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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 866

Natural Born Destroyer

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 2, 2017 23:32 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 866: Natural Born Destroyer
Short-Term Focused Cover Page Serial 23
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 3
“Cavendish, Prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom, is So Popular That None of the Kingdom’s Eligible Maidens Are Getting Married”

[Insert text: A glimpse into Big Mam’s past…]
[Box: This is the island where the most famous of the giants…]
People: ………………
[Box: …the Warriors of Elbaf make their home.]
Linlin: Where are we?
[Box: Charlotte Linlin / (Human, 5 years old)]
Linlin: Are you guys going somewhere, Mama?
Mother: Papa has some work to do just nearby, Linlin. // Can you be a good girl and wait here?
Linlin: Whaaaa? / I wanna go too…
Mother: If you do as Mama says, then just for today… / …you can eat all the sweets you like from your backpack! // All of them!
Linlin: Whaaaa~?!♡ All of them~~~?? / Then I’ll wait!♡ I’ll wait!♡ I’ll wait right here~~~!♡

Mother: Aaahhhh… Linlin…
Father: Don’t cry just yet…!! After all the damage she caused… / She’s lucky to have got away with just exile from the country! She was always too much for us to handle… // The Holy Mother who is said to live here will surely save our Linlin.
Captain: I’m setting sail. This area’s too dangerous to stick around in!!
Linlin: Wowww! // There are so many big fish here! // This is weird… // They’re really late… / I’m pretty hungry… // Mama~~~~! Papa~~~~!
[Box: The land of Elbaf…]

[Box: A hundred years ago, its giant warriors were feared the world over… // Until the Giant Warrior Pirates suddenly lost its two Captains… / …and faded into legend. // Around that time… // A number of the crew’s members, disoriented from the loss of their leaders… // …were captured by the Marines and about to be executed… // …when a beautiful wandering holy Sister appeared before them.]
Carmel: Wait one moment!!
People: !!
Carmel: The heavens desire a peaceful resolution!!!
[Box: Her name was Sister Carmel.]

Marines: The heavens?! What are you saying? // Do you not know the terror these villains have inflicted upon the world…?!!!
Carmel: That is all the more reason! Why can you not understand?!!
[Box: At that moment, dark clouds enveloped the sky.]
People: ?!
Carmel: If you take the lives of these men… / The warriors of Elbaf will once more form an army… // …and swear revenge upon humanity!!! // You must forgive their sins!! I will show you the way!! // To a world where all races can join hand in hand… / …and smile together in peace!!
[Box: In time, Carmel came to be known as a Holy Mother… / …and founded a facility known as the House of Lambs… // …where she would take in any and all children who had lost their homes… / …regardless of status or race.]

[Box: All the while acting as an ambassador of peace between humans and giants… // …in this land of Elbaf… / …which giants had long called home.]
[Box: 37 years later - the House of Lambs]
Carmel: It’s all right now, Linlin. / Why don’t you live happily with us until your Mama and Papa come back to get you?
Kids: Nobody’s coming back for you!! // They abandoned you!!
[Box: Mother Carmel / (80 years old) / And the children of the House of Lambs]
Carmel: We have so many unique children here!
Kids: So unique their parents didn’t want them!! Gyahahah!
Carmel: I’m sure you’ll be able to get along!

Linlin: Uh-huh! Thanks! / I’m hungry!
Kids: You’re really big!! / Are you a giant?!
Carmel: Shall we have something to eat, then?
[Box: From a royal Prince who had been chased from his homeland by an uprising… // …to a boy born into such poverty he had almost been made a slave… // Many troubled children whose parents could not take care of them… // …lived together here, regardless of status or blood, in the village of the giants.]
GiantKids: A new girl?
[Box: More than anything, for Linlin, who had always been bigger than anyone else… / This land of Elbaf… // …was the first place she found people, houses and environments all her own size. // It filled her with a sense of comfort.]

Linlin: This isn’t right… // This isn’t right… / Waaaahhhh…
Carmel: Oh my… Whatever is the matter, my dear Linlin?
Linlin: Mother!! Listen, um… // Mr. Bear and Mr. Wolf were fighting in the forest. // Fighting is bad, and I wanted to make them be friends… / So yesterday I put them together in the same cage!
Carmel: ……!!
Linlin: But then Mr. Bear ate Mr. Wolf up! / That was naughty, so I gave him a smack!!
Carmel: It looks like Mr. Bear is very sorry for what he did. How many times did you say you hit him?
Linlin: Just once!
Carmel: (Dead from a single blow…)

Carmel: So you just wanted to make them be friends, did you? // You’re a very kind girl, Linlin.
Linlin: Uh-huh! // That’s right!!
[Box: For the first time in her life… // …she had found somebody who understood her.]
Kids: I saw it, I swear……!! // Linlin killed a bear with one whack!! // She’s dangerous!! // Did you see how that giant boy Eiri-kun was badly wounded?! // Apparently there was a mosquito on his arm, and she slapped it for him…! // Loads of his bones were broken…!!
Carmel: What are you doing, Linlin?!!
Boy: Aaaaaghhh! Help me, Mother~~~~!!
Linlin: He’s got one too many joints… So I thought I’d pull one off for him…
Carmel: No, Linlin!! He’s from the Longarm race!! That’s how they’re supposed to look!!
Linlin: There were fins on him, so I thought I’d pull them off…
Carmel: Fishmen are supposed to have fish-like features!! // Everyone, we must forgive her!! Linlin is a very kind girl!!
[Box: Carmel forgave her for everything.]

