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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 872

Fluffy and Creamy

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 21, 2017 21:39 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 872: Fluffy and Creamy
[Insert text: Memories of their parting…]
[Box: Fishman Island - During Luffy and his crew’s stay]
Flashback!RightMinister: Your Majesty!!! // Regarding your decision to hand over all of our treasures to Luffy-kun and his crew… // We should request the return of the Tamatebako, if nothing else.
Flashback!Neptune: I could never demand the return of a gift that has already been given!!! // What?! It will cause a massive explosion if opened?!!
Flashback!RightMinister: You gave all the treasures… // …to Big Mam?!!
Flashback!Neptune: Is it not possible that it could remain unexploded, Minister of the Right?!
Flashback!RightMinister: That’s the way, Your Majesty!! Positive thinking!!

[Box: The present day… // Wholecake Island // Inside Wholecake Chateau]
People: From the second-floor ceiling of the eastern Baum… // …through to the Unbaum Meeting Room, a massive crack has opened!!! // It’s more than just a crack!!! / It’s come completely apart!!! // This is the third floor Unbaum!! / What’s going on?! The room has just started tilting severely!! // It’s no earthquake!!! // There was the clear sound of a large explosion!! // An enemy attack?!! // ………

People: The tilting won’t stop!!!
Niwatori: ……Can it be…… // It is collapsing…? // Wholecake Chateau… // …is collapsing, mais oui~~~~~~~!!!
[Box: The Capital: Sweet City]
People: Aaaaaghhhhh~~~~!! // Is it enemy cannonfire?! // As if enemies could infiltrate all the way to this island!! // Aaaahhhh~~~~~!! // What the heck just exploded?! // Please, somebody stop this~~~!!! // Everyone’s going to die~~~!!

People: Does it have something to do with… // …the wedding up on the roof?!!
Morgans: ……………?!!
Stussy: Could… Could this be…?
Morgans: Well, of course! What else could have caused that explosion?! / But why the Tamatebako?!!
Ichiji: *cough*
Reiju: What’s going on?!
Sanji: Whatever it is, it saved our hides!! / We were all about to be killed!
BigMam: What’s going on here?! / What the hell is happening?!!
Yonji: Looks like something saved us…
Niji: You say “saved”, but… // …it seems a bit soon for that!!!
People: It’s terrible, Mama!!! // Some kind of explosion is causing Wholecake Chateau to collapse!!!

Nami: We can’t feel anything here inside Bege… // But something strange is going on out there!!! What the heck is happening?!
Jinbei: ……………!! // It looks like total panic outside!!
People: Can it be… Wholecake Chateau itself is rocking?! // What kind of awful joke is this?!! // Are we dreaming or what~~~~~?!!!

Bege: Look, Caesar!! Isn’t this fantastic?!!!
Caesar: Who the heck did this, and how?!!
Brulee: Brother!! Sister!! My siblings!!! // Mama!!
BigMam: Uaaaaghhhhhh~~~~!!!
People: Mama~~~~~~!!
BigMam: Aaaaaghhhhhh!
Bege: We don’t even need to assassinate anyone!!! In one fell swoop… // …the Yonkou Big Mam’s crew will be annihilated!!!

People: Mama~~~~~~~~~!!! // It’s impossible……!! // This castle is bigger than a city… There’s no way we can escape……!! // No matter how we run… // Nobody is getting out of here alive!!!
Galette: Aaahhhh!! // ?! // Brother!!
Katakuri: Calm down……
Galette: ?!

Morgans: Big news!! This is big news!!
Stussy: Don’t you care for your own life?
Morgans: Good point!! I can’t fly!!
Stussy: Still, you do have a point… // If this really is the end of the Big Mam Pirates, it’s big news all right.
Bege: Get moving, Caesar!! // We want to get as far away as possible!!
Ichiji: (…………) // ……… // ……They made it out…
Streusen: Light and fluffy~~~♪ Fluffy and creamy~~~♪ // Life is never~~~♪ like that at all!!♪ // Veränderung… // …Gourmet!!!

