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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 754

Remember My Name

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 1, 2014 14:51 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 754: Remember My Name
Jimbei’s Chivalrous Journey
Vol 4: “I Happen To Live In The Same Town As This Sea Kitten, You See”

[Insert text: Amidst the raging battle, he hurries to his friend!!]
[Box: Below the former King’s Plateau]
[Label: Officers’ Tower]
[Label: Scrapyard]
[Box: Kin’emon’s Quest]
Kin’emon: I have missed you so~~~!! Thank heaven you are alive~~~~!!! // Kanjuurou~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Kanjuurou: Kin’emon!! Thank you for coming back for me!! // I must apologise for making your search so difficult...
People: There’s someone coming from inside the wall...
Kanjuurou: I was asleep until moments ago, for hiding inside a wall is quite tiresome.

Kin’emon: I apologise for keeping you waiting.
Kanjuurou: Kakkakka!! Do not be like that. The wait did not bother me at all, for I believed in you! // And thanks to the arcane power I possess... // ...I did not want for food in your absence!! // Not that I am particularly hungry, in any case.
[Box: Samurai of the Wano Country / Yuudachi Kanjuurou]
Kanjuurou: Just as long as Momonosuke is safe...
Kin’emon: But of course!! It is all thanks to you!!
Kanjuurou: Would you care for some lettuce?
Kin’emon: No...your food never sits well with my stomach.

Kanjuurou: Well then, let us away!! There seems to be quite some commotion up above!!!
Kin’emon: I have much to tell you of. / But it will have to wait, for it would take too long to explain everything now!
Kanjuurou: Very well!!
People: (Away? They have a way out of here?!) // A picture?
Kanjuurou: Come forth!!
People: ?! // No way!! The painting has started to move!! ......!! // Is he a Fruit user?!

Kanjuurou: Nukesuzume!!!
[TN: Apparently this is the name of a classic rakugo story about a strange painter who draws sparrows that come to life.]
Sparrow: Tweet tweet!!
People: Whoaaaa!! The bird he painted became real!!! // (But he’s not a very good artist!! // His ability is amazing...)
Kanjuurou: Let us away!
Kin’emon: Indeed.
Sparrow: Tw...tweet...!!
People: (...but thanks to his artistic ability, that bird doesn’t look like a great flier!!) // Hold on a moment!!! // We are the former Riku Royal Army soldiers and citizens who had been transformed into toys!! // We don’t really know what’s going on, but is King Riku safe?! // We have family up there in the city!! Take us with you, please!!!

[Box: New Location of the Royal Palace, Level 2]
[Labels: Palace / Level 4 / Level 3 / Level 2 / Level 1 // Colosseum Army // Luffy / Law / Cabbage / Kyros // Zoro VS Pica]
People: Don’t let Straw Hat reach the third level~~~~~~~!!! // Shoot him down~~~~~!!
BlueGiri: Try aiming for me instead~~~~~~~~!! Hyaohh!!!
People: Guahhhhh!!!

Dellinger: Headslicer High-Heel!!!
BlueGiri: !!!
Luffy: Longleg got beaten up!!
Cavendish: Hey, don’t get distracted, Straw Hat!!

Cavendish: This whole “Birdcage” game is nothing but a sham!!!
Luffy: ?!
Cavendish: Even if all of you “convicts” are defeated, nobody will be safe!! // From the moment the truth about the weapon smuggling and the toys of this island was revealed... // ...I’m pretty sure the slaughter of everyone on this island was a done deal.
Luffy: ?!!
Cavendish: Doflamingo would never allow that kind of information to leak out.........!! // Right now, Dresrosa is an isolated island, cut off from the rest of the world. // Just waiting for the game to end or hoping for a miracle will only get everyone killed!!! // We must keep moving forward and take Doflamingo’s head!! // That’s the only way anyone is leaving this island alive!!!
Law: .........

Cavendish: No matter what happens, Doflamingo is always one step ahead of the game. / But if there’s one genuine mistake he’s made... // If was inviting so many powerful and unpredictable warriors... // ...from countries all around the world... / ...to participate in this Colosseum match!!! // We will not be defeated!!! // And at any rate... // Doflamingo’s head will be mine!!!

Luffy: What did you just say?!! I’m the one who’s gonna beat up Mingo!!!
Law: I think you mean me, Mister Straw Hat.
Luffy: ?!
Kyros: While I appreciate the sentiment, that task is mine alone!!
Luffy: Soldier dude~~~!! Didn’t you just say... / ...you were after one of the Officers?!!
Kyros: That is my personal battle!! / But to recover King Riku’s kingdom is my sworn duty!! // I must atone for the tragedy of ten years ago!!
Law: If it’s time you’re interested in, my grudge goes back thirteen years!!
Luffy: Then mine’s thirty years!!!
Cavendish: Like hell you’re older than me!!!
Luffy: Mgghhh...!!!
Cavendish: You people, get off.
Luffy: No, you get off!!
Cavendish: ...This argument can wait! // We’re about to reach the third level!!!

Luffy: All right~~~~!! Keep on running straight to Level 4, horse~~~~~~~!!! // Hm? // ?!! // What are those huge dolls?!!!

[Box: Atop Pica’s Statue / Zoro VS Pica]
Pica: *pant*... *pant*...!!
Zoro: And to think you thought you could defeat Straw Hat. // *pant*
Pica: Haaaahhhh~~~~~!!!
Zoro: !
Pica: ?!! // ...............!! // .........!!
Zoro: He ran for it...

Zoro: !!
Pica: Pulpostone!!!
Zoro: !! // Hm? // You guys!!! How are you flying through the air?!!
Bartolomeo: I...I...It’s Zoro-senpai~~~~~~~~~~!!! // A...Are you...Are you gonna be able to get me that autograph...?!!

Pica: Rebecca...
Rebecca: Pica!! // It’s Chief Officer Pica!!
Robin: Zoro!! Hold off the enemy for us!! / We have to get to the plateau beyond this statue!!
[Labels: Flower Field // Current Location]
Zoro: Sure, but how are you guys flying?!
Bartolomeo: Huh? The enemy ran away? / No, he hasn’t run at all!!
People: ............ // Aaahhhhh~~~~~~~!! // The statue moved!!
Bartolomeo: Awww man!! I can’t make a barrier big enough for that!! / This is really gonna hurt~~~~~!!
Zoro: He’s back inside... // Santouryuu...
People: Aaaahhhh~~~~~~~~!!!

Zoro: 1080-Pondo Hou!!!
People: ?!!
Pica: Aaghh!!! // Nguoooohhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!
Zoro: I’m starting to figure this out...!! // There’s something I forgot to tell you.........!! If you think the Straw Hat Pirates...
Pica: ...............!!
Zoro: ...are basically just Straw Hat Luffy... / ...and God Usopp, you’re sorely mistaken. // Remember this.........!! I’m the man... / ...who will one day be the world’s greatest swordsman!!!
Pica: ?!!
Zoro: I’m on a completely different level to you!!!
Bartolomeo: Zoro-zembaaaaai~~~~~~!!! // *sniff* *snort*...!!
[Insert text: Zoro dominates!!!]

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