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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 873

A Hopeless Sweet-uation

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 28, 2017 23:21 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 873: A Hopeless Sweet-uation
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 9
Bartolomeo Arc
“For the Common Folk, We Have a Half-Price Sale on Stickers, But…?!”

[Insert text: The Chateau-turned-cake slowly collapses…!]
People: Are you all right?! // Give us a hand here!! // I thought I was done for!! // The cake! It’s crushing me~~~!! // I hear voices from over there, too! Haul ‘em out!!
Niwatori: Oh, my!! Hold on one moment!! // Did all this really happen at the Tea Party, chocolat?! // Th…The Straw Hat Pirates…?!!
Montd’Or: You bet - it was a disaster!! The ceremony, the wedding cake, all ruined!! // They stopped us assassinating the Vinsmokes too… / And to add insult to injury, Bege turned out to be a traitor plotting to assassinate Mama herself!!!
Niwatori: ……………!!

Niwatori: Bege, you fiend…!! // And to think I had an honest respect for your skills!!
Compote: But as for that explosion… // …it’s still a complete mystery what caused it.
[Text: House of Charlotte, Eldest Daughter / Compote]
Oven: If any of them caused it while they were up on the roof with us, it was nothing short of suicidal!! / It seems quite unlikely.
Niwatori: But there’s one mystery we’ve solved! // It seems that during the Tea Party… / …all means of communication with the party venue were cut off!!
Montd’Or: That’ll be Bege’s lot at work…
Oven: Was there something you were trying to get in touch about?
Niwatori: As it happens, yes…!! During the Tea Party, the Sun Pirates who were making their base on the eastern coast…
Pekoms: That’s right!! They went and made a run for it, rrrghhh!!
Montd’Or: Pekoms?!
Pekoms: The whole Fishman Pirate crew packed up their things and flew the coop!! I don’t know what they were thinking…!

People: Wha?! ?/ Jinbei…?!! / He quit the crew and joined the Straw Hats?! // Indeed… That must be the reason. // It was obvious that they’d be in danger from Mama’s wrath. / That’s why Jinbei initially pretended to give up on leaving, to buy time to tell his crew to escape. // A very thorough plan. No less from Jinbei, I suppose…
Daifuku: Katakuri! The fleet’s already headed off after Straw Hat and Bege!! // And we have a separate unit mounting an invasion on the Germa.
Katakuri: Good… Brulee, you come with me!!
Brulee: But of course, dear brother!! / You’re going to wring the life out of those Straw Hats, I hope?!! I’ll never forgive them!! // The way they used me like a handy tool… Aaaaghhh…!

Katakuri: …That is the plan. / I’ll take the head of Straw Hat Luffy myself…!! // My gut tells me that he needs to be taken out of the picture… / …before he truly becomes a threat to Mama.
Smoothie: Everyone, get out of the city!!!
People: !! // Smoothie…
Smoothie: Get as far away as you can~~~~!!!
Katakuri: ?!! // At a time like this…?
Montd’Or: What’s gotten into you, Smoothie?!!
Smoothie: Mont-d’Or! You have to run!!
Montd’Or: !! // ?!!! // It can’t be… At a time like this……?!

People: ?!!! // There it is~~~~~~!! The Queen’s had one of her food heartbreaks~~~~~!!! // Another tantrum, so soon after the last…?!!
Daifuku: She’s remembered about the destruction of the wedding cake she wanted to eat so badly!!
People: !!
Montd’Or: In her hand, that’s…!! // It’s Brother Opera!! / Has she drained his lifespan?!!
Smoothie: ……!! He was fool enough to stand in her way!! / Nobody go near her!! // You all know the drill!! The only way to stop Mama when she gets like this… / …is to give her the food that broke her heart!!! // Where’s the chief chef?! He’s the only one who can replicate that cake!!
People: …Well, the thing is… Master Streusen… // Though he saved everyone’s lives… // …it seems the man himself made quite a mess of the landing!! // ?! // It’ll take days for him to recover…!!
Daifuku: What?! Then how are we meant to stop Mama?!
Perospero: …We can’t let her run amok here in the capital…
People: ……………!!!

Perospero: Mama!! There’s still a wedding cake for you!!
BigMam: ?! // ?!!
People: Brother Peros?!! Stop! What are you saying?!
Perospero: There was a spare cake all along, Mama!!
People: ?!!
Perospero: Made from the finest ingredients, so delectable it could melt your face!!
BigMam: ………
Perospero: Yes, the ultimate wedding cake!♡♡ // I wish I could give it to you right now!! / But those terrible Straw Hat Pirates stole it and ran off with it!! La-lick!♪
People: ?!!
Perospero: Even as we speak, they’re trying to flee with it to the southwest coast!!

