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One Piece 752


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 11, 2014 19:41 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 752: Palm
Short-Term Focused Cover Page Serial 21
Jinbei’s Chivalrous Journey Vol 2: A Lost Sea-Kitten

[Insert text: A sudden crisis?!!]
Doflamingo: So the weaklings have banded together...
Law: Doflamingo.........!!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!! Looks like your handcuffs will be coming off, eh, Law...?
Luffy: What are you doing here?!!!
Doflamingo: Fufufu!!! // I’m here to help you!!
Luffy: !!
Doflamingo: I don’t know how you managed to fall for such a pathetic trap. You call this a shortcut?!!

Ucy: Moo?
Doflamingo: Tamaito!!!
Luffy: !!
Ucy: Mmmooooo~~~!!! // Mmmmmooooooo~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ucy!!!
Law: Forget the bull, Mister Straw Hat!!!
Luffy: Uwargh!!
Ucy: Moooooourgghhhh...!!!
Law: ..................!!!

Doflamingo: You’re not taking this seriously at all!! // Pathetic!! At this rate... // ...just about anyone could kill you idiots off!!!
Ucy: Uuhh...rghh...!!
Luffy: *pant*...... Hang in there...Ucy... // *pant*
Doflamingo: All those people outside going on a mad rampage trying to take my head... / It’s impressive you managed to gain so many allies in a situation like this.........!! // I’ve had my eye on that special ability of yours ever since the Ultimate War......!! // But what’s the use when you yourself are such an idiot?!! // Why did you choose this boy, Law...?!! / You were meant for so much more than this...!!!
Law: ............!!
Doflamingo: Even as a child, you were more ruthless...more cunning!! Do you deny it?!!

Doflamingo: Who turned you into such a soft, worthless mess?!!
Law: ...............!! // Shut up...!! I have no intention of becoming like you...!! / I was saved!!
Doflamingo: .........Fuffuffu!! // By my little brother Corazon, you mean?! If you haven’t gone soft... // ...then why are you dying here in such a pathetic way?!!
Jet: Enough!!! Don’t you dare harm Straw Hat-san~~~~~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: !!!

Luffy: ......Y...You guys...
Jet/Abdullah: You’re all right?! Straw Hat-san!!
Doflamingo: Fufufu......
Jet/Abdullah: ?!! // Eeeeeehhhhhh~~~~~~?!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!!!
Law: Just a double...I knew it...!! // It’s a string doll!!
Jet: ...............!!
Ucy: Moooo...
Jet: I don’t really get what’s going on, but let’s pull them out!!

Luffy: really helped us out......!!
Jet: Oh, no, no, no......!!
Abdullah: What’s this, though...? His lower body?!! What’s going on?!! / Did we actually take out a real big shot?!
Law: Fools...that was a fake...!! / Did you come here to laugh at us...?!! // ......!!
Jet: Ahh!! The thing is, you know Kerry Funk back there?!! Well, it turns out... / ...the bastard was tricking us all along!!
Flashback!Kerry: What a bunch of simpletons...!! They fell for it hook, line and sinker!!
Flashback!Jet/Abdullah: ?!!
Jet: As soon as we found out, we tried to stop him, but then... // Doflamingo appeared out of nowhere!!! // The feared assassin Kerry Funk was wiped out in an instant!!! // If we’re not careful, who knows where an enemy could appear from next!!
Luffy: ......!!! But then it’s like...

Luffy: Doflamingo really did come here and save us!! What does he take us for?!!! / What’s going on outside?! Where are Cabbage and the others?!
Abdullah: You’ve fallen behind, I’m afraid. They’re all up on the second level!!
Luffy: .........!! This shortcut was meant to take us to the Sunflower Field ahead of them all!!
[Box: Kyros reaches the first level]
Kyros: *pant*... *pant*... / This is......!! // ...............!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no~~~~~!
Kyros: Hm?!
[Box: On the second level - the Colosseum Army]
[Labels: Fourth Level / Third Level / Second Level / First Level]
Dellinger: Aaahhh~~! That’s the first level clear without a single dropout...!!
Machvise: Our underlings can’t handle them, oiiiiing~~~!!
Baby5: Straw Hat still hasn’t appeared!!
LaoG: Let us destroy them, one by one!!!
People: Aaaghhhhhhhh!!!

