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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 817

Raizou of the Mist

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 5, 2016 16:03 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 817: Raizou of the Mist
[Insert text: An ominous shadow lurks among the waves...]
Jack: Whaddaya think?! // Am I dead?!
People: No!! // How could you say such a thing?!! Of course you’re alive!! / Jack-sama!!!
Jack: ..................
[Box: Zou - Krau City]
Kin’emon: I have only... // ...the greatest thanks for all of you!!! // Allow me to present you...

Kin’emon: ...with this!!!
People: !!
Shishilian: There can be no doubt!! // It is the very same seal... // ...that the Duke, the Master and Raizou-san bear! // The family crest... // ...of the Kouzuki Clan!!
[TN: This clan name was listed with the pronunciation “Kougetsu” in the previous chapter. I’m assuming that was a typo.]

Luffy: Kouzuki...
Franky: I can’t believe they turned out to know each other......
Usopp: Seriously. I was sure we were gonna end up in a big fight with the Mink!
Robin: I suppose there was no helping it. They could not simply come out and tell us...
Nami: They were just saying Dog-chan and Cat-chan have the same crest, right? // I guess their bonds might run deeper than we even realise.
Kin’emon: Ah, but Dogupine!! Cat-Viper!! / I was quite surprised to find both of you alive and well here!!!
Dogupine: It was a close thing. / But I trusted in the promise we made that day, that if we kept waiting here...
CatViper: That’s right!! I knew if we stuck around here, we’d run into your folk again eventually!!

Dogupine: Hey, Monster Cat!! I was talking to Kin’emon!! Don’t butt in!!
CatViper: Ehh?!! I was giving him a break, since talking to you was probably making him sick!! / I was doing the guy a favour!!!
People: Wait a moment, please, both of you!! / Is this really the time for this, when you are greeting a long-awaited guest...?!
Dogupine: You’ve stayed here long enough!! Get lost!!
CatViper: How about YOU get lost?!!!
Momonosuke: Enough of this fighting!! Dogupine!! Cat-Viper!!!
People: ?!
Momonosuke: You used to be such wonderful friends! Why is it that since we found you here... / ...you seem to be constantly at one another’s throats?!!
Dogupine: ......Well, you see......!!
Momonosuke: I will not allow this any longer!!! // If my father is the cause, then all the more reason why you should stop it at once!!! // My father would be deeply upset to see the two of you like this!!!

Dogupine: ...............!!
CatViper: Oden-sama...
Nami: Momo?
Luffy: ?
Usopp: Your father...? / But Kin’emon’s right there...
Dogupine: I am so terribly sorry!!!
CatViper: Momonosuke-sama!! I am deeply ashamed!! // You are absolutely correct!!
People: Huh?!! // Lord Duke?!! // The Master is prostrating himself...?!! // Could that child be...?
Kin’emon: It is just as Momonosuke-sama says!!
People: ?!!

Kin’emon: Please forgive me for deceiving you all!!
StrawHats: !!
Kin’emon: In truth, Momonosuke-sama and I are not father and son!!
StrawHats: Ehhhh?!!
Kin’emon: The boy who stands before you... / ...is the heir of Kouzuki Oden-sama, Great Daimyo of Kuri in the Wano Country!!! // His true name is Kouzuki Momonosuke-sama!!!
[Box: Wano Country, Kuri Daimyo / (Heir) / Kouzuki Momonosuke]
People: Heir to the House of Kouzuki?!! / The son of Oden-dono?!! // Forgive our impertinence, young master!!
Franky: Is Momo someone important, then?
Robin: If they are foremost among his vassals, he may indeed be quite a powerful noble.

Kin’emon: In other words, myself as well as Dogupine, Cat-Viper and all others present here... / ...serve under him as our lord!! // But if his identity were to become known during his travels, he would be in danger from enemies!! / This is why I presented him as my own child!! // Believe me, I had only the greatest trust for all of you, but I could not find the opportunity to reveal the truth.
Luffy: So they’re not related at all~?!!
Brook: They do share a resemblance, though.
Imaginary!Kin’emon&Momo: Eheheheh!♡
Momonosuke: I am sorry for lying to you all. / I am actually of privileged birth!!
Brook: Yes, yes, you are a perverted brat.
Momonosuke: I said privileged birth!!
Luffy: I don’t even care!!
Momonosuke: What do you mean you don’t care?!! Show a little respect, Luffy!!
Luffy: Just because you’re some big shot or whatever... / Why does that mean we have to act any different, dummy~~~?!
People: Momonosuke-sama~~~~~!!

Luffy: You’re still scared of heights, you don’t have any guts...
Momonosuke: A warrior such as myself fears nothing, you insolent peasant!!!
Kin’emon: Here they go again... But I suppose we do owe them our lives...
Kanjuurou: One can hardly expect a pirate to show respect for authority. / Still, they seem to be enjoying themselves. Perhaps it is better this way!
Momonosuke: Curse it all! Onami!! Luffy is a terrible man!!
Nami: There, there now!♡
Kin’emon: Get away from her, Momonosuke-sama!! You filthy little brat!!!
Kanjuurou: Err...
Nami: Say, Momo-chan... If your father was a great lord... / You must have a castle with lots of treasure, right?♡
Usopp/Zoro: STOOOOOP!!!
CatViper: ......!! To think, only a few scarce months have passed since it happened... // Those ones’ insatiable energy must have been just what he needed......

