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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 756

The Fourth Level

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 15, 2014 17:50 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 756: The Fourth Level
[Insert text: Find the captive princess!!]
Viola: (During all the time I had access to the Palace as Violet... // ...I never heard anything about the Tontatta princess Manshelly being held captive there... // Where is she? // Somewhere I never looked during these past few years...)
Usopp: Are you really searching the Palace from all the way out here?! That’s amazing!
Viola: Yes... That’s the power of my “all-seeing eyes”. I can view anywhere I desire.
Usopp: I bet Sanji would give anything for that ability......!!
Someone: Who the hell are you people?!!
Usopp: ?!

Kin’emon: Ahhhh - Usopp-dono! It is I!!
Usopp: Kin’emon!!
Hack: You know this man......?!
Usopp: Whoa. What’s that, uh... / ...weirdly unfortunate-looking creature you’ve got...?!!!
Sparrow: *pant*...!! *pant*!!
Kin’emon: This is a “Nukesuzume”. I will explain later. // But more importantly, I was quite shocked when I made it back above ground. / I found a great crowd of people hurrying towards this location! Whatever could they want?!
Usopp: Yeah, that’s the problem!! The whole country is trying to get here!!! // We’re safe for the moment because of how awkward this plateau is to climb up, but...
Kanjuurou: Have no fear, Master Tengu!! / I saw that the people were in need of assistance, so I prepared a net for them to climb!!
Usopp: Ehh?!!
Kanjuurou: They will surely be here in no time at all!!

Usopp: What the heck did you do that for~~~~?!!!
People: King Riku and God Usopp are right up here!! // These ropes are hard to climb!!
Kanjuurou: Hm? // M...My aid was not necessary?!!
Usopp: Those people are coming to take my head!!!
Viola: I’ve found her!!!
Usopp: The last thing we want is for them to - / Huh?! You found who now?!!
Kanjuurou: Alas, it seems I have caused trouble to my saviour!! I see no choice... / ...but to slice my stomach open in repentance!!
Kin’emon: Don’t do it, Kanjuurou~~~~!!
Kanjuurou: Then I shall not.
Usopp: Shut up and do it!!! // Seriously, what are we gonna do about all these people?!! / And who the hell are you, anyway?!!
Kanjuurou: Ah, I have not properly introduced myself!! I am a samurai by the name of Kanjuurou!!
Viola: You were there all this time...?! Manshelly.........!!!

[Box: Rebecca and Robin]
[Label: Current Position / Above the Second Level]
Viola: Leo?! I’ve found her!!! // Princess Manshelly is indeed in the Palace!!
Leo: Viola-sama! You found her for us?! // Thank goodness... Where in the Palace is she?!
Viola: In a small room behind the chapel.........!! // Do you remember?
Leo: ! // The punishment room?!
Viola: Yes! That’s where she is!!
Leo: ......This makes me remember Scarlet-sama...!!
Kabu: Yeah...
Rebecca: ! // ......!! You mean, my mother...?!

Leo: We used to go into the Palace a lot... / We often made trouble with Viola-sama and made King Riku angry... // And when that happened, Scarlet-sama would always say...
Flashback!Scarlet: Oh dear, have you been naughty again? You never do learn!
Flashback!Viola: It wasn’t me, Sister!! I didn’t smash the plates!! / It was Leo and the others!!
Flashback!Leo: Viola-sama said it was okay to smash the plates!!
Flashback!Viola: I said it was okay to touch the plates!!
Flashback!Scarlet: I’ll go with you to apologise later. / But for now, I’ve brought you some fruit! // Aren’t you hungry?
Flashback!Viola: Oh, yes~~~~!!!
Leo: We all... // ...loved Scarlet-sama... // ...so much...!! // Ahh...!! I remember the location very well!! Thank you for finding her!!
Viola: Don’t forget, the Palace is enemy territory now. Be careful, Leo!!
Leo: Understood!! We will save the Princess without fail!!!
DenDenMushi: *ka-chunk!!*

Robin: We’re above the third level now, Rebecca!!
Rebecca: Not long now, Robin-san!! One more leap to the Flower Field! // Eh?! // ?!! // Chicken-kun!! Watch out!!
Bartolomeo: (The real Straw Hats are even more amazing than I imagined~~~!!) // Hm?
Rebecca: Something’s flying at us from below!!
Gladius: Puncture Balla!!!
People: Waaaahhh~~~~~~!! // Aaahhhh!!

Bartolomeo: ...............!!
Rebecca: Chicken-kun!!
Kabu: This ability... // It’s the Pamu Pamu no Mi!!
Robin: Oh, no!! My Yellow Kabus...!! // Ahh...
Bartolomeo: Robin-san!!!
People: ?!! // It’s Gladius!!!
Gladius: To think a group would try to reach the Palace in this way!!
Robin: Dies Fleur!!
Gladius: ?!! // Urghh...
Robin: Rebecca!! Take the key to the Sunflower Field!! / We’ll be fine!!
Rebecca: ......!! // Robin-san!!

