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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 876

Purin Coincidentally Appears!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 1, 2017 22:46 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 876: Purin Coincidentally Appears!
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 11: Sai Arc
“Sai, Don of the Happou Armada, Returns Home”

[Insert text: An unexpected strike from the Nami/Zeus duo!]
Luffy: That’s some incredible power!!
Nami: I could never create lightning like this with the Clima Tact…!!
Pedro: An attack this strong…could it have wiped them out completely?!
People: Where’s Big Mam? // She took the full force of it…!! // She must be at the bottom of that huge hole!!

People: ?!
Jinbei: Mama’s footsteps?! I knew it was too much to hope…
People: ?! // People: Well, shit…that’s Big Mam’s voice!! // She’s going to climb back up!!
Luffy: ?! // Hmm? // Is the hole too deep for her to climb?!
Jinbei: No…… // She is still making headway…
People: ?!
Jinbei: When she is under the spell of a “food heartbreak”… / …there is nothing in this world… // …that can stand in Big Mam’s way!!!

People: ?!!
Luffy: Wha-?!
Nami: No way… The ground is splitting!!
People: ?!!
People: Aaaaaaghhhhhh~~~~!!! // Run for it~~~~~~!!!

BigMam: You’ve got it, don’t you?! You people… // STRAW HAAAAAAAT~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Arghh!!!
Purin: Straw Hat Pirates!!
Luffy: ?!
Nami: Huh?! / Purin!! Chiffon?!!
Luffy: That’s right!! Purin!! // What the hell’s your problem?! Tricking us like that!!
Pedro: You see? We should have tied this one up tight… // …the first chance we got…!!
Luffy: You looking for a fight?!
Purin: O… Of course I’m not!! / Listen to me for a moment!!

Sanji: Purin-chan!♡ You’re all right!! / Thank goodness your sweet face isn’t harmed!!
Purin: !!!
Chiffon: Purin, hang in there!!
People: !! // Big Mam has… // …reached the surface!!
Purin: Mama…!!
Chiffon: There’s no time!! Purin, get straight to the point!!
Purin: Right!! / ……!! // Pathetic!! Look at the lot of you!!!
People: ?!
Purin: Nothing can save you now!!! // Even if you get to your ship, Mama will chase you to the ends of the ocean… / …and leave you dead on the sea floor!!! Ahahahah!!!
People: ?!!

Luffy: What did you say, you little…?!!
Chiffon: That’s not right at all, Purin! What are you saying?!!
Purin: No!! Oh no, no, no!! What AM I saying?!!
Chiffon: Mama has got it into her head that you lot stole the cake she’s after!! She’ll chase you even if you leave the island!!
Luffy: Ehhh……?!
Purin: Precisely!! And that’s why…!! // Sanji!! Come with me!! / Watch as Mama slaughters your crewmates, and savour the taste of hell on earth!! Ahahahahah!!!
Chiffon: That’s not right!! What are you saying?!
Purin: Oh, no~~~~~~~~~~~!!! I want to just disappear!!
Luffy: If that’s all you’re here to say, then get lost already!!!
Chiffon: Wait a moment! That’s not it!! / Black Leg Sanji!! // Purin told me that your cooking skills extend to sweets!

Sanji: Sure…I’m a top-class cook no matter the dish!!
Chiffon: All right, then!! We need you to help us make that cake!! // Help us make the only cake that can stop Mama…and then you can escape!!!
People: !!
Nami: Chiffon……!!
Chiffon: I want to repay you for helping Lola!! // And that means putting my life on the line!!
Purin: …Hmph!! I suppose that might be the result…!! / But don’t get me wrong!! I’m not doing this for you!! / I just happened to feel like making a cake for myself, and it happens to be the same one Mama is after!! / A-and then I just h-happened to pass through here and find you lot…! // S-s-so it’s not like I came here especially to stop Mama… // …because I don’t want you to die or anything!!! Sanji!!!

