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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 880

No Way Out

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 7, 2017 01:11 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 880: No Way Out
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 14: Sai Arc
"And To Think I Was Willing To Make You My 26th Husband!!"

[Insert text: Meanwhile, with the cake group...]
[Box: Cacao Island - Chocolat Town]
People: Purin-sama!! // Ah! Minister of Fluffiness... / Ch...Chiffon-sama!!
Purin: Don't worry. My sister Chiffon... / ...isn't the one responsible for the rebellion! // It's all the doing of her husband, that "Gang" Bege!!
Chiffon: .........
Flashback!Purin: I'm sorry, Sis... // We have to stick to the story that I'm forcing you to make this cake.
Flashback!Chiffon: It's all right, Purin. / That's my position now.

People: Ah, but Purin-sama... We have heard everything!! / All about the terrible events today! // To think that such a wonderful wedding ceremony... / ...would be spoiled by not only an attack from Straw Hat Luffy, but the betrayal of Bege as well!!
Purin: Indeed... But what is past is past!
People: How furious must Mama be about all of this?!!
Purin: That is the problem. Her rage and hunger are so great, they could easily crush this whole nation. / Is everything prepared here?!
People: Around an hour ago, a team of 31 chefs... // ...arrived here from Wholecake Island. // Oh, Mistress Purin... None has suffered more from today's events than you, and yet...!!
Purin: Don't you worry!♡ // I won't let Mama destroy this country!!
People: Mistress Purin~~~~~~!!

Chefs: We have been waiting for you!!
[Text: WCI31 / (31 Head Chefs from Wholecake Island)]
Chefs: Mistress Purin!! / The initial preparations are already underway!!
[Box: Chocolat Town - Sweets Factory]
Purin: I have a request to make of everyone in this town!!
People: ?!
Purin: The baking of this cake is an endeavour that could decide the future of this country! / It requires our utmost concentration!! // As such, please stay away from the factory while we are at work! / And no matter who arrives, do not allow them near the factory either!!

People: All right!! You can count on us, Mistress Purin!! // Good luck in there!!
Purin: (That should ensure Sanji-san isn't discovered...) // Now, my chefs, if you would... / Please enter the factory one by one!!
Chefs: ?
Bouche: Head Chef of the First Kitchen, Bouche! // Coming in! // Aughh!!
[Box: Inside the Factory...]
Sanji: Hey. I'm coming out. // Whew!
Carpet: There we go!
Chiffon: Thank you for your help.
Sanji: I didn't want to waste any time... / ...so I took the liberty of drawing up a plan for the wedding cake while I was in there.
Chiffon: ! / You can remember the details?!
Sanji: Mostly, yeah.

Chiffon: Wh-what?! The shape is one thing, but how do you know the specific ingredients?!
Sanji: From the scent.
Chiffon: !!
Purin: Hurry along, now!! There's no time to waste!!
Sanji: Whoa-hoh!! Purin-chan in a chef outfit is extra cute~~~~~!♡
Chefs: Mistress Purin, are you quite all right?! // Let's make this a success!! We're counting on you too, Master Groom!!
Sanji: ?

Purin: (I removed the chefs' memories of the incident. In other words... / As far as they're aware, the ceremony went forward without any issues, and we're m...m...married.)
Sanji/Chiffon: ..................
Purin: (But thanks to an unfortunate turn in the weather, the wedding cake was ruined!! / Mama became furious, and we've been forced to make a replacement cake posthaste. // That's the replacement story I prepared. / Their memories of making the cake should still be fresh, so they'll be quite useful!!)
Sanji: I see...
Chefs: Th...!! These plans, and this recipe... Whoever could have written them?!
Sanji: Let me know if there are any mistakes.
Chefs: Master Groom!! You wrote all this?!! // It's perfect!! Even the secret ingredients that Master Streusen spent a week agonising over are right on the mark!! // We'd heard that you were good, but this is incredible!!

Chefs: How strange a twist of fate that this particular cake... / ...should become your first work together as husband and wife!
Sanji: Wow, I guess you're right. I'm all embarrassed now!♡
Purin: !!!
Chefs: Is something the matter with the bride?
Chiffon: Don't say any more!! You'll kill her!!
Purin: W...wife...br...bride... // (Aaaahhhh~~~!♡ The two of us, a married couple!♡) // I...if you get any funny ideas, I'll murder you where you stand! You got that, Sanji...?!!
Sanji: I need you to get some ingredients together, and quick. / Unhomogenised milk, sugar beets, bananas, black sesame, kinako and yogurt. As much as possible.
Chefs: Yes, sir!!
Purin: ...-san!♡
Sanji: This is a battle against time!! / Chiffon-chan, I need you to create the giant chiffon cake... // ...and Purin-chan, you handle all the stages of the chocolate tempering! / I need both done within 2 hours and 40 minutes!! // That's when I'll add my secret weapon. / I'll show you the true pinnacle of sweetness, guaranteed to carry anyone to an ecstasy of happiness!!!

