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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 753


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 26, 2014 18:57 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 753: War
Jinbei’s Chivalrous Journey
Vol 3: A Sea-Dog Policeman in Trouble (Sea Monster Sheriff)

[Insert text: Catastrophe grows around the Terrible Team!!]
[Box: Dresrosa (Within the Birdcage)]
Doflamingo: I was just quite busy... // ...with my own musings. // Why are you here? // Have you brought me Straw Hat’s head?
Bellamy: Tell me why you sent Dellinger after me!!! // Was he really acting under your orders?!!

Bellamy: Do you really have... // ...no further use for me......?!!
[Text: Pirate (195 million Beli) / Bellamy the Hyena]
Doflamingo: ......Fufufu!! Don’t make me be blunt with you...Bellamy. // You and I have different objectives. // We always have...!!
Bellamy: ?!
Doflamingo: You have always wanted to become a pirate. / But I’m not like that. I didn’t mind what I became.
Bellamy: ?
Doflamingo: As long as it would let me... // ...smash this world to pieces!!!
Bellamy: ?!!

[Box: Plateau Beneath the Palace]
[Box: Colosseum Army VS Donquixote Family]
[Box: Level 2]
Suleiman: Out of my way, child!! // I’m in a hurry!!
Dellinger: Ooh~~~~!! // Say, big guy... What do I look like to you?
Suleiman: ?
Dellinger: Suleiman the Beheader......!! // Oooohhh, what a scary name!! / So how many heads have you chopped off?! A hundred? A thousand? / You were a wartime executioner, right?!
Suleiman: ...............!!
Dellinger: Oohhhh, I just love executions as well!!!

Suleiman: !!!
Dellinger: Oooohhhhhh~~!!!
Someone: Suleiman!!! // Are you...one of the Family’s Officers?!!
Dellinger: Eheh!♡

People: Watch out for the Officers~~~~!!!
Chinjao: Hyahohoh, too late!! I’m heading on up to the third level!!
People: Gyahhh!!
Chinjao: A few measly soldiers on the wall won’t stop me!!! // Hm? // What’s this bulbous rock?!
Gladius: You don’t want to touch that. “Mine Puncture”.
Chinjao: Nguooohhh~~~~!!!

Boo: Gramps!! // ?
Machvise: Ten-Ton Vice!!!
Boo: Gyahhhhhh!!!
People: Gyahahah! Did you see that, idiots?!! // That’s the power of our Family’s Officers~~~~~!!!
LaoG: Hoiyah~~~~!!!
Someone: Urgh!!
People: You’re not going to get past here!!!
Baby5: Revolver Leg!!
Dagama: Gyahhhhh~~~!!!

[Box: Dresrosa - Southern Town Zebio]
People: !! // Got him~~~~~!! Quick, somebody get some rope!!
ControlledGuy: Uuurghhh~~~~~~!!
People: And medical supplies, too!! A man’s been shot!!
ControlledGuys: I’m so sorry......!! Thank you......!! / I was about to kill my own family!! I was so scared...!! // Uuurghhh... // I’m the one who set the town alight!! I’m so sorry!! // I wound up attacking my own friend!! Dammitall!!!
People: None of this was your fault. We’re all being played like fools in the palm of Doflamingo’s hand!!! // We have to find a way to end this twisted game......!!! // We’ve discovered the location of King Riku!! // ?! // The five-star “convict” God Usopp is with him, too!! // ...............!!!

People: We just capture them, nothing more. Don’t even think about hurting them......!!! // If we don’t do this, the game will continue until everyone’s dead!!! // Take King Riku and God Usopp hostage!! // We’ll use them to lure out the other “convicts”!! // Send word across the whole country!! Head for the King’s Plateau~~~~~!!!
[Box: The Smile Factory]
[Box: Factory Interior]
Dwarfs: Aaghhh!!
Guards: Hurry and get that SAD tank back upright!! / Don’t you want to heal your precious Princess Manshelly’s illness?!
Dwarfs: W...What was that big earthquake just now?!
Guards: That’s not important for you to know!!!

Dwarfs: Are the people of Dresrosa all right?! / Is Green Bit still safe?!
Guards: Ehhh?! Just shut up and work!!
Dwarfs: Aaaghhhh~~~~!! // ...............!! / Hm? // (......What’s that......?!)
Guards: You just need to create the Smile as fast as you can!!
[AirWriting: Open the lock from inside!]
Dwarfs: !!
Guards: So get back to work, idiots!!
Dwarfs: (That writing... // It’s Pink Bees!! // Bian!! // Inhel!! Wicca!!)

