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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 864

Operation Vinsmoke Slaughter

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 12, 2017 22:57 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 864: Operation Vinsmoke Slaughter
Short-Term Focused Cover Page Serial 23
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet
Vol 1: “The Beautiful Pirates Beautifully Sail the Seas”

[Insert text: Mam is consumed by rage…!!]
BigMam: JINBEI~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Look, over there!! // ?!! // Ahh…!!

People: Who is that guy?!! / Mother Carmel’s photo…!! He just went and…
BigMam: !!!
People: …smashed it right up~~!!!
Luffy/Jinbei: All right!!
People: What’s going on here?!! Weren’t those fake Straw Hats… // …all meant to be dumb animals?!! // ?!
Bege: (Good…!! Three seconds until the shriek!!!)
People: ……!! // ?!!

People: He tore off the skin of his face!!! // So creepy~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Brook: You’ve got it wrong~~~~!!! This is my face~~~~~!!!
BigMam: Soul King~~~~~~~??!!
Brook: !!
BigMam: But you…you died…!!!
Brook: I did once, yes. Quite some time ago now!!
BigMam: Do you have any idea… // …just who…that photo…

Katakuri: ……………!! // Shit…!!
Judge: Those interfering loons…!!! // Have they come all this way to steal Sanji back?!!!
People: Oh, no!! // It’s going to be that day all over again!! Mama’s going to lose it!!
BigMam: ……Do you have any idea… // …who that is…?! Ahhh…!! And the cake, too…
People: Oh, crap! Mama’s going to… // …go into a panic!! // Eliminate the Straw Hats before it happens!!!
Jinbei: Here it comes!! // Hang in there until the panic starts!!
Luffy: Right!!
People: ?!!

Purin: You see?!!! / This is my true nature!! / *pant*
Montd’Or: Purin?!!
Purin: Shocking, right?! / Your fantasies are shattered, right?! But don’t worry, because you’re about to die!! // You’re just the latest of many people to get fooled by me!!!
Sanji: Does that include yourself? / Purin-chan.
Purin: ?!! // Sh…!! Shaddup!! What does the likes of you…
Sanji: Watch out, Purin!!!
Purin: Aaahhh! // ?!!

Purin: Daifuku-niisan!!
Daifuku: You screwed this right up, useless girl!! / If that man doesn’t die, the whole thing is ruined!!
[Box: Third Son of the House of Charlotte (Minister of Beans) / Charlotte Daifuku / (A Lampman who ate the Hoya-Hoya no Mi)]
Purin: Wait! I swear I’ll finish the…!!
Daifuku: If you couldn’t do it in that instant… / You’ll never do it!!
Purin: Aahhh!
Sanji: Purin-chan!!

People: Oh, how terrible!! The bride…!! // So have the Straw Hat Pirates… / …come here to steal back their groom?!! // What will happen to the wedding?!
Sanji: !!!
Daifuku: Maji… // …giren!!!
Sanji: Nguahhh!!
[Box: Mirroworld]
Brulee: *pant* *pant* // Don’t use me any more~~~!!
Caesar: Shut up, you!! My heart is on the line here!!

People: The animals are getting in the way!!
Animals: Ook ook! / Nyaahh!
People: Eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates!! // Why is everyone armed?! // A battle’s breaking out!! // This isn’t good!!
Luffy: Nguehh!! What’re you doing, Bege?!!
Bege: (Shut up!!! I’m the security boss here!! If I don’t act, people will get suspicious!!) // I’ve got their Captain!!!
People: Good! Now kill him!!!
Luffy: !!
Bege: …That might not be such a bad idea.
Luffy: Don’t you dare, idio-
Bege: (Listen up!! The situation is bad.)
Jinbei: Is it not time yet?! // I can’t hold up against these numbers!!

Jinbei: Hey, Pedro! Don’t let his attacks touch you!!
Pedro: !! // Whoaa!! What the heck?!! // His sword’s red-hot…!!
Oven: I remember you, Pedro…!! // Partner of Pekoms!! The man who lost his eye and lifespan!!
[Box: Fourth Son of the House of Charlotte (Minister of Baking) / Charlotte Oven / (A Heatman who ate the Netsu-Netsu no Mi)]
Oven: If you were fool enough to return here with what little life you have left…I presume you’re prepared?! // I’ll roast you to death!!!

