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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 857


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 10, 2017 23:31 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 857: Rook
Cover Page Request
“Hancock Enjoying Herself at the Pool”
Pen-name Ultra Seven (Juwa!!), from Saitama-ken

[Insert text: Quiet raindrops fall upon the pair…]
[Box: Outskirts of Sweet City]
Sanji: Jinbei?!
Luffy: Yeah! I was shocked too!!
Sanji: Thank goodness… So Nami-san’s all right as well……!!
Luffy: The question is how we’re gonna meet back up with the others. / They’ll all be so happy when they hear you’re coming back! // Shishishi!!
Sanji: ……I don’t…know how I’m going to face Nami-san……
Luffy: They were the ones who were the most worried about you, you know.
Sanji: ……And all I did was give her a huge fright…

Luffy: Ah! / The rain’s stopping…
Sanji: ………………
[Box: Mirroworld]
People: Here they are!! // You think they’ll hear us……?!! / Through tiny shards like this?
Nami: The mirror I was last using to talk to you guys… / …smashed right on top of the head of that Kingbaum tree monster thing.
Flashback!Nami: Hello? Chopper?!!
Nami: So there should still be fragments around that area at least…
Chopper: Hey~~~! Luffy~~~~~!!!

[Box: Outskirts of Sweet City]
Chopper: Heeeeeeeey~~~!! / Luffy~~~~! You there~~~?!
Luffy: That’s Chopper’s voice!!
Chopper: Heeeeeeey~~~!!
Luffy: There it is!! It’s this piece of mirror!!
Chopper: Luffy~~~~~! Can you hear me~~~~~~~~~?!!
Sanji: Why’s there a voice coming from the mirror?!
Luffy: It’d take a while to explain, but Chopper and the others are inside the mirrors.
Sanji: ?! …??
Luffy: You all right in there?!! Chopper!!!
Chopper: Ahhhh~~~!! Luffy!! Thank goodness, you’re really there!!
Sanji: …??

Nami: Luffy!! Is Sanji-kun with you?!
Luffy: Yeah, he’s right here!! / What about you?
Carrot: We’ve managed to rescue everyone from inside the mirrors, Luffy!!
Chopper: Brook even managed to get copies of the Poneglyphs!!
Luffy: Really?! // You guys are the best!!
Chopper: P…Praising me like that isn’t gonna make me happy, you dummy~~!♡
Carrot: Eheheheh~! You dummy~!♡
Brook: Yohoheheh!♡ You nincompoop!!
Pedro: Luffy!! It’s all very well saying Sanji’s there… / But have you sorted things out with him?!
Luffy: Sanji’s not coming back yet!!
People: Whaaaaaaa~~~~?!!

Luffy: We’re gonna bust up Big Mam’s Tea Party and the wedding… // …and save Sanji’s family!! / Then he’ll come back!!!
People: ?!!! // B…Big……
Sanji: ! // ………… // ……………… // Luffy… This is a Yonkou we’re dealing with.
Luffy: ?
Sanji: This is my selfish idea, I can’t get everyone… / No, I can’t put Nami-san in danger…!! // So…

People: ALL RIGHT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
Luffy: Whoa!!
Sanji: ?!! // ………!!
Chopper: What’s with that attitude?!! I heard you’d had a big fight with Luffy!! / I was really worried, you dummy!!
Carrot: I’m so glad you’re okay, dummy~~~~~!!
Brook: Nincompoopy~~~!!
Nami: So if we do that, Sanji-kun will come back, right?!!
Sanji: Ah… / Nami-san?! I…
Nami: Oh…Sanji-kun. About that time when you plunged me into the depths of fear…
Sanji: ……………!!

Nami: I’m never forgiving you for that.
Sanji: Uerghh!!
Nami: But let’s forget about it for now! / There’s not much time left until the Tea Party…!! // And I’m taking you back… / …no matter what, you got that, Sanji-kun?!
Sanji: Ehhhh~~~?! Is that a proposal?! Nami-san!♡
Luffy: ……I’m actually kinda relieved by this.
Jinbei: Well then, Luffy! Now we know what we must do.
Luffy: Yeah! Actually, Sanji’s big sis saved my life, too!
Jinbei: Yes. Let us save them without fail. // But it will not be easy…!! Even if our goal is not to defeat Big Mam outright… // Mama always looks forward to her Tea Parties more than anything. If we are to ruin this one…

Jinbei: We will be calling the wrath of a Yonkou upon outselves…!! // What is more, I should warn you… / You may have seen a variety of ministers in your time here… // But they are but the tip of the iceberg that is the Big Mam Pirates. // Still more fearsome individuals than they will be attending the Tea Party. // Not to mention the leaders of the underworld… // …invited from countries all around…!!
People: ……………!!
Jinbei: Whereas we, on the other hand… // …have a mere…
Sanji: ………………
Jinbei: …ten individuals in our number.
Brulee: Hey!! Don’t include us!!
Diesel: You’re inflating the number!! There’s only eight of you!!
Brulee: I hope you get killed~~~~!!

