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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 848


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 9, 2016 23:22 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 848: Farewell
[Insert text: Faced with a Yonkou, the crew are in terrible trouble…!!]
DenDenMushi: Zzzzt… Zzzzt… Zzzzt…
Luffy: ……………!!
People: Ahahahahaha! You’re a funny one! // Heheheh!! You’re kidding, right?! // What kind of idiot picks a fight with Mama right here in her castle?!!
Nami: ………………
Luffy: Shaddup!! Bring it on, all of you!!!
People: Fahfahfah!
Nami: (………………)

Anglais: Heeey, my brothers!
People: Anglais… // !
Anglais: Howzat, howzat!! // There’s an inturdy in the treasure room!! // Howzat~~~~!!
Galette: An intruder, Anglais?
Anglais: That’s the one! I’m not brushin’ my teeth today!!
[Box: Totland - The Queen’s Hall]
Zeus: You’re not getting angry, Mama?!
BigMam: Ha~~~~hahahah! Angry, because a kid like him picked a fight with me? / Don’t be an idiot, Zeus! Think about it! // Tomorrow, I’m going to get the power of the Germa and the Tamatebako all at once~~~!♪ // Not to mention eating the most deli~~~~~cious of wedding cakes!♡ / Ain’t that right?!♪
Homies: Oh, it is!♪

BigMam: When I think of tomorrow, I can forgive anything!♪ / Whyever should I get angry~~~~?♪ // Tomorrow is my perfect happy day!!♪
Homies: Yaaay!♪
Hat: What’s this?! Picking up a mental signal!! // Mama!! An intruder is running loose near the Hall of Treasures!!
BigMam: …………
Homies: Wedding cake~~!!♪
BigMam: An intruder……?
Homies: Queen of cakes! / Wedding cake~~~!♪
People: ?!!

[Box: Guest Rooms - Sanji’s Bedroom]
Sanji: Ahhhhh~~~~~!! / It’s no good, it’s no good. // Luffy and the others are going to go free!! Big Mam promised me herself! // As long as I get married, the Baratie will be safe too…!! // Sure, it’ll be tough to say goodbye to my crew… / But nobody has to die!! That’s what matters!! What have I got to complain about?! // If I keep putting on this gloomy face… / I’ll only be driving my one true hope, Purin-chan, into a corner!! // If I make her worry, I’m the worst kind of man! // I mustn’t make such a lovely girl sad!! / I have to be myself!! Just like always!! // I am a chef of love!! // Purin-cha~~~~~~n!♡ // Purin-chwaaaaaaaan!♡ I! Am going!! // To make you happy~~~~~!♡

[Box: Purin’s Room]
Purin: From Lola-neechan?!
Someone: That’s right. The girl had her Vivre Card… // And all the Homies of the Seducing Woods were overwhelmed by it. // By the way, Mistress Purin, about the dress you decided on yesterday… / I’m afraid Mama rejected it. You’ll have to wear the dress Mama chose for you tomorrow.
Purin: …………
Someone: Mama has laid out all the plans for after the wedding, as well…!! And also…
Flashback!BigMam: Purin!! Just life your life how I say, and you’ll be fine. // You’re just like a little doll, Purin.
Someone: Ahh! Mistress Purin, it’s still raining out in the garden!
Flashback!Lola: It’s not like she’d kill me or anything. We’re mother and daughter!! / I’ll choose for myself who I want to marry!!
Purin: ……

[Box: Inside Wholecake Chateau]
People: Has anything been taken?!
Pedro: *pant* *pant*
People: The Hall of Treasures’ defences have been annihilated!! // The culprit has some kind of explosives!! // There he is! // ?!! // Wha…

People: He’s fast!!! // !!! // Hahhhh…….!! // !!! // Urgh!!! // On the ceiling!!! // Shoot him down!!!