Purin: Th...the pinnacle of sweetness......?!♡
Sanji: We'll ship the product out in three hours' time, and handle the cooling-down and decoration en route. / By the time we rendezvous with the Sunny, we'll have ourselves the ultimate cake!!
Chiffon: I see...a very efficient plan.
Chefs: But can it really be done that quickly...?!
Chiffon: It's not a question of "can"! We WILL! Or do you want Mama to destroy our homes?!
Chefs: We're very sorry!! We're with you all the way!!
Sanji: All right...!! Let the cooking begin!!!
Chiffon: (This is for Lola's saviours!! // It's got to be the fluffiest and dreamiest chiffon cake I've ever made!!)
Sanji: (You hang in there, guys!! I'll show you how a real chef does battle!!)
Purin: (I have to make sure Sanji-san and his friends escape!! // With the power of my sweet, sweet chocolate!!)

[Box: Mirroworld]
Katakuri: You're still alive, Peros-nii?
Perospero: Heheheh!! Just about, yes!! // I'm with Mama right now, going after that ship. / The bastards are persistent at running, I'll give them that!!
Katakuri: Understood.
Perospero: What a worthless death he had in the end. / That fool Pedro!! Hey, are you listening, Straw Hat?!!!
Luffy: ......!!!
Katakuri: ......... // Hey, Brulee.
Brulee: Hguahh.........?! // Ahh... Brother......!!
Katakuri: How long do you plan on lying there? / With you out for the count, we can't mobilise our soldiers.

Katakuri: Their Captain put on a fine little show of protecting his crew... // ...but look where that's got him now!! / Take some soldiers to their ship and set it alight, why don't you?! / Apparently they're still hanging on.
Luffy: !!
Brulee: As you wish, Brother!
Siblings: Brulee-neechan!! We found a mirror that connects to the Straw Hats' ship!! / There are probably another one or two out there!!
Brulee: All right...let's go, then! While they're panicking to put out the flames, Mama will crush them!! // Wiiiiih-wih-wih!
Siblings: ?! // Whoah!! // Watch out!!
Luffy: *pant*......!!

Luffy: Give that mirror here!!! // Keep your dirty hands off them!!!
Siblings: Ahhh!! // Aaahh~~~~!!
[Box: House of Charlotte, 34th Son / Mascarpone]
[Box: House of Charlotte, 29th Daughter / Joscarpone]
Luffy: !!!
Katakuri: Weren't we fighting one-on-one? // Straw Hat.
Siblings: Ahahaha!!

Luffy: Ggghhh...!!
Katakuri: You're the one... // ...who should keep your dirty hands off...... // ...my little brothers and sisters!!!
Luffy: Ahh!! // Whoa!! // The mirrors... // Hey!! // Nami!!!

[Box: The Seas of Totland]
Luffy: Jinbei, can you hear me?! // Somebody answer!!
Nami: Luffy?! // Luffy!! It's me!! Are you OK?!
Luffy: !!
Brook: Ahhhh! Not again!!
Jinbei: .........
Luffy: There are still mirrors on board the ship, right?!
Nami: !
Luffy: In the guys' room, and the bathroom and stuff!! // Smash them all!! To tiny pieces!!!
Nami: ?!

Nami: What are you talking about?! How would you get back then?!!
Luffy: I don't know!! But it'll work out somehow!!! // I'll make it work out!!!
Brook: Ahhhh! The room's on fire! Water!! Water!! // It's awful! Flaming arrows are coming through the mirror!! / Not to mention the cannonballs from outside!!
Brulee: Wih-wih-wih!!
Luffy: Stop that, you lot!!!
Siblings: Ahahahaha!!
Luffy: Damn you!!!
Nami: ?!
Luffy: Urnghh!!!

Nami: Luffy?! Are you all right?!
Luffy: ......!!
Soldiers: Ship invasion squad!! Follow me~~~~!! // Yeahhhhh~~~~~!!
Luffy: Hurry up and smash them!! All of them!! / The enemy's going to flood in through there!! I can't stop them on my own!!! // Let me focus on this one guy!!!
Nami: !! // Everyone!! We need to smash all the mirrors on -
Carrot: Nami!!! This is bad!!
Nami: ?!
Carrot: We can't get away......!!
Nami: ?!! // A giant wave~~~~~~?!! // !!! // ...Hello? / I'm sorry, Luffy... // It looks like we're not...
Luffy: ?
Nami: ...going to make it...
[Insert text: Absolute power, absolute despair...]

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