Jinbei: Luffy. I’ve already told this to the others here……
Carrot: ………………
Jinbei: But there’s something of an unrelated story I’d like you to hear.
Luffy: ?
Jinbei: You are aware of Capone “Gang” Bege, yes?
Luffy: Yeah. He’s the guy who took Sanji away!!
Jinbei: Yes. A member of the Terrible Generation, like yourself. // In his homeland of West Blue, the underworld is ruled by a group of five great mafia bosses.
Luffy: ?
Jinbei: The Five Great Families of the West. And “Gang” Bege himself was one of those five!! // The nickname “Gang” hails back to his younger days… / …when he made a name for himself as something of a wild card. He was quite the depraved young man…

Jinbei: I hear he was the kind of man… / …who would cut the heads off animals and watch gleefully as their bodies writhed in suffering…!!
Luffy: ?! // What kind of messed-up game is that……?!!
Jinbei: And he would do just the same thing with entire organisations…!!! // Even in his youth, he would target the leaders of the underworld… / …and once he became leader of his own family, he continued to target the leaders of opposing factions. // But he never showed any interest in obtaining status or territory… / He would merely kill the leader, steal any valuable items… // …and then gleefully watch the chaos that ensued… / …as bloody internal conflict consumed the organisation, and the big shots pulling the strings descended into panic. / That was his twisted idea of fun. // Of course, the world does not look kindly on those who stir up chaos…!! / He quickly found himself the target of any number of “avengers”!!

Jinbei: But to Bege, even that was just another fun diversion. / He built himself an impenetrable fortress, defeated all who came for him…and laughed at their miserable fates.
Luffy: ………!!
Jinbei: Once he tired of conflict on land, he set out to sea and did the same there. / He targeted only the lives of notable pirate crews…and made a name for himself in the process!!
Luffy: ……………!! // But why are you talking about all this now, Jinbei?! / ?
Jinbei: Even at sea, he is pursued by any number of avengers… / And the fleet of a Yonkou is the perfect place for him to hide. That’s why he joined up with Big Mam’s fleet.
Nami: ………!
Jinbei: Thanks to his well-honed vigilance… / …and impressive defensive capability… // At this Tea Party, he has finally been granted… / …the title of “Rook”, a key position among Big Mam’s warriors… / …and with it, he has been put in charge of all security at the Tea Party.

Jinbei: With all the guards under his control… / …there is nobody left to stand in his way…!!
Luffy: ………… / Huh?!
Jinbei: The main event of this Tea Party is the wedding ceremony…!! // As you know, Big Mam intends to use this ceremony to slaughter the House of Vinsmoke… / …and claim the whole of Germa for herself!! But once the whole hall is drunk on the glee of that victory… // Bege intends… // …to take the life of Big Mam!!!
Luffy: Ehhhhhhhh~~~~?!!

Sanji: What the hell is wrong with this ceremony…?!! It’s backstabbing and murder plots all the way down!!!
Luffy: ………!!
Jinbei: Luffy. / I believe it was Pekoms who guided you here, yes? / As it happens, he was abducted by Bege’s lot…and asked to cooperate with their plans.
Luffy: Pekoms…!! / So that’s what happened!!
Jinbei: Loyal and honourable man that he is, Pekoms naturally refused…!! / And so to silence him, Bege had him shot and sent off a cliff into the waiting mouths of hungry sharks.
Luffy: Ehhhhhhhh~~~~~~?!!!
Jinbei: But, my own comrades thankfully found him, and saved him in the nick of time. / He is being treated for his wounds as we speak…!!
Luffy: Oh, good! So he’s OK!! / Man, he’s had it rough!! I won’t forgive that Bege!!!
Jinbei: ………………
Luffy: ?
Jinbei: Luffy, this is where I have a proposition for you. I have heard the entire plan from Pekoms… / …and I have considered…how it would be best for you to proceed.

Jinbei: Once you discovered everything that is transpiring here, I felt sure you would decide to save Sanji and his family.
Luffy: ……
Jinbei: Though it pains me to say this after what happened to Pekoms, in the current situation… / Should you really be making an enemy of Bege as well?
Luffy: Hmm??
Jinbei: The Tea Party will begin at 10 AM - approximately five hours from now. // While the ten of us have yet to even begin preparing a strategy…
Brulee: Quit including us in the numbers!!! // You fiends and heretics!! I’ll slaughter you all!!
Jinbei: Bege and his men have long been making careful preparations for this day.
Luffy: Hmmm~~~??
Jinbei: Luffy!! Sanji!! // Would you be willing to join forces with Bege?!
Luffy: Whaaaa~~~~~?!!

Luffy: …You’ve got a point, though!!
Sanji: Hold on! Are you mad, Luffy?!!!
Nami: Is Luffy actually getting behind this?
Jinbei: You see? It is just as I predicted!
Chopper: Luffy!! We’re 4-to-2 against this idea here!!
Jinbei: As it happens, I have already made tentative preparations. Will you meet with Bege?!
Luffy: All right! Show me to him!!
People: Ehhhh~~~~~~?!!
Jinbei: Worry not. If he does not please you, you can always refuse him!! / Your objectives are not identical, after all.
[Box: Northwestern Wholecake Island - Lair of the Firetank Pirates]
People: You eliminated Bobbin?
Vito: ……Sure did. He was chasing after Black Leg… / And I mean, the Germa are my heroes!! / Nyororo!!
People: And you’re sure they’re gonna be coming here, Father?!!
Bege: Jinbei isn’t the kind of man to make jokes!! // If Big Mam is an enemy to us both, it’s only natural to avoid making unnecessary enemies…!! / All that remains is to see how Straw Hat’s willing to bargain. // If he’s no good… // We’ll just take him out right here!!!
[Insert text: This “Gang” boss takes no prisoners…!!]

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