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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 861

The Actor

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 7, 2017 23:41 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 861: The Actor
Cover Page Request
“Cat-Viper Curling Up at a Kotatsu Covered in Cats”
Pen-name Noda Skywalker, from Osaka-shi

[Insert text: At the top of the candy staircase…]
[Box: Wholecake Chateau Roof]
Vito: (……………!!) // Whoa…!!
Bege: Vito, what are you doing?!
Vito: Father!! It’s amazing!! Right now…the President of the Sekei Company… / …and the leader of the Germa are talking together, la-lick!!
Capone: Well, why wouldn’t they be talking. / They’ve both got mouths and ears, ain’t they?
Vito: Yes, but… At any rate, this is one out-there party, la-lick…!!

Vito: The eldest son and Candy Minister, Perospero! // The eldest daughter and Fruit Minister, Compote! // The second son and Sweet Star, Katakuri! // The fourteenth daughter and Sweet Star, Smoothie! // The third son, Daifuku… / The fourth son, Oven… // There’s no end to the monsters attending… // It was pretty comforting when we thought of them all as allies… / But the thought of making enemies of all of them scares me to death, la-lick!
Door: (……Hmm? // Enemies?)

BigMam: !
Soldier: Mama.
BigMam: Ahhh…
Soldier: Presenting… // Mother Carmel.

BigMam: Yes… // This is our… // Mother!!!
SomeGuy: Ah yes, our Mother… / It’s good to see her looking spirited as ever! // (Not that I have a clue who she is……)
BigMam: Haaaaah hah hah mah mah mah mah! / That’s right… Mother is the light in this world…!!!
SomeOtherGuy: This is my first time attending one of your tea parties, so I hope you will forgive my ignorance… // …but might I ask what relation this fine individual holds to you, Big M…
BigMam: Don’t you dare intrude… // …on my precious memories!!!
SomeOtherGuy: ?!!

DuFeld: Now, now… Putting that aside!! / I happen to have brought you a gift, Charlotte!! // Just a little something to celebrate your daughter’s wedding day!
BigMam: Oh, my! / If it isn’t a treasure chest!! I love treasure chests!♡ I wonder what could be inside!
Stussy: I have also brought a gift, Linlin!♡
Giberson: Please accept mine also!!
Morgans: Mine is a rarity from the southern lands!
Umit: Oom-cha!! To obtain mine, I ventured to the northmost reaches……
BigMam: Oh, I’m ever so thrilled~~~~!♡ / You’re always so kind!! // So many treasure chests!! Thank you all~~~~~!! / I’m the luckiest lady alive!♡

Morgans: Speaking of treasure chests, Mamigo! / What’s this I hear about you obtaining the legendary treasure of the sea bed?
BigMam: News really does travel fast with you, eh, Morgans? You’re quite right! // The treasure chest passed down by the seabed Royal Family!! / Through some strange fate, Neptune let it go, and it is now right here!! // This is… / …the box of legend… / The Tamatebako!!!
DuFeld: Ahhh! It has such a weighty presence!!
Stussy: Whatever could be inside?!
BigMam: The plan is to open it along with all of your presents… // …at the grand banquet after Purin’s ceremony!!!
People: Well, won’t that be grand~~~!!!

People: Father!!
Bege: There you are. All finished?
People: The arrangements went without a hitch……!!
Bege: How are things looking down below?
People: The chefs are very busy now preparing for the banquet. // We’ve blocked all the corridors. // Once this entrance is closed too, nobody will be able to come up here for quite a while. // We’ve used Horned Den-Den Mushi to block off all telepathic signals as well. / The hall will be entirely isolated.
Bege: Excellent. // Good work. Hurry and get changed.
People: Yessir!
Bege: Caesar. / Bring out the mirror…
Caesar: Damn it, you used that name again!!

