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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 868

KX Launchers

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 16, 2017 23:42 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 868: KX Launchers
Short-Term Focused Cover Page Serial 23
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 5: Cavendish Arc
“And So You See, Those Aren’t Enemy Ships, So There’s No Need To Attack Them, Suleiman.” “That Was A Lengthy Explanation.”

[Insert text: Sorrow and rage ring out…]
[Box: 63 years ago… // Mother Carmel and her children vanished without a trace. // Though even Big Mam herself knows nothing of this… // There were witnesses who saw the whole incident as it occurred. // Two lone witnesses.]

[Box: The first of these witnesses was a warrior of Elbaf…]
Flashback!Linlin: Huh? // Whuh-huh?
[Box: …who, out of honest concern… / …had come to visit the House of Lambs that day. // Stricken white with shock… // …he fled the scene… / …and never set foot upon that island again. // Eventually word of that horror would reach Elbaf and spread throughout the entire Giant race… // …to the point that Charlotte Linlin became a taboo among all Giants… // …and few would dare so much as speak her name.]

[Box: The other witness, meanwhile… // …was a chef and former pirate who had long made his home on this island. / His name was Streusen… // …and he reacted with amusement……!!]
Flashback!Streusen: Wahahahahahahah!! // Kukuku……!! // I’ve never seen such a monster!!
[Box: His ability was that of the Kuku-Kuku no Mi… // …allowing him to transform anything in the world into edible ingredients.]
Flashback!Streusen: *munch munch…* // If I leave her like this, she’ll perish… And what a waste that would be……!!

Flashback!Streusen: Howdy, little girl. What do you say we talk awhile about our dreams?
Flashback!Linlin: Who’re you, old guy? / Have you seen Mother?
Flashback!Streusen: Hey, don’t come too close now. / Don’t you worry, she’ll be home soon, I’m sure. I’ll hang with you until then!! // I won’t let you go hungry!!
[Box: This was the first meeting of the duo who would one day create the Big Mam Pirates.]
Streusen: !!! // Linlin!!! // Come back to your senses!!! / They’re gonna shoot you~~~~~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Bege: Mama will be weakened!! / Nobody in the hall will be able to move for over five seconds!!

Flashback!Bege: In that instant, the KX Launcher can be used to its full potential… // …and Big Mam… // …will die!!!
BigMam: (Mother…… / Everyone’s getting in my way…)

DoubleFlashback!Carmel: Let’s make this place a country of our very own! / A land of dreams, where everyone can live as equals!!
DoubleFlashback!Kids: A country~~~~?!
DoubleFlashback!Carmel: That’s right. A place without discrimination between races or anything nasty like that… / A country where everyone can see eye-to-eye!!
DoubleFlashback!Linlin: (Eye-to-eye? That sounds lovely!! / Everyone just has to get big!!)
DoubleFlashback!Carmel: If only there were more countries like this… // The world would be a more peaceful place!! // Everybody could live in happiness!!
Flashback!Streusen: Peace? Is that really your dream?! / Linlin!
Flashback!Linlin: Uh-huh!! // I wanna make a country that would make Mother happy!!

Flashback!Flowers: Flower~!♪ // Flower~!♪
Flashback!Linlin: It’s the magic trick that Mother did!! / How come?! I can do it too!!
Flashback!Streusen: Well, damn!! Is that a Devil Fruit ability?! // All right, Linlin… Let’s do it!! Let’s make this dream country of yours!!
Flashback!Marines: 50 million for a child?! // We’ve had reports that she’s more dangerous than Cipher Pol!! // Capture her before she becomes too big a threat!!
Flashback!Linlin: Bring me sweet treats!!! // If you do, I’ll promise you something in return!!

Flashback!Linlin: Peace, and a country of dreams!!! // Do as I say, and you can all live in happiness!!! // If you don’t, that means you’re selfish… / So I gotta kill you!!!
BigMam: (Mother!! I swear I’ll make everybody big someday!! // When I do, let’s sit around the table together again, OK?! // But there are still people who won’t do as I say!! / It makes me so sad, the tears won’t stop!!! // They took the only photo I had of you, Mother… // …and smashed it up! // I can’t forgive them…!!! // I’ll never forgive… // …those Straw Hat Pirates~~~!!!)
People: ?!!

Someone: !
Bege: The operation… // …has failed!!!!
Flashback!Caesar: Listen up. I can fly through the air… / …so I’ll charge into the wedding hall with a mirror to escape!!
Caesar: ……………!!
Flashback!Bege: Once we’re done, everyone hurry… / …and leap inside Caesar’s mirror!!!
Caesar: (Looks like it’s my time to shine!! // Ugh, how dare she destroy my precious Launchers… // That monstrous old hag!! She’s a Yonkou through and through!!)

Caesar: (Time to make our getaway, guys!! / Leap into the mirror!!)
Luffy: !!
Bege: (Everyone get to the mirror!!)
Caesar: (The air pressure is insane!!!) // ?!!

People: (Ehhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~?!! // Oh, crao!!! / We’re on a rooftop!! There’s no other…) // ……………!! // (…way to escape!! // And no chance… // …of victory!!!)

Bege: Rook In Voller Größe!!
People: !! // ?!!
Bege: For the moment, get inside!! // Allied army!! // Big Father!!!
People: ??!!
[Insert text: When all hope seems lost, a great castle bursts forth!!]

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