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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 587

The Headless Star 6

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 11, 2014 19:40 | Go to Bleach

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Ichigo: I said wait! // What the hell is this about?!! // You still haven’t given me an answer!! // Say something, dammit!! // Ishida!! // ISHIDAAA!!!
[Side text: He cries out to his departing friend...]

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun!!


Bleach 587
The Headless Star 6

Orihime: Oopsie~~~! He blasted us off, Santen Kesshun and all... / Ishida-kun’s pretty amazing, huh... // [aside]I was no match~![/aside] // Or wait... // Is it the Quincy boss guy that’s amazing...?
Ishida: ..................
Orihime: ............

Ichigo: Guooooohhhhhh?! // What was that for, Chad?!!
Chad: What are you doing, Ichigo?!

Ichigo: !
Chad: You’re not the only one who was shocked to see Ishida there. We all were! // But what good will it do if you sit around stressing about it?! // This is Ishida we’re talking about. / He wouldn’t make the decision to side with them lightly. He must have his reasons. // But so what?! / Even if he does, there’s still only one course of action for us to take, isn’t there?!
Ichigo: .................. // ...You’re right. // He’s a stubborn bastard, there’s no point trying to talk him out of this!
Chad: Agreed.
Ichigo: Then I’ll just have to chase after him and force him to at least tell me why! / And if the reason isn’t good enough...
Orihime: (Ishida-kun would be pretty angry if he heard this...)

Ichigo: I’ll kick his ass and bring him back!
Chad: What if his reason is good enough?
Ichigo: Then I’ll still kick his ass and bring him back!!
Chad: ...Sounds about right.
Orihime: Sounds good!
Urahara: Ohhhhh dearie me...

Urahara: Looks like I didn’t quite make it in time.
Ichigo: Urahara-san...
Urahara: What’ll it be now, then? / Shall I get you a ticket to the Spirit Palace, perhaps? // It might take a little time, but I could do that.
Ichigo: Do it, please!

Renji: Are you all right? / Rukia.
Rukia: ...I’m fine. / Don’t worry. // That was quite the impressive shockwave... / Looks like we’ve all been separated...
Renji: ...Did you notice?
Rukia: .........Indeed. / It would seem... / ...it was not just my imagination... // ......Ishida...why would you.........?
BazzB: What’s all this?!

BazzB: Oh, right! / You guys used to be friends with Ishida Uryuu, didn’t you! // Bet you’re pissed off that your friend’s turned into an enemy, right? // Well, we’re pretty pissed off at that guy as well! // If you want to slaughter his ass, I might lend you a hand!!
Rukia: What...?
BazzB: !

Renji: That’s enough bullshit from you, you big chicken! / You’re right that we’re pissed off about Ishida switching sides without telling us anything. // But we don’t need any help from the likes of you to kick his ass!
Rukia: So you were “pissed off”...
BazzB: “Chicken”...? // Did you just say “chicken”...? // Oh, you had better not be talking shit... // ...about my super-stylish, ultra-cool mohican!!
Renji: What’s that? / Don’t you like chickens? // Chickens are pretty cool. They wake up early and lay eggs and stuff. // No need to be ashamed of being a big chicken. // I admire you, really I do.

BazzB: You’re SO dead!!! // I thought you might have decent taste with those super-classy eyebrows you’ve got...
Renji: !
BazzB: But it looks like I was mistaken!
Renji: Dude...! // Did you just say my eyebrows are...classy...?!
Rukia: Good for you.

Renji: You’re such a cool guy......!!
BazzB: Too late for that!!! // Burner Finger... // FOUR!!!

[no text just ka-burn]

[Insert text: They descend upon the Spirit Palace...!!]

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