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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 858


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 18, 2017 02:12 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 858: Meeting
[Insert text: It has to be delicious!!]
[Box: Wholecake Chateau, Eighth Floor: Giant Kitchen // The wedding cake preparation is in its final stages…]
Streusen: Light and fluffy~~~♪
People: Fluffy and creamy~~~♪
Streusen: Life is never~~~♪
People: like that at all!!
[Box: Big Mam Pirates / Head Chef / Gourmet Knight Streusen]
Streusen: The taste of tears in this cruel life is~~~♪
People: A little salty~♪
Streusen: Add the tears of regret~♪
People: A tablespoonful!♪
Streusen: So when time comes for dessert!!! // Can’t we just have a nice sweet cake?
People: Chief~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Streusen: Light and fluffy~~~♪
People: Fluffy and creamy~~~♪

[Box: Wholecake Island - Eastern Cove]
People: Don’t, Pekoms!! / You still need to rest your body!!
Pekoms: *pant*…… *pant*…… Rgghhh!! // Did Jinbei manage to report in to Mama?! // About that brat Bege…!!
Aladine: But of course!! By now, that traitor Bege… / …will probably have been beaten to a pulp by Mama already!!
Pekoms: Rrrghh!! “Probably”?! Probably isn’t enough…!! // I have to make absolutely sure…!
Praline: Now, now… Shashashasha…
Pekoms: Urgh!!
Praline: You have to get yourself some proper rest, Pekoms!!
Pekoms: B…but Praline, if there’s any chance at all that he was prevented from reporting in… Rrghh!
Aladine: If Jinbei can’t handle it, nobody can!! Least of all you in your current state!! / So rest yourself and trust in him.
People: That’s right, Pekoms!! As your doctor, I won’t allow you to move around! // You stay lying down, you hear?!!
Pekoms: …………Is it just me… // …or are you all acting kind of weird? // This whole night, the cove has seemed pretty agitated… / I even spotted people carrying luggage from time to time…!! // I’m thankful to you for saving me and all… But I have to go!!
People: Wait, wait, wait!! I won’t allow it!!
Pekoms: What do you mean, you won’t allow it?!! Rrghh!! / What are you hiding from me?!! // *pant* // *pant*

Flashback!Jinbei: Well then, Luffy, Sanji. // You will find Bege’s lair to the northwest of the island!! // We will go on ahead from within the mirrors!!
Luffy/Sanji: *pant* // *pant*
Flashback!Jinbei: Let us meet up there!!
[Box: Lair of the Firetank Pirates]
Luffy: We made it!! So this is Bege’s lair!! // What kind of guy is Bege, anyway?
Sanji: …Just think of him like a mafia boss.
[Box: Time remaining until the Tea Party commences: 4 hours 15 minutes]

Vito: Hey hey hey!! If it ain’t one of my Germa heroes!! // Vinsmoke Sanji!! // It’s a pleasure to meet you again, la-lick!! Nyororo!!
[Box: “Beastgun” Vito]
Sanji: Oh. It’s you…
Luffy: Hey, where are the others?! Are you Bege?!
Vito: Don’t be so hasty, now. The others are la-lick.
Luffy: Does “la-lick” mean they’re here or not?!!
Chopper: Ahhh! Luffy!! Sanji~~~~~~~~!!
Luffy: Chopper!
Chopper: You guys should take a bath too!!
Luffy: Why are you making yourself at home?!! We don’t have much time here, you know?! And I thought you hated baths!!
Vito: No, no, you’re taking a bath too, la-lick!! // Our Father doesn’t meet with dirty louts.
Luffy/Sanji: !

