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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 867

Happy Birthday

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 10, 2017 01:01 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 867: Happy Birthday
Short-Term Focused Cover Page Serial 23
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 4: Cavendish Arc
“For the Crime of Being Too Popular, the Prince is Sent into Exile with a Paltry 74 Attendants and 500 Million Beli for Company”

[Insert text: An arm more powerful than a giant’s blade…!!]
Yoruru: ?!! // ………………
Linlin: Hhhghhh… // Uuueghhh…!!
Carmel: Stop this now!!! Linlin!!!
Yoruru: Ahhh!!!
Linlin: SEEEEEEE~~~!! // MMMMMM~~~!! // RAAAAAA~~~~!!!
People: ?!!!

Giants: Master Fallsbeard!! // Aaaahhhhhh~~~~~!!! // Master Yoruru~~~~~~~~!!!
Carmel: ……………!! // Linlin!! // Can you prepare any Semra?!
GiantWoman: We have some in the village pantry, ready for the Winter Solstice celebrations…

People: Hold Linlin down!!! // Somebody put out the fire~~~~~~~!!!
Linlin: Aaaahhghh~~~~!!
People: Mother, what are you doing?!
Carmel: Stay back, all of you!!
People: But it’s dangerous!!!
Carmel: Gebur…
People: Mother!! // Mother!! // So hot!!
Carmel: …tstag!!!
People: Mother!! // So hot!! // What is that thing?!
Carmel: I grant you voice.
Face: …………
Carmel: Heed my words……!!

People: The flames formed a face…!!! // Waaaahhhh~~~!! // It’s like a demon…!!
Carmel: Your name is… // Pandora!!
People: Hurry!! Give the Semra to Linlin!!!
Carmel: Be calm!!
People: ?!! // !!! // Mother performed…
Sun: Yes, Mother.
People: …a miracle…
Carmel: ……Not at all. // The God of the Sun brought this matter to a close.
People: ……………!!
Yoruru: It must be punished… / Do not think of that beast as a child…!!
People: Master Yoruru!! // Hurry and treat his wounds!!! // !!

People: Master Mountainbeard!!
Yaruru: Linlin…!!
Carmel: Please, have mercy on her!!
Yaruru: ?!! // You would stop me…?! / Carmel… // Yoruru is my comrade in arms… For 300 years we have fought side by side…!! // …At his age… There is no saving him now……!! // A warrior seeks not long life…!! But honour in death!!! // ……!! There can be no forgiveness.
Carmel: I understand…!! But even if you cannot forgive her… / Linlin is just like the other children. A poor soul, forsaken by the world, who found solace in my House of Lambs! // I cannot abandon her!!
Yaruru: !!!

Carmel: I will take her with me… // …and leave this place!!!
People: !!! // Carmel?!!
Hajrudin: Master Mountainbeard!! Please kill Linlin~~~~!! // What has become of the pride of Elbaf?!!
People: Hajrudin!!
Yaruru: Then hurry and begone from my sight… / At once…!!
Carmel: !
[Box: Yoruru, Hero of the Giants, breathed his last. Linlin the Incarnation of Evil… Carmel’s Miracle… // Word quickly spread of this day’s events…]
Linlin: Huh? What happened? / Is Master Fallsbeard dead??
People: !!!
[Box: …to those few giants who lived in other countries across the world.]

[Box: Together with the children of the House of Lambs, who refused to leave their Mother… // …and Charlotte Linlin herself, now an enemy to all giants… / Mother Carmel left the land of Elbaf behind. // They began a new life, in a new House of Lambs.]
Giants: Is this all right?
Carmel: Yes, that’s enough.
Giants: If I’m honest, I could do without ever seeing Linlin’s face again… // But you’ll always be a Holy Mother to us giants, Carmel. / We’ll lend you a helping hand whenever you need it…!!
Carmel: Thank you…
[Box: In an effort to lessen the unease that was taking root in the children’s hearts… // Carmel worked harder than ever to keep a smile on her face. // Within a few short days, everything was back to normal…]
Linlin: Wait wait wait~~!
Kids: Aaahhh~! Linlin’s gonna kill us~~~!
[Box: And the children’s laughter rang out through the House of Lambs.]

