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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 869

Castle Defence

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 23, 2017 22:40 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 869: Castle Defence
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 6: Bartolomeo Arc
“It’s The Barto Club, Known for Noise and Destruction”

[Insert text: An emergency retreat…!!]
Bege: (Get inside the castle~~~~~!!)
Montd’Or: (Bege!! I saw it with my own eyes, you fiend!!! // You were plotting to assassinate our Mother!! // Was he plotting this from the very beginning?!! // We can’t let him live!! / And that goes for Caesar too!!)
BigMam: Aaaaaaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!

DuFeld: ……………!! // (My eardrums can’t take much more of this…!!) // ! // (Mochi?) // ……………… / *pant*… *pant*… // (The Tamatebako………!!!)
Vito: (Get inside the castle~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!)
Luffy: ……………!!

Caesar: ?!
People: (Get inside Big Father!!)
Brulee: ……………!!

People: !!!
Nami: Aahh!!
Chopper: (Nami~~~~~!!)
Carrot: (Aaaahhhh~~~~!!)
Chopper: (Awawawawah~~~!!)

Judge: ……………!!
Ichiji: (………………)
Ichiji/Niji: *nod*

[no text just…transformation sequence?]

People: ……………!! // Why, you!! // !!! // ?!!
[Text: GERMA 66]
People: !!!
Perospero: (Of course… Germa science!! So this is what they mean by “memory armour”!! To think it doesn’t even burn… // I’ll restrain them once more… // …with my candy!!!)

People: ?!!

Nami: !

DuFeld: (Now then, my famous secret treasure! // I think we’ve come far enough that nobody will find us, don’t you…?!! / My Tamatebako……!!) ?/ ! // (Heheheh…!! This chaos is the perfect opportunity! // I’ll just switch out the contents and…) // !! // !! // ?!!

Perospero: Candy Wall!!!
People: !!!

Bege: ……!! // Perospero!!
Perospero: La-lick!♪ // Ahhhhh, that hurt… / Are the Germa in on this too? / You’ll pay for this, all of you!
Bege: From a different direction, then…!! / I’ll shoot you until I’m clean out of ammo!!! // ?!! // (What happened?!!)
People: Father!! / All the cannons in the castle…

People: …are clogged with mochi…!!
Bege: ?!!
People: We can’t fire them at all!!
Bege: ……!! // Katakuri…!! // Understood. I have some bad news for everyone as well…
People: ?!
Bege: The limbs of Big Father have been stuck fast with candy!!!
People: !!! // ?!!
Bege: We can’t move from this spot!! // We’re surrounded by the crew of the Yonkou Big Mam… // …with no remaining options but to defend this castle to the last!!

Perospero: (We’ll pick them off one by one, the instant they show their faces.)
Katakuri: (You sure let them take advantage of you, Brulee…)
Brulee: (I’m a victim here, dear brother!! / Now hurry up and blast them to smithereens!! Every last one of them…!!)
Smoothie: (Poison…?! That woman might be quite troublesome…)
[Box: Inside Big Father…]
Luffy: You’re amazing, Bege!! I never knew you could become such a huge castle!!
Bege: This is no time to get excitable!! Remember our situation!!! / Ugh…!! The assassination plot we spend over a year preparing is ruined!! // This is the first time I’ve ever failed to assassinate a target…
Judge: ………………

Brook: They really are on an entirely different level…these Yonkou.
Jinbei: We must consider our next move…
Bege: We don’t have time to be taking a breather here, you lot!! // This castle is my own body!! It’s strong, but it’s not impenetrable!! / If the castle is destroyed, my life ends with it! And when I die, the castle vanishes…leaving the lot of you as easy prey for those monsters!!!
Nami/Chopper: ………!!
Bege: If we leave, we walk into Hell…!! / If we stay put, Hell comes to us! / Do you understand how desperate this situation is?!!
Sanji: ………
Caesar: I hope you’re not going to try blaming me for this mess, Bege! Those launchers were the absolute most advanced-
Bege: Nguahh!!!
Luffy: ?! // Hey, Bege!! What’s wrong all of a sudden?!!! // Are you all right?!
Bege: Urghhh……!! // Look outside……!!!
Luffy: ?!
BigMam: Get out here~~~~~~~!!
Bege: ……!! Big Mam has…returned to her senses!!!
BigMam: All of you get out of this castle~~~~~~~!!! // Show yourselves, scum~~~~~~~!!!
People: !!!
Bege: Aaaaghhhhh~~~!!!
Chiffon: Darling!!
People: Father!!!
BigMam: You dare to…betray me…?!!! // BEGE~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: To traitors, only death…!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 31.]

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