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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 877

Not So Sweet

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 8, 2017 21:59 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 877: Not So Sweet
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 12: Sai Arc
Fiancée Uholicia: “So, About the Date of our Wedding…”
Sai: “I Need to Talk to You About Something Important, Uholicia.”

[Insert text: They fought bravely, but…]
Perospero: You cost us a fair number of soldiers, you know that?
Chopper: Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
Brook: Chopper-san!!
Perospero: Hahaha… Don’t be so noisy. // What kind of crazy thought process led you to the notion… / …that you would actually be able to steal this ship back from us?
Chopper: Uuuuuurghhhh…!!! Damn it all~~~!!
Perospero: You were never a match for us in strength!!
Chopper: …I… I can’t even transform…!!
Brook: Let Chopper-san go right now!!!

Perospero: You dummy. It’s no use. If you stand up to me… / I’ll turn you into a Candyman and lick you!! // My candy covers the target’s entire body… / …before spreading into their insides…
Chopper: *choke*…!!
Perospero: …preventing them from drawing breath!! Until, plagued by excruciating pain…!!
Brook: Chopper-san!!!
Perospero: In a mere three minutes, the target lives no more!! // And my Candyman, the sweetest and most delicious of corpses, is complete!! / La-lick!♪
Brook: ?!! // Stooooop!!!
Perospero: Hahahahahah!! It’s too late to cry out in regret now!! / I gave you the chance to escape!!! // I was prepared to let the two of you go!! // But you just had to take me lightly… I’m not as sweet as I look, you know!!!

Perospero: This whole island isn’t so sweet to intruders!!!
Brook: ?!! // Chopper-sa~~~~~~~~~~~~~n!!
People: ……………!!
Perospero: Heheheh!! Count the ticks of the second hand, why don’t you?
Brook: Ahh…
Perospero: A fitting end for you sweet, naïve fools.
Brook: Ahhh! Stop!! I don’t want to become sweet and delicious~~~~!!
Perospero: Hahahahahah! I’ll make a Candyman of you and lick you good~~~~~~~~~~~!♡ La-lick!♪

Katakuri: ……………… // Hey. // Peros-nii!!
Perospero: That’ll be Mama, I presume. // We must lead her off towards Purin on Cacao Island. // If she finds out there’s no cake on this ship… / My life will be forfeit!!
Katakuri: ?! // It looks like we haven’t reached that stage yet…
Perospero: ?!
Perospero: Hmm?!

People: ?!! // Aaaaaarghhhh!!! // The coast!! We’ve gotta get to the Sunny, quick……!!!
Katakuri: It looks like the ones taken out by that lightning… // …were our own soldiers……!!
Luffy: ?!! // Brook?! Chopper?! What’s happened to them?!!!
Perospero: You’re still alive, Straw Hat~~~~~?!!!
Katakuri: Get back into Mirroworld!!
People: ?!
Katakuri: In a few short seconds, every last one of you… // …will be sprawled on the ground… // …at his feet.
People: ?! // Whoaaghh!! // The mirror’s over here!! // Hurry up!! Let’s get in the mirror! J-just in case!

Pedro: It looks like a nasty bunch got here before us. / Katakuri!! …Perospero!!!
Perospero: Hohoho!! I’ll give you some credit for surviving this long… Very impressive!! // CANDY MAIDEN!!!
People: ?!!
Carrot: A wall of candy!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no…!!
Perospero: Any fool can see…

Perospero: …this is no mere wall!!!
Luffy: !!!
Jinbei: Head around it and to the ship!!!
Luffy: No, keep going straight!!!
Jinbei: ?!
Luffy: RED HAWK!!!
People: !!!

Jinbei: Ahhh…
Perospero: Flames?!
Carrot: Aahhhh…
Nami: Aahh!!
Luffy: !! // Hrngh!!
People: !!!

Carrot: His ability……!! // He’s like Luffy!!
People: ……………!!
Nami: What now, Luffy?!! We’re surrounded!!
Jinbei: Luffy!! You focus on getting Katakuri off the ship!! / We’re going to get this ship moving!!
Luffy: Leave it to me!! They came through the mirror, right?!!
Katakuri: ………………
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no~~~~~!!

Pedro: Carrot…
Carrot: ?!
Pedro: I want you to stay calm no matter what happens here.
Carrot: Huh?
Pedro: I have a feeling… / …that Luffy and his friends…
Nami: Ahhh!
Pedro: …are the very ones our clan, the House of Kouzuki, have been awaiting for centuries. // The ones who will lead the world to its dawn!!
Carrot: Awaiting for centuries…?!

Perospero: Hey, Mont-d’Or. Surround the coast with battleships.
Montd’Or: All right, Peros-nii!! // It looks like Straw Hat and his men… / …are still alive after all.
Jinbei: “Coup de”…what…?!
Nami: This ship can leap forward by a kilometre!! // It’s no use trying to set sail normally… / Big Mam will just sink the ship!!
Jinbei: ?!
People: She’s here!! Big Mam is here!!!
Pedro: Carrot, help me get this ship moving!!
Carrot: Right!!

Jinbei: Hey, Brook!! Chopper!! Are you conscious in there?! // It’s no use us escaping if the two of you die in the process…!! // Hmm?!
Announcement: This is the Candy Island Tartes. / We’ve sighted the Straw Hats on the southwestern coast.
People: !!
Announcement: This is Minister Amande… / …with the Nut Island Tartes. We’re moving in.
Jinbei: This is quite the predicament. Battleships from the ocean… // …and Big Mam from the land!!
Nami: Let’s see… We need to set three colas…
Luffy: Whoahh!!!

Luffy: ?! / Huh?!
Carrot: Whoaaaaaaa~~~!!! // What is this?! Candy?!
Nami: What’s wrong?!
Carrot: Nami!! It’s terrible!! The ship’s stuck in some kind of candy!!
Perospero: Haaaaahahahah!! Candy Wave!! // I aim for nothing short of perfection!!!
People: !!
Carrot: Over there!! / It’s him~~~~!!
Nami: What’s up with all this candy?! We can’t use Coup de Burst like this!!
Perospero: Heheheheh!
Carrot: Turn Brook and Chopper back too, nasty candy man!!
Perospero: Will you be crushed by Mama first?!! // Or sunk by the cannonfire first?!! // ?!!

Pedro: !!!
Perospero: Oh, dear me!! Whatever are you doing there, Pedro~~~~~~~~?!!! // Hohohoh! // Do you know how large my bounty is, brute? Seven hundred million!! // The likes of you could never… // Wha-?!
Pedro: This should put an end to all your magic tricks, shouldn’t it…?
People: ?!
Perospero: Explosives?! Stop! What in the world are you thinking?!
Carrot: Pedro?!
Flashback!Pedro: I had a feeling all along… // …that this would be my final journey…!!
Carrot: Huh?
Pedro: Farewell!!
Flashback!Carrot: What do you mean, Pedro?
Luffy: ?!
Flashback!Pedro: You’ll understand someday just how important it was… / …to make sure Luffy and his friends escape alive here today!! // So listen - you all need to… / …keep moving forward!!
People: !!! // PEDRO~~~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: A sacrifice for the future……!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Issue 42.]

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