Dogupine: Let us call a truce, Cat!! // If we continue dragging on this enmity... / We will only bring pain to Momonosuke-sama.
CatViper: For the sake of our lord...!! / I will make peace with you in my words, though not in my heart!!
Dogupine: So be it!!!
People: Ahhhh!!! // It’s a miracle!!! // The King of the Day and the King of the Night are finally...!!!
CatViper: !!
People: Incredible!! So this is the power of the House of Kouzuki......!!!
Dogupine: ......!!
People: The two Kings have made peace!!!
Dogupine/CatViper: ............
People: Yaaaaayyyy~~~~~!!! // I think I’m gonna cry!!

[Box: Guardians Residential District]
CatViper: We must climb the Whale. / If you know the right path to cross the vines... // ...it is not difficult to reach the top.
People: So that’s where Raizou is?!! // A real ninja~~!! I can’t wait! // We get to meet a ninja!! // Ninja ninja!! // Nin nin!!
Momonosuke: Ahh... I still do not feel so well, Kin’emon.
People: Nin!! Nin!!
Kin’emon: You may wait for us below if you prefer, Momonosuke-sama.

Law: ......
Momonosuke: As we get closer to the Whale, I can hear a voice getting louder and louder...
Kin’emon: You truly are quite similar to Oden-sama......
Dogupine: I recall there was one other man who spoke of something similar...
CatViper: I was just remembering the same thing myself...
People: Wow, an entrance in a place like this~~~~~~!!
CatViper: It’s a hidden entrance, too. / Nobody could find it if they didn’t know. // These stairs are a long trek. / Watch yourselves.
Nami: I can hear screams coming from down below......!!
CatViper: Here we are!!
People: Whoooo!! Where’s the ninja~~~~~~?!! // Ninja ninja!
Raizou: So, you show yourself, Cat-Viper~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ninja!! // Nin...

Raizou: Why did you refuse to hand me over to the enemy?!!! / The people bringing me foor were all terribly hurt!!! // They tell me that the country is safe, but...is that really true?!! / If it is not, I tell you truly, you will have earned the wrath of Raizou!!! // Kahhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
[Box: Ninja of the Wano Country / Raizou of the Mist]
People: ?!! // Ehhhhhhhh~~~~~~~?!!! He’s not like I imagined... // ...at all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Raizou: Hmm?! // Who goes there?!! // Kahhhh!!!
Kin’emon: Raizou~~~~~!!
Raizou: Ahhhh...!! Kin’emon!! Kanjuurou!! / Momonosuke-sama~~~~~~~~!! // I am glad to see you safe!!
Kin’emon: Likewise!!
Robin: That’s...the crest of the House of Kouzuki...?! // And...that stone...?! / I’ve never seen a colour like it... Such a deep red...
CatViper: Ah, yes! This is a Poneglyph!!
Dogupine: That crest has been inscribed there for hundreds of years. // And you, Nico Robin...I know all about you!! I hear your people of Ohara deciphered this writing!

Robin: But why is it red...?
Dogupine: It seems this Poneglyph fulfills a different role from the others. Can you read it?
Robin: You would allow it?
Dogupine: By all means!
Raizou: Who are you people?!! Why must you stare at me so?!!
Luffy: Are you really a ninja?
Raizou: How rude! Identify yourself!
Kanjuurou: These are the Straw Hat Pirates.
Raizou: Pirates?!!
People: Can you throw a shuriken for me, then?!! // Or stand under a waterfall! // Do some ninja arts!! // Yeah, do the Doton no Jutsu! // No, I wanna see Katon!! // I wanna see Suiton!!
Raizou: Such a torrent of requests!!! // What does a bunch of pirates want with such things...?!
People: It’s not because we’re pirates!!
Raizou: ?!
Franky: There’s not a man in the world... / ...who doesn’t love ninja!!!
Raizou: You’re making me embarrassed~~~!!!

Usopp: Have you ever been on a date with a kunoichi?!
Luffy: Hey, jump over growing bamboo to train yourself!
Law: Show me your Bunshin no Jutsu.
Zoro: Hide in the rafters and get poked by spears.
Luffy: Put a scroll in your mouth and say “Nin nin”~~~~~!!!
Raizou: ...............!!! // Enough~~~~~!! Silence, all of you!!!
People: !!
Raizou: Do not force your ideals upon me!!!
People: ?!! // Ehhhhh~~~~~?!!
Raizou: True ninja do not say “nin nin”!!! / The ninja you are imagining are a mere fanciful notion!!!
Usopp: Then what makes you a ninja, huh?!! With that chunky body!!
Raizou: Ah, yes...it is because of this body that none of the kunoichi give me a second glance... / Wait, that’s none of your business!!! // Now listen carefully. The core of a true shinobi lies in his honed and serene soul!!! // He lives in the shadows, and does not show his arts to others! // The ninja arts are not circus tricks......
People: ............

Raizou: Kahhhhhh~~~!!! // Ninpou!!! // Enton no Jutsu!!!
People: ?!! // Ahh!! // He... // HE DISAPPEARED~~~~!!!
Raizou: I have not disappeared!! // I am right here.
Usopp: Aghhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!
Raizou: And here. // And here. // And here as well!!
People: Ehhhhhhh~~~~~~?!! He multiplied!!! C...Could this be...

Raizou: Ninpou: Bunshin no Jutsu!!!
People: Aw yeahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!
Raizou: Am I truly a ninja, you ask?!! // Hana-Shuriken!!!
[Shuriken writing: SHINOBI]
Luffy/Usopp: Whoaaaa!!
Raizou: I may not have luck in love... // But on the battlefield I know no equal!!! // Feast your eyes upon the mighty, the incredible... // RAIZOU OF THE MIST~~~!!! // Nin!! Nin!!!
TrueMen: RAIZOU~~~~~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: That’s what I call NINJA!!]

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