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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 854

What Am I Doing

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 10, 2017 23:14 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 854: What Am I Doing
Cover Page Request
“Please Draw Zoro Wearing Shades And Riding A Bike Like a Harley”
Pen-name Roronoa Natsuki

[Insert text: The castle in chaos!!]
People: Block the exits~~~~~~!!! // Get round ahead of him!! // Don’t let him outside!!
Jinbei: Well, this is quite the pickle! // It seems we will soon be surrounded.
Nami: What~~~?! Is there no way out?!
People: Boss Jinbei has… No!! // Jinbei has gone rogue!!!
Nami: Ahhh!
Jinbei: Can you cover my back, Nami?!!!

People: Ahh!! We’ve found them!! Hey~~~!!
Nami: Leave it to me. They’re ticking me off!! // Will you give it up already?!!!
Jinbei: We have enemies dead ahead again.
Nami: Thundercloud Rod!!
People: Aaaaghhhhhh~~~~!!!
Nami: ……………!! // Hm? // Ehhhhhh~~~?! Chopper?!!
Carrot: Bropper~~~~!! / Nami~~~!! We came here to help~~~!!
Nami: Carrot!! It was you guys?! / I’m sorry~~~~~~!!!

[Box: Mirroworld]
Chopper: *pant*
Jinbei: ………
Chopper: *pant*
Carrot: Are you all right, Bropper?!
Nami: I can hardly believe it… This is all inside the mirrors?!
Brulee: Jinbei, why you…!! What are you doing with these people?! / This is a clear betrayal!!
Jinbei: ! // Brulee……
Brulee: I heard you’d asked for permission to leave our number… / …but chickened out in the face of the Roulette…!
Jinbei: I owe Mama a debt for protecting Fishman Island!! I wished to leave on better terms… // But that roulette reeks of nothing but death and malintention!!
Pedro: ……The roulette…?! / You made the right decision to avoid that thing, “Knight of the Sea” Jinbei.
Jinbei: !

Pedro: Five years ago, my own partner… / …span that roulette in hopes of salvation, and lost his very life.
Jinbei: ?!
Pedro: That accursed item is designed to bring naught but death upon those who spin it.
Brulee: Wih wih! Well, of course it is, idiots!! / Mama would never let anyone escape her alive!!! // Be they scruffy little intruders… / Or pirates who have served her faithfully!! // Never rejecting those who come to her… / …but slaughtering any who dare to leave!!! // That’s the way Mama… // Nguehhhhh~~~~!!
Chopper: Let’s hurry on to the next place!! // It’s just Brook, Luffy and Sanji left now!!
Diesel: Hold on a minute, this is far too heavy!!

[Box: Wholecake Chateau - Throne Room]
Prometheus: Owww…
BigMam: What’s the matter, Prometheus?!
Prometheos: The wound that Soul King gave me… / …it’s deeper than I thought… It’s opening up a bit again…
BigMam: Mah mah mah… How disgraceful!! But I suppose really, I should be complimenting this fellow… / I don’t believe anyone has wounded you two before!!
Brook: (………………)
Purin: Mama…! Are you going to keep holding that lump of bones this whole time?
Brook: (Hmm…? / “Lump of bones”? That’s awfully crude for Purin-san…)
BigMam: There are no other creatures like it. It’s a work of soulful art!♪ // I think I’ll carry it around for a while longer before I put it in a book!♪
Brook: !!!

BigMam: Excellent work with those Straw Hats, by the way… // I didn’t expect them to make it out of the Seducing Woods… / But they’re safely in my Library of Prisoners now at any rate!
Brook: (?!)
Purin: Oh, I know!♡ I saw them myself! Pathetic they were, too. // Is the plan to just kill them?
Brook: (?!)
BigMam: Naturally. After the ceremony, of course.
Brook: (?!! / Eh? // Ehh??)
BigMam: The Germa will be getting drunk as loons right around now. / I sent the ladies from the bar.
Brook: ………………
Purin: I see… But Reiju was snooping around about me, you know. / She’s a sharp little floozy…!! Though I’ve taken care of her now.
BigMam: Hmm? / You’ve done what?! Not killed her, I hope!
Brook: ……………?! // (What is this conversation…? Purin-san? That…lovely darling maiden Purin-san is…?!)
Purin: Oh, please, Mama! Don’t you trust me at all?! I only took out her leg. / I stuck a bullet in it and then cleared out her memories…

BigMam: Be careful what you get up to. You’re my precious little bride. / Get too close, and these people might harm you. And we couldn’t have that!
Purin: Thank you for your concern, Mama… // But it was the perfect opportunity to test out this gun. // I can confirm it will be quite capable… // …of opening holes in those modified Germa freaks…!♡
BigMam: Hahahah! You’re such a sweet girl. // The shot you fire tomorrow will be the signal that starts it all.
Brook: ………………
BigMam: Everyone will be craning to see the bride and groom kiss! / Sanji will lift your veil with that gormless look on his face! He’ll move in for the lips… // And that’s when he’ll see it!! Your third eye, for the very first time!!! For an instant, he’ll be stunned in confusion!! / That’s your opportunity!! Make sure you finish him in one shot, you hear?!!!

