ...of the victims they themselves have caused. // This kingdom’s cries of rage......!!! / Those in power will only ever hear what they want to hear...!!!
Riku: ......!!!
Viola: At least the words of the Straw Hats beat strong with warm blood!!! / Their actions come from the heart!!!
Flashback!Luffy: I swear I’ll beat up that Doflamingo for you! // So stay close to my crewmates, all right?!!
Riku: ..................

Leo: King Riku, Your Majesty!! Look at this man!!
Riku: You’re...the five-star “convict”...!!
Leo: This is “God Usopp”, or Usoland!! // This is the man who took a stand, without a care for his own life, and broke the Curse of the Toys... / ...that has plagued this country for ten long years!! He is our hero!!! // We were moved to tears by his courage!!! // And Luffyland is this superhero’s Captain!!! // King Riku, Your Majesty!! The Strawhatland Pirates, or the “Usolanders”, are a ray of hope shining upon Dresrosa!!! // They may be pirates, but we will believe in them to the last!!!
Riku: .........
Rebecca: Viola-san!! I’ll take that key to Lucy for you!!
Viola: Rebecca!!
Rebecca: I can’t stand to stay here doing nothing!!
Bartolomeo: That’s what I like to hear!! If you’re headin’ to see Luffy-senpai, you better believe I’m comin’ with ya!! Leave it to me!!!

Viola: Rebecca... If you go down there into the city... / You’re one of the “convicts”. It’s not safe at all!!
Rebecca: Don’t worry about me!!
Leo: If that’s your worry, we should travel across the rooves!! / Viola-sama, Kab-san and I will accompany them!! You can trust us!!
Viola: ?! // Across the rooves?
Leo: Inhel, I trust I can leave the factory to you?
Inhel: Most certainly!! It seems the factory is barely guarded!! I will lead the rest of the Tontatta with Fraland... / ...and recover Princess Manshelly and our comrades without fail!!
Leo: Then let us move out!! There is no time to waste!! // We will meet again here on the King’s Plateau!!

[Box: Franky’s Battle]
Franky: Now... // I’m finally here!!! // Time to blast the door of this factory down!!! // Hrngggghhhhhh~~~~~~~!! // RADICAL!! // BEEEEEAAAAA...
SenorPink: I hope you don’t think that attack... / ...will leave so much as a scratch on the factory.

SenorPink: I guess I’m here... // ...to settle things with you!
Franky: Where did you come from?!!!
SenorPink: That’s the way of a man, my boy... / *chupa!!*
Girls: Aaaahhhh~~!♡ Señor~~~~~~~!♡

[Box: The New Palace Grounds]
Dellinger: Something’s strange!! Aaaahhhh, this isn’t right!! // Why are the Colosseum mob climbing up here?! // Weren’t there supposed to be thousands of Marine soldiers down below?!! Not to mention Vice-Admiral Bastille!! // And even Marine HQ Admiral Fujitora!! How did they get past all those forces?!!
People: Hey!! Is this all the resistance the Donquixote Family can muster?!!! // We’re gonna reach their boss in no time~~~~~!!!

[Box: New Palace Grounds, Level 2]
[Labels: Royal Palace // Level 4 (Flower Field) // Level 3 // Level 2 // Level 1 // Luffy // Colosseum Army]
People: Urgent report!! // Straw Hat Luffy has reached Level 1 and is— / Guehhhh!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... // GATLING~~~~~~!!!
People: Guaaaaarghhhhhhh~~~~~!!! // N...Not only are we hopelessly outmatched... // But the Colosseum army is approaching fast as well from below~~~~~~~~~!!!
Cavendish: Straw Hat!!!
Baby5: I’ve found them, Dellinger!!
Dellinger: ?!
Baby5: The Marines are all being held up!!
Dellinger: ?!!
Fujitora: And you’re quite sure...... // ...you will not allow us to pass under any circumstances?

Sabo: Well, yes... // I cannot allow anyone who means harm to the Straw Hat Pirates... // ...ot to the warriors who have allied themselves with the Straw Hats... / ...to proceed beyond this point.
Fujitora: Lending aid to pirates... Is that the Revolutionary Army’s job these days......?
Sabo: But of course. As a member of the Revolutionary Army, I cannot let you pass!! // Actually, that’s not right. // I meant to say...as a brother!!
Fujitora: Oh...? // And whose brother might you be, exactly...?
[Insert text: Sabo joins the fray!!]

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