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One Piece 755

A Man's World

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 9, 2014 09:55 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 755: A Man’s World
Jinbei’s Chivalrous Journey
Vol 5: It’s Terrible! The Town Has Disappeared!

[Insert text: The waves continue to grow! The Dresrosa incident comes to a head!!]
[Box: Below the Underground Trading Port // The Scrapyard]
Kanjuurou: Climb up in an orderly fashion!!! These ladders are only drawings, so they can break easily!!
People: Thank you, Samurai!! // It’s hard to climb these wonky lines!!
Kanjuurou: Do not complain!! How impertinent!!
People: We can finally get back to the surface!!!

[Box: Inside the Smile Factory]
People: The dwarfs have gone berserk!!! // Suppress them!!! Shoot ‘em dow- / Buehhhh~~~~!!! // Whoah-! // Hold on!! If you all leave this place, there really will be no way to cure Princess Manshelly’s illness!!
Dwarfs: Huh?! That doesn’t sound good!! // You mustn’t listen to him, Chao!! // Ahh!! // With these earplugs, we can’t hear your lies any more!! // Tontatta Swing!!!
People: Aaaaaaghhhhhhh~~~!!!

People: Send word to the young master!!
Dwarfs: I don’t think so~~~~~~~!! // Tail Hammer~!!!
People: Ueeerghh...!!!
Dwarfs: Everyone!! Stop them from contacting the outside... / releasing all the Den-Den Mushi into the wild!! // Huh? // The earplugs~~~!!!
Maujii: Princess, are you all right~~~~?! Princess~~~!!
[Box: The Princess’s Attendant / Maujii]
Maujii: Oh, this is terrible!! If Princess Manshelly’s illness is a lie as well, then that’s good!! / But she must be crying to herself and calling my name right now! Oh, Princess~~~!!! I’m comiong for you~~~~~!!!

Dwarfs: Maujii!! We found Princess Manshelly’s private ward!! But... / It says “Keep Out” on the door, so we can’t go inside!!
Maujii: !! // What?!! “Keep Out”~~~~~~~?!! You should have said something earlier!! // I’m going so fast I can’t stop~~~~~~!!!
Dwarfs: Aahhhhhh~~~!! Maujii broke through the “Keep Out” door~~~~~~!! // What a terrible person~~~~~~~~~!!! // It said in plain writing, you can’t just go inside~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Maujii: Hm?
Dwarfs: Ahh!!! // There’s nobody here!!! // It’s just a storage room?!

Dwarfs: Is the lock open yet?!! // We’re going to open it right now!! // Heave-ho!!
[Box: The Smile Factory // Main Entrance]
Franky: !!
[Box: “Franky Ear”]
Franky: Hm?
[Box: (Franky has always had good hearing.)]
Franky: Hey... Swimming man......!! / *cough*...
SenorPink: ?!
Franky: This has nothing to do with you, but... *pant*...!! // Down that little alley over there on the right... I saw a frail little old lady... // ...who was in a spot of trouble!
SenorPink: ...Damn. What a fool I must look.

Dwarf: Now, turn the handle and open the door!!
Kyueen: Hold it right there, little ones!!!
Dwarfs: ?!!
Kyueen: Don’t get carried away now!!
[Box: Smile Factory Director / Kyueen / (20 years old, female)]
Kyueen: I’m not about to let you leave!! // You’ve been my Smile-creating slaves since the very beginning!! // There’s no point making a ruckus just because you’ve figured it out now!!!
Dwarfs: Oh, no!! It’s the factory director!! Watch out for her “sucking machine”!! // Aaaahhhh~~~!! // Hurry and open the door!! // The lock is already open~~~!! // Aaaaahhhhhhh!! // Hang on!! We have to open the - // Hm?!

Franky: Good work, little guys!!!
Dwarfs: !!!
Kyueen: Hmmmm?!!
Dwarfs: Woooow!! A robot toy~~~~~~!! // A strong-looking robot came to save us~~~~!!!
Inhel: Is everyone all right?!
Dwarfs: Inhel~~~~~!! // Bomba!! // You guys~~~!!
Inhel: This is the Big Human, Fraland!! // He’s our ally!!
Dwarfs: A human~~~~?!

Kyueen: You must be Cyborg Franky from the Straw Hat Pirates! // Which makes you a “convict” with a star on your head... / I’m impressed you’re still in one piece......!! // But I’ll soon fix that by killing you myse- / Hm?!
Inhel: He suddenly hugged her~~~!! Has Fraland... // ...fallen in love with the factory director?!
Kyueen: What do you think you’re doing?!! Get off me!!
Franky: ...............!!
SenorPink: Damn that cyborg... He tricked me!! // There wasn’t a little old lady in trouble at all!! // Which is a relief, but still!!

