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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 589

The Shooting Star Project [The Old and New Trust]

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 26, 2014 18:56 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Ichigo and friends make preparations to head to the Spirit Palace...]
Ichigo: Seriously though, when the heck... // ...did you manage to build one of Kuukaku-san’s cannons right underneath the Twelfth Division building?
Urahara: It looks like Captain Kurotsuchi had the foresight to start building the base... / ...as soon as Division Zero made their appearance, in anticipation of a situation like this. // By the time I got involved, it was practically done already.

Ichigo: Huh... / I guess that guy’s pretty amazing. / [aside]I always thought he was just a loony...[/aside]
Urahara: Oh yes, Captain Kurotsuchi is a proper genius. / Not as good as me, though, of course!♪ // At any rate... // Even with our genius combined, I wouldn’t call this a perfect copy. // The Shiba cannon is a unique piece of engineering, created using secret techniques passed down in their family. // It’s not the kind of thing you can copy very easily. // I’m afraid this one will fall apart after firing a single shot.
Ichigo: One shot?!
Urahara: Ah, please don’t move from inside the cannon. / At any rate, that won’t be a problem as long as we don’t make any mistakes. // At this point, the issue is that we still don’t have enough energy for that one -
[BubbleSFX: bi-bip!]

Akon: Kisuke-san.
Urahara: Ye~s?
Akon: The visitor you mentioned is here. / Looks like they took care of what you asked...
Chad: ...Ichigo.
Ichigo: Hm?
Chad: Well... // ...I’ve been wondering when is the best time to bring this up, but... // What do you think?
Ichigo: Think about what?

Chad: Inoue’s clothing.
Orihime: S... / Sado-kun, I don’t think...!!
Ichigo: Wh... // What do I think...?! // I mean...uh... // I do think it might be a little too...revealing, but...
Orihime: (He thinks I’m a pervert who shows too much skin!! // He was creeped out by me exhibitionist clothes this whole time!!!)

Orihime: Y... / You’ve got it all wrong, Kurosaki-kun!! // I’m not wearing these clothes because I’m a pervert or anything!! // This is because Urahara-san... / Urahara-san... // Because Urahara-san’s a liar...!
Flashback!Urahara: I bet it will make Kurosaki-san very happy if you wear this!
Flashback!Orihime: All right! I’ll wear it!!
Urahara: Oh... / I’d be careful with those if I were you! // If you try to close them at the front, it all spills out the sides, you know!
Orihime: Aaaaahhhhhh~~!!!
Yoruichi: Now, now, now, no need to start crying!
Orihime: Aaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
Ichigo: ...Y...

Ichigo: Yoruichi-san!! // Uerghh!!!
Yoruichi: “A little too revealing”?! The hell is that?! // You tactless little moron!! // You think a pure maiden would wear clothes like this because she wanted to?! / She’s obviously wearing them against her will because she was tricked by some kind of lowlife no-good pervert!!
Orihime: Y...Yoruichi-san, Yoruichi-san!! // That’s really enough, Yoruichi-san!!

Yoruichi: If you’re gonna comment on them, you could at least say “That looks great on you, let me take you now”, you worthless brat!!
Orihime: Please, Yoruichi-san, just stop now!!
Urahara: My, my... / When I see everyone getting so excited over these clothes, I feel it was worth all the trouble I went to making them! // ...Welcome back, Yoruichi-san. // How did it go?

Urahara: Excellent work!♪
Orihime: ............
Ichigo: ...What’s all that?
Urahara: ......I asked Yoruichi-san... // ...to go and do a little research on the distortion the Quincy have created in the boundary between Soul Society and the human world. // I was under the impression... / ...that the Quincy created that distortion for the sake of throwing Soul Society into confusion, thus dividing our forces...... // But thanks to Yoruichi-san’s investigation... / ...we discovered that a large amount of energy was released at both the moment of the distortion’s appearance and that of its disappearance. // A massive release of motion energy... // ...sufficient to connect two worlds together.

Ichigo: !
Urahara: Once we’d ascertained this, I asked Captain Hirako to help me meet up with Sarugaki Hiyori-san and her friends... // ...who helped me to prepare for a situation like this by collecting that energy. // The construction of the cannon itself, of course... // ...I assumed someone would already be taking care of. // Now then... // Shall we begin? // Let us prepare for a trip to the Spirit Palace!
[Bleach 589]
[The Shooting Star Project [The Old and New Trust]]

Ikkaku: The hell is that brat?! // She’s throwing an endless stream of bombs at us!!
Yumichika: No... // I’ve been observing them for a while, and I don’t think that’s quite right. // It seems they’re not exploding and damaging whatever they hit... // ...but rather causing whatever they hit to explode.

Yumichika: In other words... / Those balls themselves aren’t actually bombs. // They just seem to create bombs out of whatever they touch.
Ikkaku: Does it make any difference?!!
Yumichika: Yes, it does, actually. // It means I can’t deflect them with my Hoozukimaru.
Ikkaku: I see... // Well, in that case... // Looks like we ain’t got much choice but to dodge ‘em all... // ...and slice that bitch outta the sky!!

Yumichika: You really do love to overdo things... // Honestly! // Hadou #57... // Daichi Ten’you!!

Ikkaku: !

Giselle: What are you, stupid? // It’s not like anything you do is going to kill her. // Bambi-chan is long dead already, you know!

Giselle: It was pretty tough, you know? / Turning Bambi-chan into a zombie. // With fellow Quincy, I can’t do it until they’re already dead. / So I actually had to finish her off myself! // I remember Bambi-chan’s face when I did it...

Giselle: That face... // ...made me so wet.........
Yumichika: “Wet”? Are you sure you don’t mean “hard”? // You utter pervert......
Giselle: Shinigami, though... // They’re a lot easier to deal with. // Even if they’re not dead, I can just splatter them with my blood... // ...and they’ll turn into lovely zombies in no time~!

Mayuri: I see, I see... // The ability to turn your enemies into zombies... // Now, this really is... // ...quite an interesting phenomenon!
Giselle: With all that glare, I can barely see your face. / Who are you?
[Side text: He descends!!]

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