[Box: The reputation of the House of Lambs precedes it. / They say that no matter how troubled the child, the Holy Mother’s miracles will be sure to set them on the right path… // …and ultimately, find them the perfect foster parents…]
Someone: To think you actually left Elbaf behind…
Carmel: I wanted to hang on to that girl, no matter what. // I mean, use your brain, would you?! At the age of five, she had the strength to half destroy the village of Elbaf!!
Someone: All the same, this price is…
Carmel: Make her a Marine, and she’ll easily be Admiral or even Fleet Admiral class someday.
Someone: ………
Carmel: Or put her in Cipher Pol, and she’ll become the strongest shield the Tenryuubito have ever had. // In all my 50 years trading in brats, never have I seen so fine a prize before!! / And might I remind you, if it weren’t for me staging that little spat with the Marines to weasel my way into Elbaf 37 years ago… // …the first ever Giant Marine, Jun Giant, would never have come to be! / You need my connections!!
[TL Note: “Jun Giant” is almost certainly a typo of the known Marine John Giant, but it could theoretically be a different related person so I’ve left it as is for now.]
Carmel: It’s a full-time job keeping those brats in the House of Lambs in the dark… / And I sell the Government a healthy orphan brat once every couple years! / They’re perfect for intelligence work, ain’t they? Orphans have no ties to trace, after all.
Someone: All right, all right!! We’ll sort out the money!

Carmel: Damn right you will…!! / This Holy Mother gig ain’t easy, you know!!
[Box: Orphan Trader / Mother Carmel / (Underworld Name: Yamanba)]
[TL Note: A “yamanba” is a type of demon in Japanese folklore, roughly translating as “mountain hag”.]
Carmel: I’m actually thinking of taking this opportunity to wash my hands of this tiresome business. / So I’ll be needing full payment for my last big job!! // Ohoho!♡ What song shall we sing today, then?!
Kids: Binks’ Sake~~~~~!♡♡
Carmel: My dears, my dears…don’t you know that’s a pirate song?
Kids: Course it is! We’re gonna be pirates one day!!
Carmel: (Not after I sell you to the government you’re not!) // Why, how exciting!♡

Kids: Aaand…go! // Linlin!!! // Happy birthday~~~~!!! // !!
Linlin: Aaahhhhhhh~~~!! // Thank you, everyone~~~~~~~!!!
Kids: We all made it together by piling up your favourite Semra! / It’s a Croquembouche~~~!! // I hope it tastes all right~~!!
Linlin: It’s called a Croquembouche~~~? / It looks so tasty~~~!!
Kids: Let’s have us a tea party!!
Linlin: A tea party~~~~?
Kids: Go on, dig right in!! // Eat up, eat up!♡
Lin: OK!!!

[Box: One day, Mother Carmel…]
Linlin: I’m gonna eat it all up~~!!
People: Let’s make some tea! // Wow, she’s really guzzling it down!
Linlin: Waaahhh, I’m so happy~~~~~!♡ / It’s so tasty~~~~~~!♡
People: Eat as much as you like, Linlin!
[Box: …simply vanished without a trace. // It happened on the happiest day of Linlin’s life… // Her sixth birthday. // Surrounded by her beloved friends from the House of Lambs… / And her kindly and beloved Mother… // With all these smiles beaming around her… // As she dug into that sweet, sweet birthday cake… / Linlin simply couldn’t hold back the tears of happiness. // What day could be more perfect? The tears welled up so thick, she couldn’t see a thing.]
Linlin: Soooooo yummyyyyyy~~~~!♡♡
[Box: Today really was the best birthday ever!!]

Linlin: Ahhhh… I’m so happy!♡♡ I was so caught up in eating… / I even chewed up the table!♡ // *burp* / Thanks so much, everyone!! / I’ll never forget today! Not as long as I……!! // ……………!! // Huh? ……Guys? / ……Mother?
[Box: One day, Mother Carmel…]
Linlin: Where did you go…?
[Box: …simply vanished without a trace.]

Linlin: Huh? // Whuh-huh? // Where are you? // Guys….. / Did you go inside? // Don’t leave me alone!! // Where are you? // Mother… Hey…! // Why did you suddenly… // …go away?
Luffy: Nghh…!!
BigMam: WHERE DID YOU GO?!! // MOTHER~~~~~~!!!!
[Insert text: A shriek beyond measure…?!! The assassination mission continues…!!]

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