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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 849

Bropper in Mirrorland

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 19, 2016 14:28 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 849: Bropper in Mirrorland
Cover Page Request
“Brook Composing Music Using Tadpoles as Notes”
PN Noda Skywalker, from Osaka-shi

[Insert text: The Chateau in unrest, as the Tea Party approaches…]
[Box: Guest Room - Vinsmoke Relatives]
Yonji: Where’s Reiju?
Homies: Black tea!♪ // Green tea!♪
Niji: Who knows? She went off somewhere just now.
Yonji: Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you, Father. // Once they’re married, where are the two of them going to live?
Judge: In Germa, of course…!! / If we do not keep the girl as a hostage, who can say what demands that woman will make…? / These are pirates we’re dealing with!
Niji: Won’t they want to keep a hostage too, though?
Ichiji: Don’t be a fool, Niji…!! What good would threatening to kill the likes of Sanji do them?
Yonji: Hahahahah!! / Good point!!
Niji: Man, I look forward to that… / Never thought we’d get to live together with Sanji again…!!

[Box: Mirroworld - Brulee’s House]
Brulee: This is going to make the most wonderful gibier dish~~~~!♡ // Is everyone feeling nice and hungry~~~?!
Homies: We’re starving~~~~~!♡
Brulee: Go ahead and cut the rope!!
Carrot: Aaaaahhhh!! Nooooooo!!
Frog: Ribbit.
Carrot: Don’t eat meeeeeee~~~~~!!
Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
Chopper: ……………!! // (Brulee has dug her own grave!! // That’s just an ordinary frog, made to look like Carrot with Brulee’s ability!!)
Carrot: Ahh!
Frog: Ribbit… // Ribbit?

Frog: Ribbit ribbit!!
Chopper: (The real Carrot… // …is up in the rafters!!)
Carrot: Waaaaahhh! Save me, Bropper~~~!
Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
Chopper: (Even if it is just a frog, though…)
Frog: Ribbit! // Ribbit!
Chopper: (It’s a bit cruel to just let it get cooked! // There are 16 enemies inside this house. // The ones to watch out for are… // Randolph…)
Randolph: Here I go, Mistress Brulee!!
Chopper: (Brulee…)
Brulee: Wi-wi-wi!! // That cute face is going to get some nasty burns!!
Chopper: (Crocodile Noble…)
Crocodile: I am so famished, croco.
Chopper: (And the mysterious chimney man… // “Diesel”!!)
Diesel: She’s going to struggle!! I’ll have to pop this lid on quick!!

Carrot: Ready and… // Hahh!
Randolph: ?!! // Owww~~~~!!!
Brulee: Ehh?! // What’re you playing at, Randolph?!!!
Diesel: Mistress Brulee! // There’s someone up in the rafters!!
Brulee: ?!! // What?! // There are two bunny girls?!!

Carrot: Hnnnnhhh~~~~~~!! // Yahhhh!!
Brulee: Ehhh?!! // That’s dangerous!! / Don’t do that!! Do not do that~~~~~!!! // Owwwiiiiieeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Mistress Brulee~~~~~!!!
Brulee: Owowowowowowow!
Chopper: Brain Point!
[BubbleSFX: CRUNCH!]
Chopper: Rumble!!
Brulee: Owowowowow! // Owowowowow!

People: Oh, how terrible!! We must aid Mistress Brulee!! // Mistress Brulee~~~~~~~!!
Carrot: Electrical… // LUNA!!!
People: Aaaaaghhhhhhhh!!!
Crocodile: Hm? // Hmm?! // !!!

Crocodile: Crocoooo~!!
People: It’s a monster~~~~~~~!!! // Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!! // !!!
Crocodile: Aaaaaaghhhhh!

People: !!!
Diesel: This is not good!! We must report to Mama!!
Chopper: Ahh!!

Diesel: Chuggachuggachug!! Fools, all of you~~~!! // No-one in the world can catch up to me once I start-
Carrot: Garchu~!♡
Diesel: Oww!!
Carrot: Eheheh!♡
Diesel: Ehh?!
Carrot: Gueeeess who!
Diesel: Eeeehhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?!! // This is bad bad bad bad bad bad-
People: !!!
Chopper: Oh, yeah~~~~~~~~!! // We took care of Brulee’s crew!!
Carrot: Bropper~~~~~!♡
Chopper: All right! // Now we can travel the whole island from inside these mirrors!! / Let’s find the others!!

[Box: Sanji’s Room]
Dude: Ehm… At the current time… // We are holding Straw Hat Luffy… / …and the Cat Burglar prisoner, eggplant!! // Currently on the loose are the Mink man and the Soul King!!
Sanji: ………………
Dude: The guards are having quite some trouble-
Sanji: That’s enough……
Dude: ?!
Sanji: Where are the ingredients I asked for?
Dude: Oh, they’re right here, eggplant!! / If you’re hungry, maybe you’d like an… / …eggplant or something?
Sanji: I’ll use this kitchen, all right? / Purin-chan didn’t come to the meal just now, // so I’m gonna make something and take it to her. I’m worried about her.
Dude: …… // Oh, is that it, eggplant! / Yeah, apparently she’s still not feeling so great…

[Box: Hall of Treasures]
Brook: So these are the keys!
Someone: Accursed fool~~~~~~!!! // You’ve got some nerve, pulling a stunt like this!!
Brook: Swallow Banderole!!!
Someone: Uergh!!! // ……………!!
Brook: Well, of course I have!!

Brook: I asked my partner to risk his life…
Flashback!Brook: Pedro-san… / Would you be so kind as to serve as a decoy?
Brook: …just so I could make it here!! / If I leave without getting what I came for… // Just think of all the face I stand to lose!!!
Someone: Nguoh! // !!!
Brook: Whaddaya mean I don’t have any “face” ‘cause I’m all bones?!!! // I must hurry!!
[BubbleSFX: Ka-chink / Ka-chank!!

Smoothie: ?! // Wha…? Mama!
People: Your Majesty!
Smoothie: There’s no need for you to come here yourself, I can……
BigMam: Outta my way, Smoothie!! // What insolent fool dares lay hands on the treasure… // …I’ve been looking forward to opening?!!!
Brook: ?!! // Eh…?!! // C…!! Could it be…?!!!
BigMam: Ohh? Well, this DOES look like a rare creature!♡
Brook: BIG MAM~~~?!!

[Box: Inside Wholecake Chateau - The Courtyard]
Soldiers: Whoooahhh~~!! / Keep pushing him on in~~~~~~~!!
Pedro: ……………!!
Soldiers: All right!! We’ve got him cornered in the courtyard!!
Pedro: Ugh…… What are you up to?!
Tamago: It’s good to see you again, mais oui!!
Pedro: ?!
Tamago: Captain Pedro of the Nox Pirates!! / Though you are an enemy, I have always held a certain respect for you…!!
Pedro: Baron Tamago!!
Tamago: When we face one another once more, // surely the scars on our left eyes must throb with pain, toi et moi!!

Tamago: I still remember that day, five years ago…!! / Why has the man who clung so fiercely to life back then… // …returned now to repeat the same mistakes?!!
Pedro: …………
Tamago: You surely cannot live for much longer, mon souffle.
Pedro: ……!!
Tamago: Five years ago, our Mama… // …stole a full 50 years of your lifespan!!!
Pedro: Oh, I’m quite aware!! I never had… // …any intention of returning home alive!!!

Reiju: *pant*… // *pant*… // *pant*… // *pant* / Ungh… // *pant*… / ……………!! // *pant*…
[Insert text: What has happened here…?!!]

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