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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 882

The Yonkou's Miscalculation

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 25, 2017 19:09 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 882: The Yonkou's Miscalculation
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 16: Ideo Arc
"As We Sailed Off in the Ship Orlumbus Gave Us...?!"

[Insert text: A blade pointed at his prey...!!]
Katakuri: It's not as if everyone... // ...dies because they wanted to die. // Most deaths happen whether the victim likes it or not.
Luffy: !
Brulee: Wiwiwih! // That's right!! So hurry up and die, Straw Hat!!
Luffy: That branch............!!
Brulee: My name's Brulee!!

Brulee: Wiwih!! My lovely brother Katakuri... / ...is more than just undefeated!! // His back has never touched the ground from the day he was born! / He's superhuman!! // The day, the very instant he was born, he stood up, sat down on a chair and fell asleep! / And since that legendary day, he hasn't lain down a single time!! He looks down on even the ground itself!!
Katakuri: That's enough, Brulee......
Brulee: Noble, clearheaded and powerful...perfect in every way! / That's the kind of man our brother Katakuri is!!! // He's the pride of the whole House of Charlotte!! / And a pipsqueak like you thinks you're even worthy of facing him?!!
Luffy: Oh, shaddup!! // Get lost already!!

Katakuri: What do you think you're doing to my little sister?
Brulee: Aaahhhhhhh!! // Onii-chan!!
Luffy: ?! // Bueghh!!! // !!

Katakuri: Mochi-tsuki.
Luffy: Whoahh!! // ...............!! // Th...that was close!!! // Hmm?

Luffy: Whoaaah!! // ?!!
Katakuri: The name of my spear is "Mogura"!!
[TN: "Mole"]
Katakuri: So, which will it be? Your hands? Your feet? Tell me which you are least attached to......!! // I'll tear them off in that order!!
Brulee: Start with the head, Onii-chan!!
Luffy: Shut up already, you!!!
Brulee: Wih-wih-wih! I heard all about your meetup point, Straw Hat...!!!

[Box: The waters of Big Mam's territory]
Perospero: You're telling me their ship is still safe~~~~?! // Is that true, Brulee?!!
Brulee: Without a doubt. I heard their voices!!
Wave: Hey, can we do the fun wave thing again, Mama?! // We're not done, are we? Hey~~~!
Perospero: You do realise a candy monster caused a gigantic wave and swallowed them whole?! // How could they possibly escape from...?!!
Brulee: I don't know how they did it!! All I know... // ...is that they're alive... / ...and they'll appear on Cacao Island within the night!!!
Perospero: ?!
Brulee: That's what they promised Straw Hat Luffy! No doubt about it! / Without realising it, they're heading straight to our final objective!!!

[BubbleSFX: *fzzt*!!]
Perospero: Mama!! The cake you desire is on Cacao Island!! // (Purin is making the cake on Cacao Island...!! Whatever happens, that's where everything will have to be settled!!)
Perospero: Huh? // Hold on a moment! Where are you going?! Mama!! // We can't be taking detours!! That's Nuts Island!! / The ship didn't head there!! // The cake is headed to Cacao Island!!
[Box: Mirroworld]
People: Ahh!! // Aaghh~~~!! // Whoahh!!

Luffy: *pant* // *pant* // !!!

Luffy: *pant* // ......Dammit!! // Wherever I try to dodge, his attacks are right ahead of me!! // It's twice as tiring as a normal fight!!
Katakuri: I could say the same.
Luffy: ?!
Katakuri: Nobody has ever dodged my attacks this much before. // It's frustrating. // Nagare-mochi!!!
Luffy: !!! // The ground turned to mochi!! // It's that thing Doflamingo did!!
Katakuri: Naturally, my abilities... // ...are Awakened.
Luffy: !!! // Crap...
Katakuri: "Gear Fourth"? / How intriguing...