Purin: …-san……!♡
People: ……………!! // (Who does she think she’s fooling…?!!!) // ……………!!
Sanji: Thanks, that’s a big help!! // Where can we make this cake?!
Chiffon: The ingredients are in Chocolat Town!! // We’ll make the cake as fast as possible, then transport it directly by boat!!
[Labels: Wholecake Island // Cacao Island / Chocolat Town]
Chiffon: That way we can distract Mama!! You just need to hold out until then!! // Once you get out to sea, you’ll have enemies closing in from in front as well!! // I’m trusting you have the strength to deal with it!!
People: Right!!
Sanji: I’ll go with you guys, then!!
Purin: H-h-h-hold it one moment! Whoever said you could ride on here, idiot?!!

BigMam: PURIN……!! // CHIFFON……!!!
People: ?! // This is bad!! She’s going to use that!! // Get out of its path!!!
Sanji: Luffy!!! We’ll meet up at sea!!!
Luffy: I’m counting on you, Sanji!!!
BigMam: IKOKU!!!

People: !!! // !!
Chiffon: Do you think they’re all right?!!
Purin: Hold on!! They’re going off course! // Rabiyan!! Head back down there!! Once you get back to the same point… / I need you to fly straight for the coast!!
People: ?!
Rabiyan: Roger that!!

Purin: Luffy-kun!! Everyone!! / You’re heading for a dead end!!
Luffy: ?! // Huh? // Purin?! / It’s the nice Purin!
Purin: The coast is this way!!
Jinbei: And to think I thought we were heading straight…
Homies: Heeheehee…!!
Purin: Memories… // Fil!!
Homies: Huh?
Homies: ! / !! / ?! // !! / ?!! // !!!!

Homies: ……………!! // ……………? // Huh? I’ve gotta go shopping!! // It’s time to walk my dog… // My big bro hit me~~~~~!! // My son has gone missing!!
Purin: The memories of their souls’ original owners… / …are flashing back through their heads momentarily!! // While they’re confused, Mama won’t be able to control them! // Now everyone should be able to make it through the woods!!
Sanji: I see… Thanks for that, Purin-chan!
Purin: Aaaaghhhh!! When did you get on board, Sanji?!!!
Sanji: Uh, I’ve been here for a while.
Purin: …-san!♡ // G…get off the carpet and swim, dummy!!
Sanji: Your eyes are even beautiful when you’re angry~!♡
Purin: ……!! D-don’t take me for an i-idiot!! // I…I…I’ll murder you, you know?!
Sanji: Huh?!

Sanji: Brook! / Chopper!!
Chiffon: Oh! Is that your ship?!
Sanji: Yeah… It’s under attack!!
Chiffon: Looks like someone got there before you!! // Oh dear… I see my brothers down there……!!
Katakuri: You certainly do… // …have a way with these soldiers…skeleton.
Brook: …*pant*… I am, after all… // *pant* // *pant* // …the Soul King……!!!
Chopper: *pant* *pant* The enemies just keep coming out of the mirrors!!
Katakuri: ………

Chopper: They’re coming from the mirrors in the girls’ room… / D’you think Nami would get mad if I smashed them?
Brook: If you think you can, then by all means do so. / There will be time for apologies later……!!
Perospero: And who are you planning to apologise to, exactly? La-lick! / You saw that lightning blast just now! // None of your crewmates are coming back!
Katakuri: ………
Brook: I tire of your questions. / I have answered you enough times! // At any rate, it is high time you left our vessel!! // The Sunny belongs to us!!!
Luffy: Come on!! I can see the coast beyond the woods!!
Pedro: That Purin really saved our hides…!! Has she really switched to our side?!
Jinbei: We cannot be certain! Let us keep our wits about us until we are out of Big Mam’s territory!!

Prometheus: Hey, Zeus!! Why did you get us mixed up in that?!!
Zeus: I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to do that!! // That thundercloud egg was sooooo tasty, though…!♡
Prometheus: Ehhh?!
BigMam: Wedding…… // …cake……!!
Chiffon: Are you sure about this?! You don’t want to turn back?!
Sanji: Yeah. / They can take care of themselves!! // We need to hurry towards our own goal!! // Let’s make a cake so delicious… // …it’ll knock Big Mam out for the count!!!
[Insert text: Upon his pride as a cook……!!]

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