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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 819

Momonosuke, Heir to the House of Kouzuki

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 20, 2016 15:08 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 819: Momonosuke, Heir to the House of Kouzuki
From Shipdecks Around the World - The 500 Million Beli Man
Vol 12: The Future Country of Balgimore

People: Momonosuke’s dad...... // ...went to Raftel with Gold Roger?!!
[Insert text: A shocking revelation!! What ties lie between the Wano Country and One Piece...?!!]
Luffy: Then your dad... // ...was on the Pirate King’s crew?!
Momonosuke: .........!!
Robin: A man who learned the secrets of the world...!! / Together with Rayleigh-san...
Flashback!Rayleigh: ...Sure, I know. // Truth is... we found out the entire history...

Zoro: So that’s it. / They wanted to find out those “secrets of the world” from his subordinates!! // That’s why Doflamingo and Caesar, who are both connected to Kaidou... / ...were trying to capture you.
Kin’emon: You are indeed correct......!! // But Oden-sama did not wish to burden us with those secrets. / We do not know a thing!!!
Kanjuurou: Indeed...though even if we did, we would not breathe a word of it!! // Whether we know or whether we do not, our pursuers will not relent!! / So the only path that remains for us... // ...is to fight!!! // There is only one thing that Oden-sama told us before his passing!!

People: Open the gates of the Wano Country!!!
Luffy: ?!!
Kanjuurou: Though it was our sworn duty to act as Oden-sama’s shield...!! / Instead, it was us who were protected by him!!! // There is only one way for us to atone for this shame!! / We must risk our lives to achieve what our lord could not!!!
Raizou: We will strike down the Shogun of the Wano Country...!!! // And open its gates to the rest of the world!!!

Kin’emon: That is our sole purpose in life!!! // Right now, the people of the Wano Country are almost completely suppressed by the Shogun and his ally Kaidou!!
Brook: Oh my......
Kin’emon: We have done our best to raise a rebel faction within its borders... // But they cannot hope to stand up to the enemy’s vastly more numerous forces!! Victory seems beyond our reach... // Yet prevail we must!!! / This is why we set out to sea...to seek powerful allies who will aid us in our battle!! // Our first objective was here, the land of Zou!!
Dogupine: Quite right. Since ancient times, the House of Kouzuki and the Mink people... // ...have been sworn allies, who will fight together in times of need...!!

CatViper: And what’s more, me and that dog are Oden-sama’s direct retainers!! Since the day Raizou arrived in this place... // ...all of our warriors have accepted what it is we must do!!!
Dogupine: ......However...... / Though we resolved to do battle... // The results are as you have seen. / We could not even defeat Jack’s army, a mere fraction of Kaidou’s mighty forces!!
Franky: Hold it!! That was only because the enemy used that dirty weapon against you...!!
Dogupine: Sadly, this is no game. There is no disqualification for the use of underhanded tactics......
People: Ahh......
Dogupine: Hahah... But things will not go so easily for them a second time!!! We will not make the same mistake twice!!! // We have our own trump card, as well... The next time we meet in battle, they will witness the Mink’s true power!!!
People: .........
Kin’emon: So...I have a request to make of you!! Luffy-dono!!
Luffy: ?!

Kin’emon: And you too, Law-dono!!
Law: !
Kin’emon: Much as it pains me to make further requests of you when I already owe you my life......!! / Your remarkable strength has never ceased to overwhelm us!! / If our goals and desires align, I beg of you... // Lend us your aid in this battle...
Luffy: !
Kin’emon: ...to defeat the Shogun of the Wano Country and the Yonkou Kaidou!!!
Usopp: Whoaaahhhhh~~~~~~~!! This is great!! It’s the perfect opportunity!!! // The Samurai and the Mink!! Could we wish for more powerful allies?!!

Luffy: I refuse!!!
People: !!!
Usopp: DON’T SAY THAT~~~~~~~!!! // What are you doing?! Are you completely insane?!! // Hold on a moment, okay?!! He didn’t mean it!! I’ll beat some sense into him!!!
Nami: I can see the sense in Luffy’s response.
Usopp: Huh? Nami?!!
Nami: Allow me to negotiate.
Franky/Chopper: Hold it, hold it, that’s not right~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: What are you here for, Momo?!! Just for decoration?!!!
Momonosuke: ?!
Luffy: Why don’t you ask me?!!! You’re meant to be important, right?!!! / You’re the lord of all these amazing people, right?!!
Momonosuke: !!!

Luffy: Is crying all you can do?!!!
Momonosuke: ...............!!
Nami: Give it a rest already, Luffy!! / This is not the time to be getting angry at an eight-year-old child!!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Brook: Luffy-san, the boy is still merely the “heir” to his clan. / An heir does not take upon full responsibility until he comes of age. // That is why the adults around him are taking it upon themselves...
Nami: That’s right!♡ Come here, Momo. We’re sorry our captain’s such a meanie, okay?
Brook: I do have an objection to this, however!!!
Nami: Hm?
Flashback!Oden?: So vast, its borders cannot be seen...!! // That is the world!!
Momonosuke: ...............!!
Flashback!Oden?: Momonosuke!!
Luffy: !