Nami: What’s going on?!
Chopper: It’s been more than three seconds…
Nami: Where’s the shriek?!
Brook: Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ahhhhh! Brook!!
Brook: Don’t worry, I’m alive. Even though I’m dead.
Luffy: You can do that too, huh?!!
Someone: Help me~~~~~~!!!
People: ?! // ?!
Luffy; Ahh!! This is bad!! Move it, Bege!!
Bege: !!
Sanji: Crap!! // This isn’t how it was meant to go!!

Judge: This is some kind of mistake!!! Big Mam!!! / I trusted you!!! // There is honour even in the world of evildoers, is there not?!!!
Ichiji: You ought to know when to give up, Father. / There’s no saving us now. // Our bodies are held fast with candy.
Yonji: Our weapons were taken at the entrance… // We don’t even have our raid suits.
Niji: Gotta hand it to them, they got us real good. Looks like we got in over our heads. // Hahahah…
Judge: What’s so funny, you three?!!!
Reiju: (I’m afraid it was you yourself who stole your sons’ emotions, Father… They feel nothing even for their own death… // Though they are my own brothers…even I find it difficult to see them as human.)
Perospero: Well, well, well!! Heheheh… // Have you ever heard of such a pathetic assassination? / It’s practically barbarism!! La-lick!♪ // Isn’t that right, Judge?!! …Heheheh… / Just look at the state of your face!!!
Sanji: ……!!!
Morgans: This is…big news!!
Judge: Somebody tell me… // …it isn’t true………!!!

Judge: I devoted my whole life…everything I had…!! To revenge on the countries of North Blue!!
DuFeld: So the Germa are going down, are they? / Wahahah!
Giberson: Look, he’s crying!!
Judge: To the resurrection of the Germa Empire!! Big Mam!!! // Say somthing, Big Mam!!!
BigMam: My wedding cake… / The Straw Hat Pirates… // Mother’s photo…
Perospero: It’s no use. Just look at Mama now. // The shock of all these events has sent her mind reeling! / I must admit a chill ran down my spine when the photo of Mother Carmel was broken… // …but it seems the fact that Mama’s anger had already exceeded its capacity… / …has actually saved us. // Thank you for letting us know about your grand ambitions, Judge…la-lick!♪ // But tell me, would you listen to the cries of a cow you’re about to slaughter and eat? Heheheheh… // La-lick!♪ It’s time for you to die and become our flesh and blood, Germa 66!!!

Brook: Luffy-san, Big Mam is currently so confused… / …she doesn’t even know what to be angry about. // We should show her that broken photograph again!!
Luffy: Hm?! // All right!! If you think that’ll work, I’ll give it a try!!
Bege: You really think after all this - // Hm?!
Luffy: Guehh!! That guy from before is coming this way!!
Bege: Katakuri!! // All right! Carry on!! / This plan is going to succeed!!!
Luffy: Huh?!
Bege: Katakuri’s face has gone pale!! Which means…
Katakuri: ……!!
Bege: He’s seen a future where everything went to hell!!!
Luffy: ?!!

Bege: Jinbei! Pedro!! Support Straw Hat with all your might!!
Jinbei: !!
Bege: Allied Army!!! Everyone equip your Invisible Symphonia!!!
People: ?!
Perospero: Bege… // ?
People: What’s that Bege shouting all of a sudden…?!! // ?!
Luffy: This is easy! // Hup!
Carrot: Invivi… Symphoni…?
Chopper: Oh! The earplugs!!
Sanji: Will he make it in time?! / This is the only chance we have left… // …of stopping all those men with their guns at the ready!!!
Reiju: ?

Katakuri: Bege!! Shoot Straw Hat dead, right now!!!
Bege: I refuse.
Katakuri: ?!!
Luffy: Right! If I just show this to her, the plan will go ahead, right?!!
Bege: All you have the power to do… // …is see a little way into the future.
Judge: ……………!!
Bege: Whether we can see it ourselves or not… // The right to change that future… // …lies with all of us equally!!!
[Insert text: In the midst of chaos, Bege smiles broadly…!!]

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