[Box: Inside Bege’s Lair - Women’s Baths]
Chiffon: Whaaaaat~~?! // Lola got turned into a boar zombie?!
Nami: And she spent the whole time chasing around… / …this guy she had a crush on…
Chiffon: Ahahaha! That’s so like Lola.
Nami: Back then… And again just now in those haunted woods… / If if hadn’t been for Lola, I don’t know what might have become of me!
Chiffon: Well, isn’t that wonderful!! But it sounds like you did a lot for her, too!! Thank you! // I’m so happy, I think I’m crying!! The two of us were always incredibly close, you know. Being twins and all!!
Carrot: Dead people walking around…? // The ocean really is a wonderland!!♡ / But Lola got to turn back into a human, huh?!
Nami: Yes…

Nami: I’m sure she’s having a lovely time as a pirate again about now!!
Chiffon: I wonder if she ever found someone to marry…
Nami: Big Mam’s anger certainly seemed like a terrifying thing… / But when Lola ran away from her wedding…
Chiffon: Oh, yes… It was a major incident. // Due to certain circumstances, Mama is hated… / …by giants the world over.
Nami: ?! // What? By the giants??
Chiffon: That’s why even in Totland, her paradise for all races, you won’t find a single giant.
Carrot: (Giants…!! So they really do exist……!!)
Chiffon: One day… A suitor appeared for Lola. / Apparently he’d taken one look at her and fallen head over heels in love… // That suitor was none other than Loki, Prince of the Giant Kingdom of Elbaf!!
Nami: ……A prince?! Wow!!

Chiffon: Mama was moved to tears of joy!! / If Lola were to become a Princess of ELbaf, not only would it put an end to her longstanding feud with the giants… // She would also be able to make use… / …of the army of Elbaf, famous as the most powerful country in the world!!
Nami: I see… And that’s what Lola ran away from.
Chiffon: And the results were disastrous. First, Mama tried to offer me up as a substitute… / But he took one glance and said “That’s not Lola”, and Mama’s relations with the giants ended up even more strained. // After that, Mama gave up on the idea of winning over the real giants to her side… / …and started funding research on enlarging ordinary people instead… // Her anger against Lola only grows by the day… / In this country, she’s considered a criminal now!! If she ever comes back, she’ll be killed!
Nami: …………
Chiffon: What’s more… It seems she doesn’t care for me either, since I look just like Lola.

Chiffon: Every time we meet…
Flashback!BigMam: How dare you show THAT FACE… // …in front of me!!!
Chiffon: She beats me so hard, I was constantly covered in bruises for years.
Nami: Whaaa?!
Chiffon: I thought I might be killed by my own mother… // At this point, I don’t even consider that monster my mother any more.
Nami: ………!!
Chiffon: Lola’s such a happy-go-lucky sort… / She probably can’t even imagine that her own mother would hold such hostility towards her. / Hahaha…
Nami: So that’s how it went down… Everything fits together now…!!
Chiffon: When Bege said he was going to assassinate Mama… // I didn’t even feel a thing. // Maybe that makes me an awful person…but it’s the truth.

Brook: Well well well well well! That was quite the wonderful bath, yohoho! / A taste of Heaven~~~! // Though I’m not going there!!
Luffy: This really throws me off… It feels like the mood after a battle’s over. // Even though we’re just getting started!!
Brook: Ah! A refrigerator. / Luffy, there’s milk inside! Look, milk!!
Luffy: Ooh…
Dude: Hey, quit raiding the fridge in someone else’s house!!
Luffy: That’s perfect! One of my teeth got chipped right off.
Brook: And I have some nasty cracks in my skull!
Luffy/Brook: Ahhhhh, all better~~~~~!!
Dude: What’s the deal with those bodies of yours?!!!

Brulee: Oh, I won’t forgive you!! Chiffon!! / You’re such a bad girl!!!
[Box: Time remaining until the Tea Party commences: 3 hours 30 minutes]
Brulee: How could you side with a man plotting to kill our Mama?!!
Diesel: Mistress Chiffon, I beg you reconsider!! Assassinating our mother… // It is an impossible notion!!!
Chiffon: Brulee… You should know very well what our Mama did to me! // Lola is in danger, too… Bege and Pez are the only family I need!!
Bege: Good, it looks like everyone’s here… / Wiped off some of that dirt, I hope? // “The clothes make the man”, or so they say. // I can never bring myself to talk to folk who can’t present themselves properly.