[Box: 10 months later… // The New World’s Warland of Elbaf. / The great warriors of this land… // …had accepted Linlin as one of their own.]
Karsy: It’ll be 40 years soon… Are duels really meant to last this long?!
Linlin: Wait~~! Wait~~!
Oimo: I’m with you on that one! If they don’t come back within another 10 years, we should go and get ‘em!!
Kids: Aaaaghhhh!! // Linlin’s gonna kill us~~~~~!!
Karsy: Hey, Linlin! / Are your lot all done with the preparations?!
Linlin: ? ……What’s that, Karsy? / What preparations…?!
Gerdr: Oh! Won’t this be Linlin-chan’s first time? // In Elbaf, we fast for 12 days… / …before the Winter Solstice festival!
Linlin: “Fast”?
Gerdr: We don’t eat anything! / The only thing you can put in your mouth is water! / For 12 days starting tomorrow!
Linlin: Whaaaaaa~~~~?! // But I’d get hungry!!
Gerdr: But once you get past it, there’s the festival!
Rydeen: Do battle with yourself, Hajrudin!!
Hajrudin: Urgh….
Rydeen: Be it Dorry or Broggy, one of our leaders will surely return!! / The Giant Warrior Pirates will be reborn!!!
Linlin: Ah. It’s the rowdy boy.
Rydeen: You’re a warrior!!! Hone your skills in battle, Hajrudin!!
Hajrudin: Yeah!!!

Yoruru: Zabababa!! That’s the spitiy, Rydeen!
Yaruru: Indeed. // Bojajajah!
Rydeen: Master Fallsbeard!! / Master Mountainbeard!!
[Box: “Fallsbeard” Yoruru (344 years old)]
[Box: Former Captains of the Giant Warrior Pirates / (Oldest Warriors in the World) / Heroes of the Giants]
[Box: “Mountainbeard” Yaruru (345 years old)]
Yaruru: Carmel teaches us to trade rather than pillage, and that is all well and good. // But we are warriors yet, and we must not forget it!!
Hajrudin: Master Yaruru, Master Yoruru……!! // They’re so cool… Warriors for the whole giant race to admire…!!
Karsy: What are the both of you doing here today?
Yaruru: We’re about to eat the Semra in the village, so we came to fetch the children from the House of Lambs. / Ah, Linlin. Just who we were looking for.
Linlin: What’s Semra?
Gerdr: It’s a really sweet and delicious treat!! / We eat it to get lots of nutrients before we start fasting!!
Linlin: We’re gonna eat it now~~~~? / Tasty sweets~~~?♡
Gerdr: It’s made from this super-sweet dough made with marzipan, and there’s sweet whipped cream in the middle! / And then there’s lots of icing sugar springled on top!♡ I always look forward to it before the fast!!

People: For Prince Loki, who was born just days ago in the castle! / And for Lode and Goldberg who were born in the village!
Kids: Yay! Semra~~~~!!
People: Let us give thanks to the son for our children’s health… // …and dig in to this feast!!! // There’s plenty for everyone, so eat up!!!
Linlin: Ahh… S… S… / So sweeeeeeeeet~~~~!♡♡ // Delicious~~~~~~!♡ // I’m so happy~~~~~~~!♡♡ // Delicious! Delicious!! // So sweeeeeeet!♡ Delicious!!
Giants: Hold it, hold it!! Hey, Linlin!! // How fast are you trying to eat that stuff?!! There won’t be any left for the others!!
Linlin: So dewicious~~~~~~!♡ // Semra is so dewicious~~~~!♡ // *pant* // *pant*

[Box: The Third Day of the Fast]
Linlin: Mother… I’m so hungry I might die……
Carmel: In the Winter Solstice, we celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth. // When we overcome the harsh winter… // …the sun will shine down on us with its warmth once more!
[Box: The Fourth Day]
Carmel: The harder it feels right now… // …the more thankful we will be to the sun when it rises.
Linlin: If you say so, Mother… I’ll try…
[Box: Linlin had grown to love Mother.]
Linlin: I’m getting thinner…
Kids: You’re no different…
[Box: The Sixth Day]
Linlin: (That Semra was so delicious… // I wanna eat that again…)
[Box: The Seventh Day]
Gerdr: Mother!!! It’s terrible!! Help!!!
Carmel: What is wrong, Gerdr?!!
Gerdr: It’s Linlin-chan!!

Linlin: SEEEEEEE~~~ // MMMMMM~~~ // RAAAAAA~~~~!!!
Carmel: What have you done…? // Linlin…!!!
Linlin: Bring me… Semra… // SEEEEEEMMMMMMM // RAAAAAAAA!!!
Kids: Linlin’s destroyed the village of Elbaf~~~~~!! // It’s a nightmare~~~~~!!!
Yoruru: You’ve gone and done it now, Linlin… // You have no right to thank the sun…!! / Child though you may be, some things cannot be forgiven…!!!
Carmel: Master Yoruru!!
Yoruru: I am sorry, Carmel. This creature may take the form of a child, but in truth…
Carmel: You must stop, Master Yoruru!!!
Yoruru: It is an incarnation of evil!!!
Linlin: Semra…
[Insert text: Her hunger knows no end…]

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