Flashback!People: We’ve been surrounded!!! // Set the place alight~~~!!!
Flashback!Momonosuke: Mother~~~~~~~~~~!!
Flashback!People: We must flee!! / We can still reach safety!!!
Momonosuke: Luffy...
Luffy: !
Flashback!People: Everyone, run~~~~!!
Momonosuke: ...............!!
Flashback!Kaidou: Your father...is a foolish lord.
Momonosuke: !!! // I wanna defeat Kaidou!!!

People: ..................
Momonosuke: Kaidou killed my parents!!! / Unhhh......!! // He even killed my mother!!
People: ?!!
Momonosuke: I wish I could grow up already!! I want to become strong!! / I want to avenge my father and mother!!! // I want to protect all of my retainers!!!
Kin’emon: .....................!! Momonosuke-sama...!!
CatViper: Those words...are more than enough for us...!!
Dogupine: You sound like an old man.
CatViper: Shaddup!
Momonosuke: But I am still young...!! So these things I cannot do!! / That is why I must ask you to fight by my side!!! // Luffy!!!

Momonosuke: I beg of you......!! // Lend me your aid in this- / Mngh!! // ?!!
Luffy: All right, I got it!!
Momonosuke: !!
Luffy: Let’s join forces!! This is an alliance!!
Momonosuke: !!
Luffy: I’ll be the one to take Kaidou’s head!!!
Momonosuke: ............ // ? // I am in your debt!! / Forever in your debt!!
Luffy: Not like that!! You’re meant to grip it! You know, like, firmly!!

Kin’emon: Though his anger at a child seems petty... // It would appear that in his own way, Luffy-dono... / ...may have more respect for Momonosuke-sama than any of us.
Dogupine: True enough, this is the proper way.
Law: Hey, Mister Straw Hat...why don’t you show that kind of respect to me?
Luffy: Hm? You don’t mind, right?
Law: I don’t, but still!!
Luffy: All right!! Then I declare!! / For the sake of kicking Kaidou the Yonkou’s ass, we’re forming... // The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance!!!
People: That’s really long!! // Is the “Ninja” part necessary? // Of course it is!!!

Luffy: You guys!! Don’t ever bow down to me again!! And don’t apologise either!! Forming an alliance means... // ...being friends!!!
Law: That’s not right!!
Luffy: Also, I have one condition to forming this alliance!!
Raizou: I see... / Hm? // Wait, isn’t that something you should say before forming it?!
Luffy: We’re missing one of our crew members right now.
CatViper: Ah, the situation with Sanji...!!
Dogupine: What...?!! He was taken by Big Mam?! / This is the first I have heard of this!!
CatViper: It happened while you were asleep.
Luffy: I’m gonna go get him back... / So the fighting will have to wait until then!! Don’t worry, it’s worth it - Sanji’s really strong! // When we get him back, that’s like you’re gaining a thousand men!!

Dogupine: I see... That does sound quite grand. / But will you really be all right?! You are facing Big Mam, one of the Yonkou!!
Luffy: It’s not like I’m going to actually fight her, so it’ll be fine!! / I’m going with Peco-Viper!
Zoro: Well, I’m worth...two thousand men!
Nami: Yes, yes...
Dogupine: Peco...Viper...??
[Box: Guardians’ Residential District]
Wanda: Today... / ...is a miraculous day...!!
Pedro: To be sure... Though Duke Dogupine and Master Cat-Viper used to be the best of friends long ago... // By the time they returned from their long journey, half-dead, to this island... // ...they were already at each others throats. / Fighting viciously the instant they so much as set eyes upon one another. / What happened between them, I cannot say...
Carrot: I wasn’t even born back then!
Wanda: Even Pedro and I were still only children.

People: We must have a banquet to celebrate the Kings’ reconciliation!! // Now we can wake up and go to sleep whenever we want~~~~~~~!! // Are the Straw Hats not here yet~~?
People: Our target is in sight... // ...Jack-sama!!!
Jack: Yeah, I can see that......!! // To think we’d wind up coming back to this place......!!

Jack: Sheepshead...
Someone: ...............!!
Jack: I didn’t expect you to come back... // ...with a pathetic report like “Raizou wasn’t there”... // The Mink have an extremely strong metabolism...!!! // Did you not think what might happen if someone were to treat those who escaped from the gas...?
Ginrummy: (We can’t let him know that we were chased off the island...)
Jack: If you think your enemy is done for, finish them off!! // Showing mercy only leads to troublesome quests for revenge.
Someone: At any rate, they’re weakened for sure! If we mount an attack now, it’ll be simple to...
Jack: There’s no need to invade the island...
People: ?!
Jack: We’re going to kill the giant elephant!!!
People: EH?!!
[Insert text: In the shadows below this new alliance, a ruthless man approaches!!]

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