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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 751

Sabo VS Admiral Fujitora

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 5, 2014 16:24 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 751: Sabo VS Admiral Fujitora
Short-Term Focused Cover Page Serial 21
Vol 1: “Returning To His Fellows”

[Insert text: Sabo VS the Marines!!]
Bastille: I told you to hold your fire!!! // Why are you attacking him, you fools~~~~~~?!!! / That’s a Logia Fruit user you’re dealing with!!!
Marines: This man......! His fingers are unnaturally strong!!!
Sabo: They’re “claws”.
Marines: Guahhh!!!

Bastille: Move aside!! You lot are no match for this man!!! // !!!
Sabo: My fingers... // ...are the claws of a dragon!!!

Bastille: !!
Sabo: Claws made for tearing apart the authority... // ...of an arrogant government!!!
Marines: !!! // Vice-Admiral Bastille’s Samekiri-Bouchou...!!!
[TN: “Shark Cleaver”]
Bastille: Why, you...!!
Sabo: A mere human skull...
Bastille: !!!
Sabo: ...will be as easy to crush as an egg......!!!
Bastille: ?!!

Fujitora: I feel weakened somehow.........
Sabo: !!! // Huh?!
Fujitora: I don’t suppose that “birdcage” is getting in the way... // ...and slicing up my meteors, now, is it......?
People: ?!!
Marines: Run for it!! It’s a meteor~~~!!!

People: Guaaaahhhhh!!! // !!!
Fujitora: Ohhh dearie me...that was unfortunate. / It covered quite the wide area......!! // Is everyone all right?! Were any citizens injured...?!!
Marines: Could you tell us before you start dropping meteors, Isshou-san?!!
Fujitora: Ah, yes. I dropped them just now.
Marines: Before, not after!!!
Fujitora: ! // Do you understand your own position here......?
Sabo: I’m not quite used to this ability yet... I keep dodging when I don’t need to......!!
Marines: Ahhhh!! Vice-Admiral Bastille!!!

Marines: Vice-Admiral~~~~~!!
Fujitora: The former wielder of the very same Mera Mera no Mi you now hold... / ...Fire First Ace, who met his end at the Ultimate War... / ...was also announced to be the adopted brother of Straw Hat Luffy. Now you claim to be the same?
Sabo: The three of us exchanged drinks together. // We share a bond that can’t be broken......!!!
Fujitora: I’ve never heard of such a troublesome set of siblings...!!
Marines: What kind of family is that?! Straw Hat’s brothers... / ...were a captain in Whitebeard’s fleet... // ...and the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army?!!
Sabo: Remember this. If Luffy ever calls for my help... / No matter where I am in the world, I’ll use my position and head straight to his side!! // I couldn’t stand...
[Newspaper headline: Ace Dead]
Flashback!Sabo: Uwaaaaaghhhhhhh!!
Flashback!People: Sabo-kun!!! // Sabo!!!
Sabo: (...to go through that again......!!!)
Fujitora: .................. // It seems it would be foolish to ask any more questions...
Sabo: You’re just not interested, are you?
Fujitora: I don’t have the drink I’d need to go with that meal......!!
Marines: !!! // Uwaahhhhhhh!!!

[Label: Relocated Royal Palace, First Level]
People: That bull!! It’s the Reaper of the Colosseum!! Stop it!!!
Luffy: Don’t underestimate Ucy~~~~~~!!!
Ucy: Mmmooooo~~!!
People: Guaahhhh~~~~!!!
Abdullah: Ni~~~~hihi!!! / You think that’s any way to face a Reaper~~~?!!
Luffy: Hm? // Ah! That guy!!
Cavendish: Straw Hat~~!!! // I’ll be going on ahead of you!!
Luffy: Cabbage!!!

Luffy: Ughhhh... I was sure I’d taken a shortcut!! // But everyone’s catching up!!
People: Aaaghhhh!! It’s Hajrudin~~!!
Sai: Move aside!! I have no business with third-rate underlings!!!
Luffy: This isn’t good. They’re getting ahead of me!!

