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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 870

Settling Scores

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 8, 2017 00:29 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 870: Settling Scores
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 7: Bartolomeo Arc
“First, Beat Up The Meanest Thug in the Port”

[Insert text: Mam enraged…!!]
BigMam: Get out here, Bege!! // Straw Hat~~~~~~!!!
Chiffon: Wait, Mama!! / It’s me!!!
BigMam: !!
Chiffon: Bege is my husband! We even have a child! / Please, can you forgive him?!! Let him go just this once!!
BigMam: Chiffon…… / You really are the spitting image of Lola. // How many times do I have to tell you…
People: ?!!
BigMam: …not to show that face in front of me~~~~~~?!!!

Chiffon: ……!!! // Mama…!!!
BigMam: Are you in on this assassination too?!!! // You’re not going to be eating any snacks tomorrow!!!
People: ………………
Amande: If the castle is destroyed and Bege dies… / They’ll all be thrown out here…!
Daifuku: Don’t let a single one of ‘em escape……!!
Someone: The Firetank Pirates… The Straw Hats… Jinbei… / And the Germa 66…!!
Katakuri: They made a proper mess of everything… / The wedding, and the Tea Party…
Smoothie: It seems we’ve been taken for fools. / Let’s string them up and make an example of them to the world.
Peoople: !!!

Bege: Nguoohhh!!!
Luffy: Bege!!!
Bege: Ughh!! That old hag……!! Big Father is built to withstand heavy cannonfire… // …but its defences are like nothing to her!!!
Luffy: Listen, I’m going out there to beat her up!!
Nami: You mustn’t, Luffy!! Chopper, stop him!!
Luffy: Hey!! Get off me!!
Nami: You can’t just keep fighting non-stop!! / We came here to recover Sanji-kun, didn’t we?! // We even got the Poneglyph copies we wanted!

Nami: And we granted Sanji-kun’s wish to save his family, too!!
Judge: ……!!
Nami: We’ve achieved everything we set out to do here!!
Sanji: ………………
Nami: If you’ve got the energy left to keep fighting, try using it to think of a way out of here!!
Luffy: …………
Nami: If we were going to start an all-out fight here, we would have brought Zoro and the others!! / Isn’t that right?!
Brook: Luffy-san, I believe Nami-san is correct. / It is precisely because we came here as a small team that we were able to infiltrate this far. // We should focus on escaping safely to meet up with Zoro-san and the others in the Wano Country!!!

Bege: Uorghh!!! // *cough*
Chiffon: Bege!!
Pez: Hgyahh! Gyhahh!
Luffy: But look at the state Bege is in!! / What else are we meant to do?! // He’s taking the full force of those attacks meant for us!
Bege: *cough*…!! Damn it all…!! So while the results of my plan have been nothing but disaster… / All yours have gone off without a hitch, is that right…?
People: !!
Brook: Now wait a moment please, Bege-san! / You’re not planning on taking us down with you, I hope?!
Caesar: I did everything I was asked to do, as well!! / I want my heart back right now!!
Bege: *pant*… Taking you down with me… Wouldn’t that be fine. / I never cared what happened to any of you from the beginning…!! // But lucky for you… All my precious subordinates, not to mention my beloved wife and son, are in here too!!!

Bege: I can’t afford to let you all die!!!
Chiffon: Darling~~~~~!!!
Pez: Hgyahh!
Pirates: Father~~~~~!!
Bege: *pant*… *pant*… // There’s still one way for us to all get out of this alive……!!
People: ?!
Bege: This room may be inside my body… / …urghh!!… // …but it won’t be affected no matter how much my body moves about. / *pant*
Jinbei: ………………
Bege: It’ll stay nice and stable, even if I return to human form. // So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll switch back to human form, with the lot of you still inside…!! / Then Caesar can grab me and carry me off through the air…!!!
Caesar: Hey!! How come you’re putting my life on the line, you bastard?!!! / That plan sounds like suicide!!

