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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Bleach 673


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 20, 2016 21:42 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: What has befallen...... // ...this duo now......?!]
Renji: Guoooohhhhhh?!
Rukia: Wh......... // What is that......?!

Hitsugaya: So you’re alive, Kuchiki, Abarai!! // This is what has become of the enemy you were fighting! // He’s a monster! Be careful!!
Renji: ............Wh......... // Who is that............?!
Rukia: Fool! / Can you not tell from his voice?!!

Rukia: It clearly must be Captain Hitsugaya’s elder brother!
Renji: Oh, right! / Nice to meet ya!!
Hitsugaya: Very good! Nice to meet you too!
Byakuya: (So he couldn’t be bothered...)
Rukia/Renji: !!

Rukia: Ichigo..............................!
[Bleach 673]

Juchabach: You draw not your blade? // How very foolhardy. // ...is what I would ordinarily say...

Juchabach: But it would appear... // ...you can hardly be called defenceless. // Your coursing reiatsu is so strong, it is as if I can see it take shape. // You have grown strong...... / Ah, but no. // This is merely the power you have always truly held. // Now, strike me. / Will you attack from the right? // Or from the left? // I look forward to finding out.

Ichigo: What are you talking about? / I know you can already see... // ...exactly how I’m going to attack.
Juchabach: I will not use my power. // I wish to savour this rare opportunity to speak with my son.
Ichigo: I already have a father, and it isn’t you.
Juchabach: You speak of Kurosaki Isshin. / A father to you, yes, but not your true father. // You have already heard the tale... / ...of your power’s origins, have you not?
Ichigo: Sure I have. // What about it?

Ichigo: You’re not my parent! // You’re the man who killed my parent!
Juchabach: You speak of your mother. // Surely you are more of a man than that, Ichigo!

[no text just unsheathe]

Ichigo: Getsuga... // ...Tenshou!!!!

[no text just getsuga]

[no text just shield]

[no text just slicing black]

Juchabach: .........What point is there in grieving her death? // She died because it was her time. // Her life served its purpose - to give birth to you, and then become my nourishment. // Why does this displease you?

Juchabach: What greater happiness could she possibly have hoped for?!!
Orihime: Kurosaki-kun!!
Juchabach: ............We have talked enough. // I enjoyed our little chat.

Juchabach: Now... // Let us do battle, Ichigo.
[Insert text: The sovereign stands......!!]

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