Caesar: Hmph!! // So this is the entrance to the Tea Party…
Door: (…………)
Caesar: Enjoy yourselves while you can, scum of the world!! Shurororo!!!
Bege: As if you’re not scum yourself… Now hurry and hide that mirror nearby! // Once the terrible cry starts, you take that mirror… / …and leap into the hall to meet us. That’s your job. // That’s our only way out of here. / You’d better not try anything funny.
Caesar: I’m not going to betray you after coming this far!!
Door: (Caesar Clown?! / ……This is terrible… Bege and his men are plotting something!!)
Bege: ……!!
Door: !

Door: ……………!!
Someone: All carved away.
Bege: Information leaks can bring about unpredictable crises. // Thirty minutes until the ceremony… / Are the Straw Hats all ready to go?
Caesar: Take a look for yourself. / They’re inside your body, aren’t they…?
Bege: Hey, you lot!!!
Jinbei: ……
Bege: What do you think you’re napping for?!!! / What happened to your preparations?!!

Jinbei: Let them sleep for now. / It seems they have barely slept since arriving here. / I will awaken them ten minutes before we begin.
Bege: You people are crazy… / If you don’t do your part, I’ll abandon you first chance I get, understood?!!!
Jinbei: That won’t be a problem. // I’m paying careful attention to the outside, and making all the preparations.
Bege: That crazy bunch…!! I can’t believe them…
Caesar: Right?!!
Bege: You head back inside too for the moment.
Caesar: !
Bege: I’m going to enter the hall myself……!! You’d all better be prepared. // Once I go in there… / There’s no turning back!!!

[Box: Ninth Floor - Bride and Groom’s Waiting Room]
People: ………………
Sanji: Wh…When I came here… // I wasn’t planning to get married at all… // So sitting here together like this… / It’s still so strange. Feels like I’m dreaming…
Purin: …Would that be…
Sanji: !
Purin: A good dream? // Or a bad one?
Sanji: (S…) // !!! // (So cute……!!!) // ……………!!

Sanji: A…!! A…a…!! A good dream, of course!! // (Calm down, Sanji!! You know she’s only acting!!)
Purin: ……Really? Thank goodness…!♡
Sanji: (This girl’s planning to kill me!! // …Hmm? What if… I really did just dream all that…? // No, no, no, no!! Don’t fall for it!! / Trust in your own memories!!)
Purin: Sanji-san… Is something the matter?
Sanji: Huh?! N…Not at all!! I…ah!! That’s right!! // I…I was just thinking… If you weren’t…comfortable with doing the wedding kiss…in front of everyone… // I could always just k…kiss you on the forehead, or…
Purin: The lips will do fine!♡ // We’re going to be husband and wife, after all!
Sanji: ?!!
[BubbleSFX: BANG!!]
People: Hey, what was that noise?! // Master Sanji just crashed into a wall!! // A wall~~~~?! // He’s bleeding like mad!!
Purin: Oh, no!! Sanji-san!! // (The hell is wrong with you, you pervert?!! Ugh, I want to kill you right now!!!)

BigMam: Ohhh?!
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen!! // It’s time for today’s main event!!

Announcer: Today we are to hold a very special wedding!! / Charlotte Purin, thirty-fifth daughter of the House of Charlotte, is to marry Vinsmoke Sanji, third son of the House of Vinsmoke!! // Let the royal wedding commence!!
Morgans: Ahhh!!
Announcer: The pirate crew of the Yonkou Big Mam!! / And the Army of Evil, Germa 66!!!
Stussy: How beautiful…!!
Announcer: These two young lovers… / …will join these houses of evil in blissful harmony!!!
Judge: Hahah…
Announcer: It is a Mariage de Raison!!! / With these two joined as one… // …a new flower of evil will bloom upon the world!!! // So give a hand, everyone!!! // To this dizzyingly beautiful day!!! // Here’s to today~~~~~!!!
Bege: !! // (Holy hell…!! That’s some serious acting ability…!!!)
[Box: A bloodstained wedding is about to begin!!!]
[Insert text: The ceremony begins! There’s no stopping it now!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 20.]

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