[Box: Former King’s Plateau]
Usopp: ? // Viola! Are you still searching for something?
Viola: Just now... // ...I thought I saw a shape like a toy among the chaos on the third level... // I have...a bad feeling...!! // Ahh!!
Usopp: What is it?!
Viola: There she is!!! Sugar is awake!!!
Usopp: Ehhhhh~~~?!! // Hey!! What are you talking about?! / I took Sugar completely out of the count with my “Hissatsu: Jack-in-the-Box Face” attack! / She shouldn’t recover from that for days...!
Viola: Straw Hat and the others...still don’t know about her, do they?! / ...Or her ability! // She’s back in action!! Straw Hat and the others are in danger!!!
Usopp: Ehhhhh~~~?!!

[Box: The Relocated Palace]
Sugar: Aaaaaghhhh~~~~~~~~!!
NoseGuy: ......Huh?
Sugar: D...... Don’t let any long-nosed people come near me, you hear?!! / People with long noses should all die!!
NoseGuy: Ehhhh?! I just thought you might be hungry, Sugar-sama... How about a sausage?
Sugar: Don’t bring me long things!! If you’re bringing me a snack, make it grapes! What are you, stupid?! // You can become another Headcracker and go fight for me!!
NoseGuy: Aaaaghhhh!!
Sugar: I have to make things up to the young master! I’ll turn every last person in this country... / ...back into a toy again!! Starting with that detestable Long-Nose... // ...and all the other Straw Hats too!!!

[Box: Plateau beneath the Palace - Third Level / Luffy’s Group]
Cavendish: Dodge it, Farule!!
Farule: Ne-eighhh~~~!!
Cavendish: ?!!

Luffy: HORSE~~!!! // Why, you...!! // Gomu Gomu no~~!!! // JET PISTOL!!!
Headcracker: !!!
Cavendish: Farule!! Hang in there!! // What a terrible jaw!! Your head is crushed!! // Don’t die on me, Farule!!!

Luffy: What’s with this guy?!! He’s got a hole in his chest, and still...!!!
Cavendish: How dare you harm my beloved Farule?!!! // Biken... // Round Table!!!

Luffy: ?!! // Are these things... // ...immortal?!!

Law: ......Damn it... If I just had the keys to these cuffs...!! // *pant* // I’d take care of these things in...
Luffy: Huh?! // Something’s falling down from above!!!
Bartolomeo: Guahhhh!!!
Luffy: Whoahhhh~~~~~!!
Bartolomeo: Urghhh...... I let my guard down......!!!
Luffy: Rooster-Head~~~~!!
Bartolomeo: ?!
Luffy: Robin!!
Robin: Luffy?!! And Tra-dude-kun!! What are you doing here?!
Bartolomeo: (L-L-L-L-L...Luf...Luffy-senpai!! It’s really you~~~~~!!!)
Law: Miss Nico!! Where is the key I need?!! Hand it over at once!!

Gladius: So you made sure Rebecca got away, eh......?!!
People: !!
Gladius: .........!! A single little girl... // What good can she do, even if she does reach the Palace?!!! / There’s no rush...I can take her out later!!! // My name is Gladius!! And I’m going to take care of you first!!!
People: !!!
Robin: Luffy!! Tra-dude-kun!! Mr Soldier!!
People: !!
Luffy: Robin?!!
Robin: Hurry on ahead!!! To the Sunflower Field!!
Bartolomeo: Damn right!!
Robin: Rebecca is on her way there with the key!!
People: !!
Bartolomeo: Yeah!!

[Box: Outside the Palace - Fourth Level, Sunflower Field]
Leo: We made it!
Rebecca: I hope Robin-san and Chicken-kun are safe...
Leo: They’ll be fine!! Usoland’s friends are strong!!
Rebecca: Of course... You’re right!
Leo: Rebecca-sama, I’m afraid we must now go and save Princess Manshelly!!
Rebecca: Right.
Leo: We’ll have to leave you here alone... Will you be all right?!
Rebecca: I’ll be fine. I’m sure Lucy and the others will be here soon. / You go find your Princess!
Leo: Right!!
Kabu: Do be careful, Rebecca-sama!!
Rebecca: (Somewhere on this battlefield...) // ...... // (Father must be fighting as well......!!) // ?
Diamante: Hahhhh...... Now who might this be?
Rebecca: !
Diamante: Ahhhh... Hmmm...??
Rebecca: ?!!
Diamante: Oh, it’s you...
Rebecca: ...............!!!
[Insert text: Rebecca is faced with her mother’s killer......!!]

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