Franky: You know, I’m sick to death right now of that guy’s goddamn suplexes.........!!
Kyueen: ?
Franky: What was he trying to do...
Kyueen: ?
Franky: ...uncover a hot spring with my head or something?!
Kyueen: Ehh? What on earth are you...
SenorPink: Time to die! // Nekomimi Puuuuuun...
Franky: Franky~~~~~~!!! // THOUSAND SUPLEX!!!
SenorPink: !!!
Kyueen: Aaaaaghhhhhhh~~~!!!
SenorPink: ...............!!
Dwarfs: Ahhhhh~~~~!!!

Dwarfs: ......!! Oh, no!! The director......!!
Kyueen: ......!! // That really hurt, you asshole!!! .........!! / Whaddaya think my head is, some kind of hammer?!! // Oh, you’ll regret making me angry! I’m the director of this factory, which makes me the biggest shot around!!! / I have the right to dole out punishment, and it’s a death sentence for you!!! I’ll slice up your body...
Franky: ..................
Dwarfs: Aahhh! Run for it, Fraland!! Once the director gets mad, there’s no stopping her!!!
Kyueen: ...pull out your insides with my sucking machine... // ...and watch you cry - // ?!!
Dwarfs: Eeeeeehhhhhh~~~~~~?!! Now Fraland is KISSING the director~~~~~~~~!!!

Kyueen: ...............!!
Franky: Now...get up, swimming man!!
Kyueen: (This man...stole my lips...!!) // H...Hold on a moment!! / What do you think you’re playing at?! Why would you do that?!!! / Y - You’d better take responsibility and become my lover!! Oh, you little tease!♡
Dwarfs: (The director suddenly seems a little girlish!!)
SenorPink: ...Don’t go blaming the man, Director... You’re the one in the wrong here.
Kyueen: ?! // Master Pink...!! But...
SenorPink: When a woman interferes in a battle between men... / How else is a man meant to seal her lips...?!!
Kyueen: ?!!
Franky: I don’t want to hear bullshit about love... // ...from the kind of immature brat who’d get flustered by a little kiss...!!
SenorPink: Damn right. Flings with wide-eyed little girls...
Kyueen: ..................

SenorPink/Franky: ...make me sicker than a bad drink!!!
Kyueen: ?!! // Aaahhh~~!♡
Girls: Oooohhhh~~~~~~!♡ How hardboiled they both are~~~!♡♡ // Señor~~~~~!♡ Franky~~~~~!♡
SenorPink: I won’t let you destroy this factory.
Franky: Hah...!! If you’re a man, talk with your fists!!
Dwarfs: It’s about to begin!! A real man’s battle...!!!
SenorPink: Nappy Bomb!!!
Franky: Nipple Light Special!!!

[Box: Outside the Relocated Royal Palace: The Pica Statue]
Pica: How dare you allow Rebecca and the others to get away...
Zoro: Don’t be so humble. // I couldn’t have done it without your help.
Pica: !! // ......Don’t get too cocky now. / The likes of you... // ...will never be able...
People: ..................
Pica: escape from this country~~~~~~~!!!

Robin: ...Just a little further!! // There’s a raging battlefield up ahead! Be careful where you land for the next jump!
Rebecca: !
DenDenMushi: *brrrrinnnng!* // *brrrinn... / *ka-chunk!*
Leo: Hello, this is Leo!!
Robin: Chicken boy, you need to concentrate!!
DenDenMushi: ..................
Bartolomeo: Ahhhh... the rush of emotion just won’t stop...... // Zoro-senpai is soooo cooool.........!!
Leo: Maujii!! Thank goodness, our comrades have been freed!!
Maujii: But Leo...there is a big problem!! // Princess Manshelly does not seem to be in the factory!
Leo: Eh?!
Maujii: Ah, the poor girl!! She must be captured somewhere, crying “Oh Maujii, oh Maujii” to herself even as we speak!! / She may even be in the Palace you are heading towards.........!!

[Box: The former King’s Plateau]
People: Head for the former King’s Plateau!! // Capture King Riku and God Usopp!!
Usopp: This is bad!! They’re all going to come straight for us!! // King dude, we’ve gotta run for it!!
Viola: Father!! We have word from the Tontatta at the factory! / It seems Princess Manshelly is nowhere to be found...!!
Riku: What......?!
Usopp: What are you talking about now?!! / The whole country is coming to take our heads!!
Viola: If the whole country is after us... // ...where do you expect us to run to?
Usopp: Urghh...
Viola: The people now know the truth about what happened in the past. // They won’t do anything terrible to my father!
Usopp: Uh, what about me?

Riku: The only other place Manshelly could be hidden is the Palace itself. // Viola, use your ability to search every corner of the Palace!
Viola: Right!!
Riku: Even Doflamingo would not take Manshelly’s life. // He will covet the ability she possesses... / Though that power may be... / ...exactly what we need right now, as well......!
Manshelly: Uwaaa~~~~~~hhh.........
Someone: Here’s your food.
Manshelly: *sniff* Waaahhhh... Uwaaahhhhh.........!! / I want to go home to Green Bit...... // Please...Please come and save me.........!! // Leo......!!
[Insert text: Hurry and save the Princess~~~!!]

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