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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bleach 664

The Gift

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 5, 2016 16:02 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Beware of Askin Nakk Le Vaar’s poison-laced Gifts!!]
NakkLeVaar: Reiatsu that changes itself 48 times in a single second. // But in other words... // That means it only takes one second to experience all 48 variations. // In other words... / If I can survive her attack for just one second by entering my Vollständig form... // ...I’ll have absorbed the complete set.

Urahara: ................................................
NakkLeVaar: Once I’ve done that, all I need to analyse them and obtain the appropriate immunities is a little time. // Hold it! // You’re probably thinking you can beat my strategy by making her reiatsu change itself even further... / But that’s no use. // I wouldn’t want you to go to all that trouble for nothing... // So I’m gonna be nice... / ...and tell you about my Vollständig’s ability.

NakkLeVaar: My Vollständig... / ...“Hasshein”... // ...adapts to mutations in the poisons it resists. // No matter how much the poison changes on the surface... / ...as long as the base is the same, my immunogens will transform themselves to match, neutralising it instantly. // Maybe I’m making this sound too complicated? // But you get it, don’t you. // No matter how much you or that woman change your reiatsu from here on out... // You won’t be able to put a single scratch on me.

NakkLeVaar: Now then... // What’s your move, Urahara Kisuke? // Don’t tell me... / ...just because I’ve taken away every option at your disposal...

NakkLeVaar: ...You’re out of tricks already?
[Insert text: Toxin concentrations are on the rise...!!]
[The Gift]

Urahara: !!
NakkLeVaar: Don’t look so surprised. // You never can be too careful.

NakkLeVaar: So I’ve turned this area into an isolated Bereich. // Now look, I’m not a fan of all this shit-talking stuff. // Saying harsh things all the time just give the impression you’re not confident, y’know? / And I prefer to stay as calm and collected as can be. // But even so, let me say this. // There is absolutely no way... // ...to escape from this Giftbereich.

Urahara: ......You really don’t want us getting away, huh?
NakkLeVaar: Of course I don’t. / Shouldn’t that be obvious? // We’re enemies.
Urahara: Ah, well... / It’s just that, to be quite frank... // You don’t strike me as the sort of man who acts out of loyalty.
NakkLeVaar: What a rude thing to say. / I have at least twice as much loyalty as a Pomeranian. // But you’re not completely wrong either. / It’s true that loyalty isn’t everything to me. // I just... // ...have a personal interest in His Majesty.

NakkLeVaar: Does that make it sound like I’m looking down on him? // That’s not my intention, of course. // The human world. / Hueco Mundo. / Soul Society. // The guy’s trying to destroy three whole worlds and create something new in their wake. // Is there any other man... / ...who can claim that? // If I were to let His Majesty get away... // Do you think I’d ever find another man like that again? // Urahara Kisuke. / You’re a knowledgeable guy. // You look like you’ve seen everything this world has to offer. // So I ask you... / Don’t you feel it too?

NakkLeVaar: Aren’t you curious to see... / ...what His Majesty is going to create... // ...once he’s destroyed three entire worlds?

NakkLeVaar: You’ve still got that level of speed in you? // Even inside my Giftbereich? That’s impressive.
Urahara: ......I’m afraid I’m not.

NakkLeVaar: Oh, is that your answer to my question just now? / Well, that’s a shame. // I had a feeling you were like me, but I guess not.
Urahara: Perhaps if you’d asked Captain Kurotsuchi... // He may have shared your desire to witness something completely new.
NakkLeVaar: Kurotsuchi Mayuri, eh?
Urahara: But even then... / He wouldn’t be interested in something of Juchabach’s creation. // If we want to witness something nobody has ever seen before, we’ll create it ourselves. // That’s how us scientists are.

NakkLeVaar: ...I see, I see. // That’s not a bad answer, actually. // But as for me... // I’d still rather see what His Majesty creates! // Gift Ring!

Urahara: (It vanished.........?!)

Urahara: Unghh......
NakkLeVaar: That “Gift Ring” is a little something I save for people who are so crazy strong that even lethal doses don’t faze them enough. // Its effect...

NakkLeVaar: ...is to concentrate all of The Deathdealing’s power into a single point... // ...and with pinpoint accuracy, inflict “instant death”... / ...upon the part of the body it pierces. // It’s your fault for being so stupidly strong. / Lowering your lethal dose wasn’t enough. / Removing all your options wasn’t enough. // So all that’s left... / ...is to kill off each of your organs, one by one... / ...until there’s nothing living left.
Urahara: ......I guess there’s nothing else for it. // Bankai.

Urahara: Kannon-Biraki Benihime Aratame.
[TN: Literally “Double-Door Crimson Princess Mark II”. “Kannon-biraki” is a common Japanese word for double doors, and by extension anything that opens outwards from the centre. It’s named for the Buddhist goddess Kannon, whose miniature shrines traditionally have this type of door, so there’s a religious element there.]
[Insert text: Bankai!! The doors to victory are pushed open wide......!!]

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