Inhel: They noticed the message!! Bian!!
Bian: Pink Bees!! Form the next message!!
[AirWriting: We were all tricked!!]
Dwarfs: (Huh? Tricked? // What does it mean?)
Guards: Hey, what’s wrong with you lot?! Stop spacing out!! // Everyone get in line!! I’ll whip you into shape!!!
Dwarfs: (Do they mean the Princess’s illness? / Did Doflamingo trick us?!)
[AirWriting: You must fight!!!]
Dwarfs: ?!! // (I can’t say for sure, but there’s one thing I do know!! // Our comrades would never lie!!!) // Be quiet, peon!!!
Guards: Buehhhh?!!!
Inhel: All right! They got it!!

[Box: Plateau Beneath the Palace]
[Box: Level 2]
Cavendish: If we let the Officers spot us... // ...they’ll slow us down for sure!! // Listen, Straw Hat!! I’ll slice through the wall and create a new path!!
Luffy: Then I’ll send any enemies flying!!
Cavendish: We’ll head straight up to the third level in one go!! // ...Wait, there’s one person too many here!! Who the heck are you?!!
Luffy: Ah!! Soldier guy!! That’s great, I was looking for you!!
Cavendish: When did you get on this horse?!!!
Kyros: I followed the path that Luffyland created.
Cavendish: That’s just excessive!!! // I don’t care if you’re friends, I can only carry so much weight!! Get off!!
Luffy: We’re going to meet up with Rebecca soon!!
Kyros: Rebecca’s in the middle of enemy territory?! Why didn’t you stop her?!!
Cavendish: Are you even listening to me?!

Luffy: We’re meeting her in the Sunflower Field on the fourth level!!
Kyros: You realise her name is on the list of “convicts”?!
Luffy: Don’t worry, my friends are with her! / Anyway, old guy, why did you go running off like that?!
Law: (...I think the bull was less crowded than this...)
Cavendish: Listen!! As a rule, my beloved horse Farule can only maintain the beauty of his stride with up to two riders!!
Kyros: No matter how things may progress, my one desire remains the same......!! // There is a man among the Family’s Chief Officers... / ...who I must slay with my own hands, no matter what...!!!
Luffy: You’d better not be trying to die!!
Kyros: A laughable notion. I will not lose, now I have my own body again!!
Luffy: Then that’s fine!
Cavendish: It is not fine!! Get off!!
Luffy: Oh, stop that. You get off.
Cavendish: What nonsense are you spouting?!! You’re terrible!! No wonder they call you the Terrible Generation!!
Luffy: Don’t turn around, that’s dangerous!! Look where you’re going!! // ?! // Huh~~??

Luffy: ?!!
People: Hurry on ahead, Straw Hat~~~~~~~~~~!!! // We’ll keep these jokers busy!!!
Luffy: ?!!
Machvise: What is this, oiiiing?!! All of a sudden, these people~~~~~!!! // Until a moment ago, they were running amok and fighting among each other!!
Luffy: What’s this?! What are you guys doing?!!
Dagama: Gamahahah!! I am Dagama, Royal Tactician!! / And this is war!!! // If we continue to fight like disorderly dogs, nobody will make it to the top of this plateau!!!
Hajrudin: You have the right to go ahead of us!!!
Sai: Make sure you get him there safe, Cavendish!!
Cavendish: Hold on, I’m not some kind of horseback ferryman!!
Elizabello: This is a war in which we must prevail!!!

Dellinger: You annoying man...
Dagama: Aurghh!!! // !!!
Luffy: Daruma~~~~~~~!!!
People: Dagama~~~~~~!!!
Dellinger: ......Hm?! / What the - hey!! Get off me, you!!
Dagama: Gamahahah... // Head for the summit~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Cavendish: Biken......
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...
Cavendish: Zan T’Exupéry!!!
[TN: A pun on “Zan” (slash) and “Saint-Exupéry”, the author of The Little Prince]
Luffy: Jet Gatling~~~~~~~~!!!!
People: Dammit!! This rowdy rabble of dangerous warriors... // ...has started to fight as a team!!!
[Insert text: These men share one aim!!]

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