[Box: Wholecake Island - Sweet City]
Montd'Or: How very odd...
Pekoms: Rrrgggaaoohhhhh~~~~~~~~!!! // Rrrrrgggaaooohhh~~~~~~!!
Montd'Or: The data on the location of the Straw Hats' ship isn't coming in...!! / What are those Territory Sea Slugs playing at?!
Pekoms: Rrrrggaohhhhh~~~~!
Montd'Or: Our defence grid is so tight, you could throw a stone and hit a Sea Slug... / ...so how are they moving through it without leaving a trace?!! // Oh, will you shut UP, Pekoms?!! How long do you plan on keeping up that infernal wailing?!!
Pekoms: Rrrrrggaoooohhhhhh~~~~!!! // Big Bro Pedrooooo~~~~~~!!!
Niwatori: I feel his pain......!! / His childhood friend and brother-in-arms threw away his life in a suicidal attack, mais oui!!
Montd'Or: That's an enemy you're talking about!!
Flashback!Pedro: The Straw Hats are the ones who will lead the world to its dawn!
Niwatori: It is quite the shock to me, also...

Niwatori: Five years ago, I watched as Pedro cried bitter tears and begged for his life!! / Today, that same man threw his own life away to allow that crew to escape!!
Montd'Or: Yeah, what about it?!!
Niwatori: We may have been grossly underestimating the worth of that man, Straw Hat Luffy!!
Montd'Or: Why shouldn't we? He's worlds beneath us as a pirate!!!
Niwatori: Can you still say that, looking at the state in which he left Mama's chateau?!
Montd'Or: That was a coincidence! An accident!!
Niwatori: And you think it's a coincidence that immediately following that accident, the Sea Slugs are slacking off their jobs?!
Montd'Or: !! // Then what?! You think they planned this whole thing?! Is that what you're saying?!
Niwatori: At the very least, we have been experiencing nothing but unexpected "accidents" ever since the Straw Hats arrived here!!

Niwatori: An arrogant ruler is all too easily felled!!!
Montd'Or: ?!!
Niwatori: In order to avoid the remotest possibility of bringing shame to Mama's name... / ...I believe we should station powerful fleets even at the very edges of our territory!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrring...!!*
Someone: Master Mont-d'Or, we received word from Custard-sama!!
Montd'Or: ! / Custard was after Bege, right? // And? Is Bege taken care of?
Someone: No...it seems they've lost sight of his vessel! / And we can't seem to pick up their location from the Territory Sea Slugs...
Montd'Or: ?!!
Niwatori: ...............!!
Montd'Or: ...Investigate the sea bed, at once!!!
Someone: Yes, sir!!
Montd'Or: What the hell is going on out there?!!

[Box: The waters of Big Mam's territory - Bege's Crew]
People: There should be more pursuers after us!! // But it seems like the Den-Den Mushi aren't picking anything up from the Territory Sea Slugs!!
Bege: I've never heard of anything like that happening before!! // But it's good news for us!! / Let's hurry to Cacao Island!!
[Box: Firetank Pirates / The Nostra Castello]
Bege: We'll take the shortest possible route to meet up with Chiffon!!
People: Yessir!!
DenDenMushi: *ka-chunk!!* / This is Nusstorte, aboard the Germa vessel...!!
Montd'Or: Bro! How did things go with the Germa?!
DenDenMushi: We crushed them with ten thousand soldiers. / Their country is in ruins!!
Montd'Or: No less from you, Bro!! / Still, it sounds like you really went all out......!!

Montd'Or: I hope you haven't gone and destroyed the clone production system as well!
Niji: Of course not! That is our objective here, is it not?!!
[Box: The Germa Kingdom]
Niji: But everything else is crushed beyond recognition!!
Montd'Or: Wahahah! That's what I like to hear!! Those foolish Germa!! Their fate was sealed the day they became our prey!!
Niji: What's the status on the Straw Hats?
Montd'Or: Ashamed though I am to admit it, they managed to set sail! // They're currently retreating towards the west.
Ichiji: ......
Montd'Or: Still, it's only a matter of time before they're taken care of.
Ichiji: Let's move out!! Set sail at once!!!
[Insert text: The unparalleled military force of the Germa 66!!]

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