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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 875

A Woman's Honour

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 25, 2017 23:34 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 875: A Woman’s Honour
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 10: Batrolomeo Arc
“A Yonkou?! What Do I Care~~~~~?!!!”

[Insert text: Meanwhile with the other team…]
[Box: Sweet City - Juice River]
Brook: We managed to get on board all right… // But even the river’s all blocked up with cream! / Whatever shall we do now?
Chopper: It’s so sweet and delicious!♡
Brook: I can’t say I’m a fan. It’s all sticky… / It makes the steering wheel slip, too… // Ahhhhh!! Look out!! / Get out of the way, Mr. Sea Monster~~~~!!
Chopper: Hmmm? Brook!! / Is that a mermaid over there?!
Brook: What~~~~?!♡ A beautiful mermaid?!♡♡
Chopper: Oh, it’s a merman!
Brook: Oh.
Chopper: Look! Over there!
Brook: I’m fine, thanks. / We’ll reach the Sunny soon enough!
Chopper: What’s he doing? Fishing or something?

[Box: South-western coast - The Seducing Woods]
People: ……………!!
Luffy: “Food heartbreak”?! What’s that?!!
Jinbei: It’s a kind of tantrum!! Until she gets a taste of the food she’s craving… // She’ll go on an unstoppable rampage…!!!
Luffy: ?!
BigMam: Wed…… / …ding… // CAAAAAAKE!!!
Jinbei: She’s barely conscious in this state.
Kingbaum: ……………!!

Jinbei: It seems her target this time is a wedding cake!
People: *pant* // *pant*
Jinbei: This must have happened because she missed out on eating the cake at the ceremony……!!
Nami: Luffy!! Why did you go and destroy that cake?!!
Luffy: The plan worked, didn’t it?!!
Homies: Hyeeghh~~~!!
Luffy: You won’t find another cake that tasty in a hurry, though!!
Sanji: You were eating it during the mission?!!
Carrot: I had some too!! It was really good~~~~!♡
Sanji: At any rate, let’s hurry! The ship can’t be that much further now!!
Nami: Ahh…!
Luffy: But in these woods, you can never tell if you’re actually going straight! // Are we going the right way?!!

Carrot: Ahh!! I recognise this river!!
Luffy?: But that bridge was broken last time we saw it!! / *pant*
Nami: If the woods are our enemy… / …we can’t trust anything around here…!! // *pant* // These guys are out to trick us… // Which means this almost certainly isn’t the same place as before! // And Lola’s Vivre Card is no use against them any more…!!
Jinbei: Indeed, not with Mama herself hot on our tail……!! / Just make sure you keep providing that “bait”, Nami!
Nami: Right!
Zeus: Wowie~~~!♡ // So tasty-tasty…
Jinbei: If we let Zeus reunite with Mama, escaping her may prove impossible!

BigMama: GET BACK HERE, ZEUS~~~~~~~!!!
Zeus: !! // Uh-oh~~~~!!
Prometheus: Why are you disobeying Mama’s orders, Zeus~~~~?!!!
Nami: Zeus, look over here!♡ See my beautiful Weather Egg? / It’s packed to bursting with juicy thunderclouds!♡
Zeus: Aaahhhh~~~!♡
Luffy: Hey, Sun!! How dare you burn that tree guy back there! // Gomu Gomu no……!!!

Luffy: JET GATLING~~~~~~!!!
Prometheus: !!! // Unghghghghhhh……!!! // …Guahhh~~~~!!
Luffy: What the heck?! / If Armament Haki doesn’t work on you… // That makes you even worse than a Logia!!
Prometheus: Get back here, Zeus……!!
Zeus: I’ll come back! Just, before I do… // I need to get these delicious thunderclouds first!!

Jinbei: Hurry and cross the bridge, all of you.
Luffy: Jinbei!!
Jinbei: Yarinami!!! // Murasame!!!
Prometheus: Aaaghhhh~~~~!!!
Luffy: It worked!!
Jinbei: But of course!! He is a concentrated incarnation of fire itself!! / Think of him as an inferno that talks!!
Prometheus: Curse you~~~~~!!!
Minions: Mama, we’ll go ahead!!

Pedro: !!!
Carrot: !! // !!!

Minion: You must be Pedro.
Pedro: ?!
Jinbei: ?! / Wait, Pedro!! // Luffy!! Stop Carrot as well!!
Luffy: ?!!
Carrot: Ahh!!
Jinbei: We must not get separated!! If we do, we’ll never find each other again!!! // Concentrate on defending and run!!
Carrot: Aahh!
Pedro: Urgh!!
Luffy/Nami/Sanji: Of course…!!!

Zeus: Got it!! Tasty clouds for me~~~~!!
Nami: Ah! Zeus!
Zeus: !! // Ooh… // Ooooohhhhhh!!
Nami: Huh?!
Zeus: Tooooo tasty~~~~!♡
Prometheus: What is that crazy Zeus doing?!
Sanji: Nami-san, don’t stop moving!! The enemy’s almost on top of us!!
Nami: ……………!!

BigMam: You fools don’t know when to give up!!
People: ?!!
Nami: Inside Zeus…… // My Weather Egg is… // Sanji-kun, everyone! / Run as hard and as far away as you can!!
Sanji: Sounds good!!
Zeus: *munch munch* // Tasty, tasty…
Nami: “Zeus…” // “Breeze…”
Zeus: Ahh!!

Zeus: Aaaaahhhh~~~!!
Minions: Master Zeus?!
Nami: “TEMPO”!!!
People: ?!!

People: ……………!! // ……This is…
Perospero: It would appear that Mama has used Zeus to deal the final blow. // She’ll be coming this way!
Katakuri: ………

Brook: Th… // They’ll be all right…won’t they…?
Chopper: ……… // Luffy…guys……!!
Perospero: It seems your crewmates have perished!
Brook/Chopper: ………
Perospero: So…now that you’re the only ones left… // What will you do?
Brook/Chopper: !!!
Perospero: Even if you risk your lives to recover this ship… // Nobody will be coming to join you! // If you would rather flee in that submarine… / I might be convinced to allow the two of you to escape…
Brook/Chopper: ! // ……………!!
Brook: I must decline your offer.
Chopper: Get out of there, you lot!! That’s our Sunny!!!
People: !!!

People: Zeus is going wild!! // Are they all right down there?!
Purin: I’m sorry, sis… For asking all this of you…!!
Chiffon: That’s quite all right! It’s been so long since we made a cake together!! And besides…
Flashback!Chiffon: Bege!! I told you, didn’t I?! Those people… / …saved my sister Lola’s life!!
Flashback!Bege: But, Chiffon… // It’s dangerous! I’ll be so worried!!
Flashback!Chiffon: It’s too easy to say “Thank you for saving Lola” with words alone!! // When your saviours in trouble…that’s the test of true gratitude!!!

Flashback!Bege: ……………!! // You’re not wrong, but…!!
Flashback!Chiffon: This is what it means… // …to act with honour!!! Right, darling?♡
Flashback!Bege: !!
Flashback!Chiffon: If anything happens to me… // Make sure you take good care of our Pez!!
Flashback!Bege: Chiffooooooon!!
Flashback!Crew: Madam Chiffon~~~~~~~!!
Purin: Over there, sis! There he is!!
Chiffon: Were you even listening?
Purin: S…S….Sanji-san is…!♡♡ // That damn Sanji is right there!!!
Chiffon: We’re back to that?!!
[Insert text: Wavering in her feelings?!]

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