Cavendish: What the...?!!
[Box: The first level - inside the well]
Luffy: Right!! // You guys, take care of Ucy for me!!
Gladius: Don’t get worked up just because of something you can’t explain!!
People: What was that just now?!! Is it gonna happen again?!!
Gladius: Pull yourselves together!! Don’t lose sight of the enemy!!

Chinjao: Hyahohohohoh!! // Such wonderful chaos!!!
People: Chinjao is heading for the third level!!! // Stop him~~~~!!! // What’s this hole...? // Where did it...
Luffy: Haaahhhh~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Aghhhhhhh~~~~~!!! // !!!
Luffy: Mingo~~~!!! I’m coming for you, you got that?!!!
People: It’s Straw Hat and Law~~~~~~~~!!

[Box: Former King’s Plateau]
Rebecca: You’re kidding, right?!!
Bartolomeo: Y’uh-huh?
Leo: No, I’m serious!!!
Rebecca: But humans can’t fly using rhinoceros beetles!!
Robin: Let’s just run through the town instead!!
Bartolomeo: I like the sound of that plan!! Let’s do that!!
[Box: Tontatta Airlines / Yellow Kabu]
Leo: Now then, let me explain!!
Bartolomeo: Are you even listening, midget?!!
Leo: This is the “Tontatta Airlines Jumping Service”!! Big Humans are pretty heavy, so we can’t actually fly!!
Bartolomeo: Ya see?!!
Leo: But there’s no time to lose!! // So let’s get flying right away~~~~~!!
People: Aaaaghhh~~!!
Bartolomeo: I thought you just said flying was out?!!

Viola: Leo?!!
Bartolomeo: Damn you, dwarf! You’re gonna pay for thiiiis~~~!
Viola: Are you sure this is...
Riku: Hey!! Are you all right?!!
Bartolomeo: You’re gonna pay for...huh?
People: !!
Rebecca: Wow!!
Leo: We may not be able to fly... / But we can slow your fall!!

Leo: Try to land on the rooftops!! // If you kick off from there......!!
People: Whoaaaa~~~!!!
Leo: can lift yourself off again!!!
Bartolomeo: It feels like I’m floating on balloons~~!! // Wowee~~~~!!!
Leo: Everyone watch out for attacks from below... // ...and head for the Sunflower Field on the fourth level!!!
People: Understood!!

[Box: Outside the Smile Factory]
Dwarfs: Fraland!! We have an idea how to open the gate to the factory!!
Franky: You sure about that, Tontatta?!!
Dwarfs: You just focus on stopping the Señor!!!
Franky: All right, then!! Leave that to me!!!
[Box: Atop Pica’s Statue]
[Box: In town - Sabo VS Fujitora]
People: Aaaahhhhhhhh!!

[Box: Base of the Palace - the second level]
Cavendish: Hey, Straw Hat!!
Luffy: Cabbage!! / What is it now?! Don’t get in my way!!
Cavendish: Listen - I have a strategy!!
Luffy: ?!
[Box: The Royal Palace]
Trebol: Nnnyehhh... Dofi, were you just sending one of your “String Jokers” somewhere?
Doflamingo: I had a little delivery to make, but it seems I wasn’t needed. // Say, you you all remember the first day we met Law......?
Diamante: Uhahahah!! He was quite the mad one. His eyes were a sight to see.
Doflamingo: He reminded me of myself when I was a kid. I felt right away... / ...that given ten years or so, he could become my right-hand man. // It’s a real shame I’m going to have to kill him with my own hands......
Flashback!People: Intruder!! // Don’t touch the boy!! He’s covered in explosives!! // Ehhhhhh~~~~~~?!!

Flashback!Law: Let me join your pirate crew.
Flashback!Someone: Who does this brat think he is? Who the hell let him in?!!
Flashback!Law: I want to destroy every last thing I see...!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: Hmm...?
Flashback!Law: Towns...!! Houses...!! Even people!! // I want to destroy them all. // I grew up in a “white town”...
Flashback!Doflamingo: ?!!
Flashback!Law: ...I won’t... // able to live for much longer...!!!
[Insert text: What lies in Law’s past?!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 34.]

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