People: ?! // It’s no use……!! // It’s all over~~~!! // ?!! // Huh?? // ?! // Whoaaahhhh~~! Whipped cream?? // Sponge cake?!

People: *pant*… / *pant*… // ……………………!! // *pant*… / *pant*… // ……………!!

People: Wholecake Chateau… // …actually turned into a whole cake……!! // That was a close one…… / The Chef in Chief must have saved us……!! // I honestly thought we were done for……!!
BigMam: …Cake… My castle…turned… / …to cake…
Zeus: You all right, Mama?
BigMam: Blegh… Sweets created by Streusen’s transformation ability… // …are filling enough, but not very tasty…
People: Ministers!! What the heck just happened?! / It was like the whole city was collapsing on us……!!
Montd’Or: Shaddup!!!
People: Ehhh?!
Montd’Or: It’s not over yet!!! / They made a run for it, didn’t they?!!! They must still be nearby!!! // Send word to all Tartes throughout Totland!!! // Not one member of the Straw Hat Pirates or the Firetank Pirates are to leave this island!!!

[Box: Wholecake Island - Northwest]
[Labels: Sunny // Bege’s Hideout // Current Location]
Bege: Here should do well enough…!! // Come on out!!
People: Whoaahhh~~~!!
Bege: This is as far as we go together…!!
Caesar: *pant* *pant*…
Nami: Thank you, Bege!! We really thought we were done for back there…!!
Bege: Don’t thank me!! You’ll make it sound like I did a “good deed”, and that makes me sick.
Caesar: I’m the one who actually carried you all, you know!!
Nami: Oh, shut up, you piece of trash!! You think we’ve forgotten what you did to those kids back in Punk Hazard?! // If you’re done being useful, can’t you just die already? // Well?!

Bege: Here, take your heart.
Caesar: Wahey~~~~~~!♡♡
Bege: You’re free to go now, too.
Nami: Couldn’t you just have crushed it?
Caesar: My heeeeeart~~~~!!! I finally have my heart back~~~!!!
Bege: Still, I haven’t got the damnedest idea what happened back there!!
Caesar: I’m never going to see any of YOU again!! Later, dumbasses and idiot woman~~~~~!!
Vito: Father, It’s like I thought……!!
Caesar: I said later, suckers~~~~?!
Vito: It looks like they’ve all gone and survived, la-lick!! / It’s like the castle’s turned to cake…
Bege: ! // That’ll be Streusen’s ability… / He always was something of a mystery… I’ll wager he’s pretty strong in a fight, too. // ……They may not be wiped out, but the Chateau’s still in ruins!! That’s some comfort, at least…!!
Luffy: I guess all that’s left is to get out of here!!
Caesar: Later, losers!!
Bege: That’s been the plan all along… It’s just that the first stage was trickier than expected…!! // You ought to hurry as well. They’ll be on our tail soon enough. / Even once you reach your ship, it’ll take a full day to get out of her territory.
Brook: True enough!!

Bege: Good luck out there. // Castle Tank!!
[Sign: The Straw Hats Went That Way ⇒]
Sanji: Don’t do petty stuff and run off!!!
Bege: Shaddup!! This is life or death!!
Vito: Father!! Can’t we at least say goodbye?!!
Chiffon: I was getting along really well with Nami, too!!
Bege: Don’t fraternise with that lot!! This is where… / …the real escape begins!!!
Brook: Well then, we will recover the Shark Submerge… / …and head directly to the Sunny from there!!
Luffy: Right. Be careful, all right?!! / We should hurry too. Back to the coast where we started!!

Katakuri: Form two platoons, Daifuku.
Daifuku: We split into two groups and go after them!!! // One group is to bring back Straw Hat’s head!! // The other is to bring back Bege’s!!!
People: Yeahhhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Smoothie: Don’t you worry, Mama! We won’t let any of them get…… // !
BigMam: Cake… That cake…was made from the finest ingredients… / The ultimate wedding cake… / I was looking forward to it…
Smoothie: Wha…
Big: My…… / …wedding…… // …cake……!!!
Smoothie: Mama?!!
[Insert text: These symptoms are……!!!]

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