Bege: Now, then… / We have three and a half hours to go. // So let’s get things sorted out. First of all…the question of whether we should work together at all!!!
Luffy: ………
Bege: As far as we’re concerned, you’re no more than an irritating obstacle. // The easiest solution from where I’m standing is to eliminate you all right here and now…!!
People: ?!!
Sanji: If I were to die, you’d lose any chance at assassinating Big Mam. / The whole ceremony would be off. // If I don’t return by two hours before the Tea Party starts, people will get suspicious.
Bege: Yeah… Much as I hate to admit it, you’re right. // You’re the one person I can’t kill.
Jinbei: We don’t have time to sit around antagonising one another. / Luffy - tell me your instinct. Do you think you can work with these people?
Luffy: ………

Luffy: You’re Caesar, aren’t you?!!!
Caesar: !!! // Aaaghhhhh~~~~!!!
Chopper: Huh?! Caesar? Where??
Nami: Took you long enough…
Sanji: He’s been here the whole time…
Caesar: ………!!
Flashback!Bege: Caesar Clown!!
Flashback!Caesar: Whoaaah!! I…I… // I’m working, I swear!! I’m working hard!! You can tell that to Big Mam!!
Flashback!Bege: I asked the guard to change places with me… / …and they agreed all too easily. // I’m a trusted “Rook” now, after all!! // I’ll get you out of here. / If you agree to use that power to help me…
Caesar: ?!!

Flashback!Caesar: Why, you little… Do you have any idea who I am, addressing me like that?!! // I am the genius scientist Caesar Clown!!! I could destroy the world if I so chose!!! // What? Straw Hat is coming here?!! // Don’t make me do it!! // I don’t want to ever see those people again!!!
Caesar: C…Caesar…? No… / I am a sworn brother of Bege…!! // My name is “Gangster” Gastino!!! // Shurorororororo!!
People: That style of laughter!!!
Sanji: He’s barely even trying to hide it!
Chopper: “Gastino”? Really?

Luffy: Oh, right. I thought you were someone else. / Sorry.
Nami: You were right the first time!! That’s obviously Caesar!
Luffy: Oh, so it really is you!! What are you doing here?!!!
Caesar: You think I want to be, you utter moron?!!! // Thanks to you, I was handed over to Big Mam… / …and just when all seemed lost, this guy showed up again… / …and took my heart to keep me under control!!! // You tell that bastard Trafalgar Law that if I see him again, I am going to MURDER him!!! And you too, if I get the chance!
Bege: Enough of this boring nonsense!! We’re wasting time. / Straw Hat…!! Are you against partnering with me?
Caesar: Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~!!
Bege: ………………
Luffy: First of all… // Let me hit you for shooting Pekoms!!!
People: ?!!

Jinbei: Wait, Luffy!! That is not going to help anything!!
Luffy: But he shot my friend with a gun!!!
Gotti: I won’t forgive anyone who speaks ill of Father!!
People: Gotti, stop!!!
Bege: I don’t mind. Let him do as he likes.
Caesar: Let’s just chase out this whole no-good lot!!!
Jinbei: ………… // Do you like Big Mam?
Bege/Luffy/Caesar: I HATE HER!!!
Jinbei: And that’s what we call an alliance!! / You can murder one another all you like after this is finished, but for now, you should join hands. / It will only benefit everyone present!!
Luffy: So what’s the plan?!
Bege: I have a perfect strategy prepared.
Caesar: Let’s do this already!!! Get it over with!!!
[Box: Time remaining until the Tea Party commences: 3 hours 20 minutes…]
[Insert text: A three-way clash!!!]

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