Caesar: They’ll shoot us full of holes in no time flat!! / The chances of it working are zero percent!! // Plenty of those guys out there can use Armament Haki!! Even turning into gas won’t save me!!!
Judge: ……………!! // ……Answer me one thing, Sanji.
Sanji: !
Judge: …Why did you save us? // Why come back for us, who have earned nothing but your loathing, when we were caught like fools in our enemy’s trap…?!!
Sanji: I didn’t want to disappoint… // …my old man.
Judge: ?!
Sanji: If I clung to old grudges from back when I was a kid…

Flashback!Sanji: Let me out… // Please, Father!!! I’m sorry…!!
Sanji: ………………
Flashback!Sanji: I’m sorry I was born so weak…!! // Help me!!! Help me, Father!!! Fatheeeeer!!
Sanji: If I stood by and laughed as my own flesh and blood went to their deaths… // He’d be disappointed by the kind of man I’ve become. // Living a life that would make me ashamed to face him… / That’s the one thing…
Flashback!Zeff: Don’t catch a cold, now.
Sanji: …I’ll never do!!!
Luffy: ……!!
Sanji: …Thirteen years ago, when I fled the Germa… / Vinsmoke Sanji died out there at sea that day. // He died, just like you wanted.

Flashback!Judge: You must never breathe a word to anyone… // …of the fact that I am your father…!!! / Of my shame…
Sanji: So let’s get this straight!!!
Judge: ……………!!
Sanji: You are not… // …my father!!! / Vinsmoke Judge!!!
People: ……………!!
Sanji: Never show your face around me or my crew again!!!

Judge: I understand… // You have my word… I will trouble neither you… / …nor East Blue any longer……!!
Reiju: ………………
Caesar: I already finished my mission!! / You’ve got no right to ask any more of me!!
Sanji: ………
Bege: !! / If you don’t cooperate, you won’t get out of here alive either! // Caesar!!
Judge: Open the gate!!
People: ?!
Judge: “Gang” Bege… / Until you have fled to the skies with Caesar Clown…
People: !!!
Judge: The Germa will serve as your guard!!

Caesar: Why are YOU deciding what I do now?!! / You always were insufferably high-and-mighty!! Judge!!
Nami: ?
Bege: Ah, of course… // The Germa can take to the skies as well, can’t they…? / I’ll leave you behind, then…?
Judge: I cannot object.
Luffy: All right!! If we’re buying time, I’ll pitch in and…!! // ?!
Sanji: Let them handle this, Luffy.
Judge: We will not be indebted…… // …to a failed creation!!
Sanji: This is their way… // …of settling the score.

Caesar: Hold it, hold it! Whoa, whoa, I still haven’t said I’m going to do this, you idiots!!
Bege: Shut up… // …and do your job!!!
Caesar: Owwwwwww~~~~~~~!! // You’ll regret this~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: ?!!

People: He deactivated his castle!!!
Caesar: What did I tell you?!! They’re aiming right for me~~~~~~!!! // Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~~~!!! // ?!!
Ichiji: Hurry.

BigMam: So, you show yourselves~~~~!! Pesky insects!!! // Heavenly……!!! // FIRE~~~~~~~!!!
Caesar: !!! // Aaarggghhhhh~~~~~!!!
Reiju: Urghh…………!!! // Aahhh!!!
Niji: Reiju!!
Ichiji: Leave her, Niji!!!

Ichiji: Let the weak fall!! / We focus on our mission!!!
Reiju: What an unlovable brother!! // Don’t worry…I won’t go down that easily!!
BigMam: Out of the way! Nobody is escaping from me!! // You can be the first to go, Germa girl!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no~~~~~~!
Caesar: Ahh!!
Sanji: Diable Jambe: Crosse…
Sanji: STRIKE!!!
Luffy: GUN!!!!
BigMam: Hmmmmm~~~?!!
Luffy: Weren’t you the one telling me not to interfere?!!
Sanji: Yeah! I said YOU stay out of this! Nothing about me!!
Luffy: Not fair~~~~~!!
Nami: They went out~~~!! What do those idiots think they’re doing~~~~~~~?!!!
[Insert text: They can’t just stand by and watch!!]

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