BigMam: ……………!! // Wedding cake…!!!
Perospero: That’s right!! The Straw Hats have it!!! // (She must still have enough sense to hear my words!! If she heads after them, that’s two birds with one stone!!)
Katakuri: ………
Smoothie: (Can she really be…controlled in this state?)
BigMam: If you’re lying to me……!!! // You’ll pay with your lifespan……!!!
Perospero: ?!!!

Zeur: Yes, Mama!!

Perospero: ……………!! // ……This is most concerning…
Smoothie: I thought you’d actually pulled it off for a moment, but…
Perospero: Even if Mama eliminates the Straw Hats, she won’t find any cake!! / When she gets back here, I’m done for…!!
Smoothie: Still, you did buy us some time. / We’d better use it to make that cake, or this whole island is doomed!
Perospero: …No, that’s not possible. Think about it, Smoothie… // How many days do you think it took even Chief Chef Streusen to construct that masterpiece?! // We’re all out of those legendary ingredients we stole from other nations, too!! // And the man who had the know-how to make it is out for the count!! There’s no way to make that cake!!! // And to make things even worse… / Mama never actually tasted a single mouthful of that cake… La-lick!♪
Smoothie: ?!! // Which means our task this time…
Perospero: Is to live up to the flavour of the fantasy cake Mama built up in her mind alone!!
People: ?!!

Perospero: Who in the world could create such a thing?!!
Katakuri: This is bad… This island at the very least will be destroyed…!! / And what happens after that, nobody can predict…!!
People: ……………!!
Purin: Would you like me to lend a little help?!
People: ?! // Purin!!!
Purin: I believe that wedding cake was a Chocolate Chiffon Cake! / When it comes to chocolate, I won’t be outdone even by the chief chef!!
People: Ahhh, Lady Purin!!
Purin: And Big Sis Chiffon is an expert when it comes to chiffon cakes!! / Together, we can create that cake!!

Montd’Or: Are you sure, Purin?!!
Oven: But Chiffon is married to Bege, who is now our enemy!!
Purin: I’ll make her see sense…
People: There she is! It’s evil Purin!! // Huh?! Is it just me, or does Lady Purin… // …seem kind of vulgar?!!
Purin: As it happens, in Chocolat Town, on Cacao Island at the outskirts of Mama’s territory, I’ve got all the ingredients… / …ready and prepared!! We even have spares of the legendary ingredients! // Peros, once Mama has wiped out the Straw Hats… / …lead her to Chocolat Town! I’ll put an end to her tantrum!!
Perospero: You’re a true lifesaver, Purin!!
Purin: That Sanji insulted my pride…!!
Flashback!Sanji: What beautiful…eyes you have…!
Purin: If she’s really going to wipe out that crew for us… // A proper reward is the least I can give her…!
People: ?!

Nami: Hurry it up, guys!! // They’ll be after us in no time!!
Luffy: How come you get to act all superior when you’re just riding on Jinbei?!! // *pant* *pant*
Sanji: It’s fine for Nami-san! She’s cute!♡
Carrot: Ahahah!
Nami: That’s right! I’m cute and fragile! // Now we head straight past here, and through the Seducing Woods! That’s the shortest route!
Luffy: We’re going through those woods again? / Will that be OK?
Nami: Ah! What’s that?!
Luffy: ?
Kingbaum: Owowowow…!!
Ladytree: Are you all right, Kin-chan?
Kingbaum: The join really stings… / Ladytree…!♡
Ladytree: It’ll be all fixed up soon enough!♡

Luffy: Ahh…
Nami: Kingbaum! You’re alive!
Ladytree: ?
Kingbaum: Ah… // You’ll pay for this-ju!! All of you!!! // Owowowowow…!! // ……………!!
Luffy: Huh? Nami, didn’t they take Lola’s Vivre Card off you before?
Nami: One of them. I cut it in two just in case!
Jinbei: This is quite speedy!
Nami: He’s the master of the Seducing Woods. / He’ll be able to speed straight through them!
Ladytree: Kin-chaaaaaaan!!
People: Straw Hats sighted dead ahead!!
Nami: Look, behind us!! Enemies!!
People: Proceeding to mount an offensive!!

People: Our targets are right there!! Take them down~~~~~~! // Yeah!!
Nami: Hurry up, Kingbaum!! If they catch up with us… // I’ll tear your join apart again!!
Kingbaum: !!
Pedro: You’re savage…
People: Hm? // Something just passed above us!!
People: ?!! // Whaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~?!!
Luffy: Big Mam~~~~~~!!!
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Joint Issue 36-37.]

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