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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 879

Katakuri of Big Mam's Three Sweet Stars

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 29, 2017 22:10 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 879: Katakuri of Big Mam's Three Sweet Stars
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 13: Sai Arc
"That's What You Get For Calling Off The Engagement!"

[Insert text: Sadness falls upon the Sunny...]
Brook: It can't be......!! // Pedro-san......!! // If only we...had been stronger......!!! // ...............!!

Jinbei: It is our enemies who must truly wish to weep right now. // 'Tis not right for us let our hearts waver.
Brook: ......!! Now, wait a moment, Jinbei-san!!! // How can you say such a callous thing?!! / Perhaps you are less affected because you did not know Pedro-san for as long, but -
Jinbei: I am saying we must stand firm!!!
Brook: !!
Jinbei: All of us came close to death at that coast. / That is the nature of this place. // Pedro never forgot that, and he had the resolve to do what it took. // This was a victory for him!!!
Brook: !!

Jinbei: How much do you think your foes have lost thanks to your arrival here?! / From their perspective, this is an unprecedented defeat!! // Can you not hear Pedro's voice within you? Surely you must hear him say...
Carrot: ...............!!
Jinbei: "Fight on!!!" // Luffy understood that in an instant... / ...and crafted a plan to face a deadly foe alone!! // Katakuri is a bounty head valued at over a billion Beli...!! That was a mighty gamble!!! // She will come after us yet. / Big Mam, the Pirate Queen of this land, is close at our backs!! // There is no telling when the fleets of the enemy might assault us from any direction!! / Until we escape the territory where the name of Big Mam holds sway...

Jinbei: ...we must not let our guards down for an instant......!! // Is that not what Pedro is telling us?!!
Chopper: ......!! // Haaahhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Nami! Give me orders!!
Nami: ......!! / The plan is for Sanji-kun and the others... / ...to meet us en route from Cacao Island, so... // We have to make sure not to miss them......!! // Turn the ship to starboard!!
Chopper: Right!
Nami: A strong wind is on the rise!! It'll carry us forward!! // We'll catch the wind on our starboard side... / ...and sail due east!! / The shortest path to our destination!!
Brook: I'll refill the cola we used up!!
Chopper: Roger that!!
Jinbei: .........Right. // You can count on me to read the currents!!

Carrot: ...............!! // !! / They're coming!!! Enemies at six o'clock!! / It's the ships from just now, and...... // ?!
Carrot: It's Big Mam!!!
Carrot: She's walking on top of the ocean!!!
People: ?!!
Jinbei: Impossible!! Even for her, that's...!!

Carrot: ! // It's not the ocean...!! // She's walking on top... // ...of a gigantic moving mass of candy...!! // ...............!! // Candy...
Perospero: Heheheheh...!! // Ame Umiushi!!
[TN: "Candy Sea Slug"]
People: !!!
Perospero: Where did Zeus run off to?! It's his job to carry Mama across the waves!!

Perospero: But no matter... As it so happens, I have something of a score to settle... / ...with these intruders now myself......!! // Losing my right hand means little... / I can always replace it with candy... // But whenever I drink my favourite hot afternoon tea... / ...and see my right hand melt from the heat of the cup......!! // I will be forced to remember it once more!! The face of that Mink jaguar!!! // Isn't that right, Napoleon? There can be no greater humiliation!!
Napoleon: There's no future for felons in this country, anyway...
Perospero: How much suffering must I administer to his comrades before this thirst for revenge will be satisfied...?!!!
[Box: Wholecake Island - Western Coast]
Zeus: Huhhh~~?! Nobody's here any more!
Prometheus: I just wanna eat some fire...!! // I'm all out of energy.........

[Box: The Seas of Totland]
Pound: Wha? // Wha-wha-wha... // Whaaa~~~? // ......... // Are my eyes deceiving me......?!!!
[Text: Pound (Chiffon and Lola's Father)]
Pound: I...I could have sworn I saw my daughter......!!! / Chiffon......?! // Heeeeey!! /Heeeeeeey!!
Chiffon: That's right! Lola... / ...was the Minister of Chocolate on Cacao Island!! Since she left, the position has never been filled! / Everyone thought Purin should be the next Minister, but she kept on refusing......!!
Purin: Well, I...I could never......!!

Purin: The Chocolate Minister position in Chocolat Town... / ...belongs to Lola-neechan!! I always hoped she'd come back some day...
Sanji: Well, I never... / So Lola-chan from Thriller Bark was a master chocolatier all along...?!!
Chiffon: That's all well and good, but can you get out of there already, Purin?!
Purin: ! // Ahahahahah!! If I were to sit on the same carpet as that man while wearing a wedding dress... / ...people might get the wrong idea and mistake us for a married couple!!
Chiffon: Who's "people"?
Purin: And that would be awful!! Ahahaha... I...I couldn't bear it, got that?!!
Sanji: I'm sorry if I embarrass you, but could you calm down a little?
Purin: !! // (Aaaaahhh~~!♡ How kind can he be?! He's worrying about me...!♡) // Sh...shut up, all right?!! It's my own business whether I fall off or not, not yours, Sanji!!!
Chiffon: Purin...! At any rate, we're almost at Cacao Island.
Sanji: Right! Let's hurry and get cooking!
Purin: ...-san!♡

[Box: Mirroworld]
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!!
Mooks: Gyahahah! Give it up!! Just accept defeat already, Straw Hat!! // Master Katakuri is the strongest of the Three Sweet Stars!!! // You're never making it back to that ship!! You have no way to even leave this place!!
Katakuri: !!!

Katakuri: Hahah... Is this not quite how you do it?
Luffy: !!
Katakuri: Seems more efficient this way to me!!!
Luffy: *pant* // *pant* // !! // Guaaaahhhh!!!
Mooks: Aaaaghhhhh!! // Master Katakuri, you're so merciless!!!

Katakuri: ...I told you, did I not......? Even with that ability...... / There's nothing you can do that I can't. // You are inferior in speed, in power, in every metric.
Luffy: As if rubber's gonna lose to mochi!! // Gomu Gomu no...!!
Katakuri: .........
Luffy: HAWK STOMP!!!
Mooks: Guahhh~~~~!!

Mooks: He vanished!!
Luffy: !!! // ?!!

Katakuri: ......... // "Power" this time, is it...? // Just give it up.
Luffy: Dammit... // Gomu Gomu no...!! // Elephant!!!
Katakuri: ......
Mooks: What a huge punch~~~~!!

Luffy: GUN!!!!
People: !!!
Mooks: Master Katakuri's is even bigger~~~~!!
Luffy: Nghhh...
People: ?!!
Luffy: Urghh!!
People: !!!
Katakuri: Did I do it right? // This "Elephant Gun"...!!
Luffy: ...............!! // Guehh...
[Insert text: The power of a billion bounty... Overwhelming...!!]

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