BigMam: I want that shot placed right in between the eyes! / His brains will burst out!! The crowd will freeze, speechless with shock!! // They may sense danger, but it will be too late!! / Because behind the unarmed Vinsmokes will be a host of loaded guns!! // Their blood will be spilled before they have a chance to feel fear!! // Shots will go off like fireworks!! Even after death, a rain of bullets will lace their corpses!! / A pool of blood will cover the ground!! And in the centre of it, the remains of the six Vinsmoke fools, as the gunshots become our victory salute!!♪
Brook: ……………… // That’s when the real party begins!!! // We’ll celebrate with cake!! Celebrate with tea!! / With its irritating leaders out of the picture… // All of Germa will belong to me!!!

[Box: Sixth Floor Guest Rooms - Sanji’s Room]
People: (……………… // ………………) // Yes, that’s right… The groom Sanji-sama is most certainly in his room… / …sound asleep in bed.
Announcement: Keep careful watch over the room… / …to ensure nobody leaves and nobody enters until morning.
People: Yessir!!
Dude: ……………!! // ………Mnnh…? // Ahh!! / Oh no, I went and fell asleep, eggplant!! In Sanji-sama’s bed, no less!! // Is Sanji-sama not back yet, eggplant?!! // (……Then I guess I’ll just… // …sleep a little longer, eggplant…)

[Box: Second Floor - Meeting Room]
Montd’or: In other words, up until our territory, Pekoms was with them too. / Their objective is to recover Sanji. // 6 individuals were lured to this main island by Purin!! // The Soul King is now in Mama’s hands. // Pedro was last seen in the third floor courtyard… / …where he blew himself up. // Correct, Baron?
Niwatori: Most certainly.
People: That’s two down.
Montd’or: And of the four who entered the Seducing Woods… / Regarding the rabbit and the tanuki… // We received a report around midday today from Sister Brulee… / …that she had them safely captured.

Montd’or: That’s four out of six neutralised. // That leave the problem of these two… / …who defeated Brother Cracker and escaped the Seducing Woods. // We captured the both of them and restrained them in the underground Library of Prisoners. // So what are these rumours of their escape? / Brother Opera!! I heard something about Jinbei’s involvement?
Opera: Totally unfounded! // How many times you gonna make me say this, fah?!!! / Where you saying they are now?! We’ve heard nothing, fah!! // Nobody came to the basement, fah!!! / I was keeping my promise to Mama and trying to get information about Lola’s location… / …by torturing them!! // But they didn’t know anything… So I burned them dead!!! / Sure, maybe I overdid it a bit!! // But d-don’t tell me you’re doubting your own brother, Mont-d’Or!!

Opera: (I can’t let anyone know I screwed up watching the prisoners!! // Mama’ll take my whole lifespan for sure, fah!!!)
Montd’or: (……?!) // Then we can cross off those two as well… // What of Sanji… / …and the Vinsmokes?
People: All accounted for in their rooms.
Montd’or: ……… // Good!!! Then that’s settled. We have no potential threats at large!!! / Right now, in the Great Kitchen, preparations for tomorrow are progressing steadily!! // So for the sake of our lovely little sister Purin!! Let’s make tomorrow the perfect wedding ceremony!!! // (Stay on alert until morning… We can’t trust Opera’s word.
Soldiers: (Yessir!!)

[Box: Third Floor - Medical Ward]
Reiju: ……… // ………
[Box: Sweet City]
Luffy: *pant* // *pant*…
[Box: Inside the Chateau]
Sanji: ……………… // (I was going to give this to Purin-chan……??
Flashback!Sanji: Oh, damn it……!! / I made it all out of habit!!
Sanji: (What am I playing at here……?!! // This is all the stuff they like… // Forget it… Forget it……!!!)
Bobbin: ! // Hmm??

Sanji: (It may have been short…but I packed a lot of things into my life. // Luffy and the others can escape on their own. // The evil army of Vinsmoke will perish…!! And me along with them!! // All according to Big Mam’s plan…!! This is the best outcome. It doesn’t provoke our enemies…)
Bobbin: Ooh, tasty morsels!♡
Sanji: !
Bobbin: Ah… // Hmm?! Vinsmoke Sanji… / Weren’t you meant to be… // …sleeping in your room…?
Sanji: ……………!!
Flashback!Luffy: If you don’t come back… // …I’ll starve to death right here, so there!!!
Sanji: Get your filthy hands off that.
Bobbin: Ehh?
Sanji: That meat…

Sanji: …ISN’T FOR YOU!!!!
Bobbin: !!! // !!! // ……………!!

Sanji: *pant*… // *pant*…
People: What was that noise just now?!!
Sanji: ……………… // *pant* // *pant*
People: It came from over there!! // Sounded like a wall collapsed!!
Bobbin: Whad’re you…doin here……?!!!
Sanji: (What the hell am I doing…?!) // *pant*… *pant*
People: Hey!! // Hold it, you~~~~~!!!
Sanji: ……………!!
[Insert text: There’s only one place he can head…!!]

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