People: Hmm?? // RUN FOR IT~~~~~!!! // Where is he now? // He’s gone down a floor.
Pedro: *pant* *pant*
People: He’s near the third-floor Unbaum courtyard.
Tamago: Let us corner him in the garden!
People: Roger that. / *ka-chunk!!* // *brrrrinnng!!* / Hey!! Baron Tamago!!
Tamago: ! // Mistress Smoothie!

Smoothie: It was just as you said! There’s one more of them!! // You’re chasing the decoy!!
Tamago: I see… Damn that Pedro, he knows how to make a scene…
Smoothie: The other intruder managed to sneak into the Hall of Treasures while we were distracted and lock the door!! / I’m very sorry…I was careless!!
People: Open up~~~~~!
Tamago: I see… However! / There is only one way in or out of the Hall of Treasures…!!
People: Water~~!
Tamago: As long as you protect it with your life, there should be no problem, mais oui!!
Smoothie: You’re not wrong. Leave it to me!! If the guards inside are defeated… / …and the intruder emerges, I’ll kill him. Is that all right?
Tamago: …No…I suspect this intruder will be made of “bones”. / Which makes him a “rare creature” that Mama will want! You must only half-kill him!!

Brook: *pant* / *pant* // ……Well, well… // Your numbers certainly have… / …decreased now, haven’t they? // Pedro-san does excellent work indeed…!!
People: What a strange-looking creature. / Even for this country……
Brook: I could say the same of you!!

Soldiers: Charge!!! // Mama will be very happy when we take this one down!!!
Brook: I have heard about you from Pedro-san. // Chess soldiers, I believe……? / Soldiers fitted with human souls using Big Mam’s ability.
[Boxes: Bishop Soldier // Rook Soldier // Pawn Soldier // Knight Soldier // King & Queen Soldiers]
Brook: So, it is souls that moves you, is it?!!
Soldiers: Hrngh!!
Brook: Oh, my!! Such power!! // Hold on a moment, I still have a little tuning to do……!!

Soldiers: Cut him into pieces~~~~~~~!!!
Brook: W……W…… // Wait one ever-loving second~~~~~~~~!♪
Soldiers: ?!! // Hmm?!
Brook: You must not… // …know what they call me, huh, BABY?!!
Soldiers: ?!!
Brook: I am… // …the SOUL KING!!!
People: Wha……?!!!
Brook: You think this slapdash assortment of souls could possibly stay standing… // …in the face of my SOULFUL CRY?!!!

[Box: Library of Prisoners]
[BubbleSFX: knock knock!]
Opera: Hmm? // Purin!
Luffy: ?! // Huh……? Purin?!
Purin: Opera-niisan……
Luffy: Hey~~~~! Purin~~~!!!
Opera: Do you mind if I have a little talk with Luffy-kun inside?
Luffy: Let us out~~~~!! We got ourselves caught!!!
Opera: “Luffy-kun”……? // Sure…… Why not, fah.

Soldier: Allow me to insert the bookmark!
Luffy: Hey!! Purin! We went to that coast, you know?!
Nami: Shh, Luffy! There are people listening!
Purin: ……So you were defeated. // Luffy-kun… Nami-chan. My brothers and sisters…must have done horrible things to you, didn’t they? / I’m so sorry…!! // And I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to the coast, too… I was really, really awful!!
Nami: Oh, Purin……!
Opera: Hmmmm~~~~? What’s she whispering on about……?

Purin: Listen…… Sanji-san… / …He proposed to me.
Luffy: ?!! // ……Wha… // ……………!!
Purin: I was so happy……
Luffy: ……………!! / ………!! But…
Purin: He’s just trying not to hurt me, I know… // I’m the one causing all this trouble for you all…… // But you don’t have to worry now. Because…I’m not going to marry him.
Luffy: ??

Purin: Listen……
Luffy: ?! // ?!!! // Hold on!! Purin, what are you saying?!
Purin: Farewell…!
People: ?!!!
[Insert text: A tearful goodbye…?!!]

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