Luffy: Whoa!!
Jet: Aghhh!! That was close!!
Ucy: Mmmoooooo~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Kill the bull and get Straw Hat on the ground~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Stop that!! Don’t aim at Ucy~~~~!!! // Hm?
Kerry: Don’t you dare lay a finger... // ...on Straw Hat Luffy, ya pansies!!! // RARARARANBOU~~~~~~~!!!
People: Guaaaahhhhh!!!

Luffy: Huh?! Who’s that?!
Kerry: Hyahhh!! // Hey, don’t act like that!! We fought in the same block!! // I’m C-Block contestant Kerry Funk!!!
[Box: Assassins from Mogaro / The Funk Bros. / Elder: Kerry / (currently combined with the younger brother Bobby)]
Kerry: Us brothers were saved by the great God Usopp as well!!! / So follow me, and I’ll help you out!!! // I found a sneaky route straight up to the top!! It comes out in the Sunflower Field, right outside the Palace!!
[Labels: Sunflower Field / Current Location]
Luffy: Huh?! Really?!! // All right, then!! Time to leave Cabbage and the others in the dust!!
Law: Hey, Mister Straw Hat.
Luffy: Hm?
Law: Where are we getting my restraints removed?

Law: While I’m still stuck with these Kairouseki restraints, I might as well be asking Doflamingo to kill me.
Luffy: Ah, it’ll work out somehow!! Let’s just keep going!!
Law: Where does that confidence come from?!! Head back to the last plateau!! We’ll search for the key!! / We either win this or we die, do you get that?!!!
Kerry: There’s the shortcut, Straw Hat!! Head on inside!! We’ll stay here and guard the entrance!!
Luffy: Thanks!! That’s really helpful!!!
Jet: Nice going, Kerry Funk!!
Abdullah: You make sure no-one gets through that entrance!! That’s the spirit!!
Jet/Abdullah: !! // *BONK!* // Aaaghhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!

Kerry: Ehhhh?!! // What are you two playing at?!!!
Jet: ...............!!
Abdullah: ...............!!
Luffy: .........
Law: They fell off......... / What were they even after...?
Luffy: Right!! Let’s keep on going without them!! Ucy!!
Ucy: Mmmmooooooo~~~!!
Luffy: Onward to the Sunflower Field~~~~~~~~!!!
Jet: S... / Straw Hat-san.........!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrring...*
Luffy: !! // That’s your Den-Den Mushi!!
Law: ?! / Answer it.
DenDenMushi: *brrrr...* // *ka-chunk!!*
Luffy: Hello? This is Luffy!! / The man who’s gonna be Pirate King!!!

Robin: Hello, Luffy. It’s me.
Luffy: Robin~~~~~!!
Robin: We’re on the plateau you left behind a little while ago. Where are you?
Luffy: Right now... I’m on the first level of the mountain, but I’m heading straight for the Sunflower Field.
Viola: The Sunflower Field?! That’s the fourth level!
Robin: Viola found the keys to Tra-dude-kun’s restraints!
Law: !! / Seriously?!! // Miss Nico!! Get them here at once!! What do you need me to do......?!!
Leo: Hello, everyone! This is Leo of the Tontatta Tribe!!
Law: !
Leo: I’m going to take Rebecca-sama, the Chicken Big Human and Robiland to you as fast as I can!
Robin: Let us meet up soon in the Sunflower Field!!
Luffy: Huh? How are you guys going to catch up with us?!
Leo: Explanations can wait!! We’ll see you there!!

DenDenMushi: *ka-chunk...*
Luffy: You see? It worked out!!!
Law: That’s pure coincidence!! // More to the point, look at this place!!
Luffy: ?! // Huh?!!
Ucy: M...Mmooo...!!
Luffy: It’s a complete dead end!!! / And what’s with all the water?!!!
Doflamingo: This is no more than a slanted well. / Did you really think there’d be a shortcut to the top?
Luffy: Eh?!! // Huh?!! Doflamingo!!!
[Insert text: A shocking ambush!!]

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