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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 884

Who Is It?

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 10, 2017 23:03 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 884: Who Is It?
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 18: Ideo Arc
"Upon Capturing Them, We Found Longarms Fighting Longlegs In A Thousand-Year Feud"

[Insert text: Finally, a strike hits home...!!]
Katakuri: !!!

People: !! // !!
Luffy: I thought you were actually invincible!!! // 'Cause Armament Haki is meant to overcome substance!! // With Armament Haki... // ...you can even hit a Logia user!! // And yet my attacks went straight through your body!!!

Luffy: But I was wrong!!!
Katakuri: !!
Luffy: You can be attacked... // ...just like anyone else!!!
Katakuri: Urghh!!!

Luffy: And even that super-tough Armament defence of yours... // ...can't stand up... // ...to the power of Gear Fourth!!!
Katakuri: Haahhhh...... // ...............!! // Hahhhhhhh......
Luffy: It's not your mochi abilities that are incredible!!!
Katakuri: !!!
Luffy: It's your Observation Haki skills, right?!!

Luffy: Rhino Schneider!!!
Katakuri: !!! // *pant* // *pant*

Katakuri: *pant* // Hahhhhh... // *pant*
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!! // KONG ORGAN!!! // ?!!
Katakuri: I'm impressed that you saw through me...!!
Luffy: !!!
Katakuri: You're right. I'm just dodging your attacks by changing form efficiently. // My ability to see the future with Haki makes it possible.

Katakuri: I got a little heated up just now... / Which gave you an opportunity to break through. // After all, Observation Haki doesn't work... // ...if you don't keep your cool...!!
Luffy: Ahh!!
Katakuri: How many years has it been since I took a punch...?! // I think I'm starting to understand...... // ...why my little brother Cracker lost to you...!!
Luffy: That biscuit guy?!!
Katakuri: Musou Donuts!!!
Luffy: ?! // That's...not mochi?!!

Luffy: Why, you!! // Rhino... // Huh?!
Katakuri: Chikara-Mochi!!!!
Luffy: !!!

Katakuri: I won't give you any more opportunities. / *pant* // *pant* / So, we're back where we started...!!

[Box: Cacao Island - Chocolat Town]
Pound: Please, I beg you!! // I just want you to open up!!
[Box: Sweets Factory]
People: I'm afraid we can't do that, Mr. Pound! / Mistress Purin gave us express orders...
Pound: I just want another glimpse of Chiffon!!
People: Who is that guy...?!! // Mama's 25th husband, apparently... // Ohh...
Pound: I knew her the moment I set eyes on her!! / Her face hadn't changed a bit since the day she was born! // She was still so beautiful!! I just want to see her and speak with her, just for a moment!!!

[Box: 16:00 PM]
Brulee: Is something the matter, Purin?
Purin: Not at all, Brulee-neesan. / Carry on.
Chiffon: It seems a little noisy outside...
Sanji: There's some guy shouting a bunch......!! // Don't worry, nobody's getting in here!!
Brulee: In other words, tonight at 1 AM...
People: We need sugar over here!! // Baking powder!!
Brulee: ...the Straw Hat vessel we lost sight of is going to arrive at Cacao Island where you are!!
Sanji: !

Sanji: (Here......?!)
Brulee: That's where their Captain who got separated, Straw Hat Luffy, has agreed to meet up!!
[Box: Mirroworld]
Brulee: Though of course... / The chances of him defeating Katakuri-oniichan... // ...and actually making it to Cacao Island are nonexistent!! // Wih-wih! // Which means that in 9 hours' time...
People: Push~~~~!!
Brulee: The Straw Hats are going to arrive, waiting for a Captain who won't show up! // And our food-heartbroken Mama and Peros-nii will gather on Cacao Island in pursuit of them!!

Brulee: But don't worry!! You can leave the Straw Hats... / ...to Oven-oniichan's squad, who should be on their way to you right now!!
People: Ahhh! It's Master Oven!! // Master Oven!!
Oven: What's all this about not entering the factory?! / Do you mean to forbid even me?!
[Text: Fourth Son of the House of Charlotte / Minister of Baking / Charlotte Oven]
People: Mistress Purin was very particular about this!! Nobody at all is to enter!
Oven: Well, if it's a request from my sister, I guess I'll oblige... / But in that case, why is there such a commotion outside the factory?!
Brulee: And Purin, it's up to you to handle Mama! / You're our only hope!!
Purin: Don't you worry, Brulee-neesan!! / I'll stop Mama with the most wonderful of wedding cakes!!
Brulee: Wih-wih!

[Box: Outside the Factory]
Pound: Aaaghhhhh~~!! / St...!! Stop, please! No violence!!
Oven: Silence, miscreant.
Pound: D...Don't you remember me, young Oven?
Oven: Oh, I remember you, my one-time "daddy". // That's why I'm getting you out of here!!
Pound: ?!!
Chiffon: Who could it be, making all that ruckus out there...?
Sanji: Does it bother you?
Purin: Sanji-san, did you hear what she said? Luffy-kun is in big trouble!! // He's facing Katakuri-niisan one-on-one...!! That man's superhuman!! He has a billion-Beli bounty!! // He's never been defeated in his life!! What shall we do?!!
Sanji: Then I guess today... // ...will be his first loss. // Don't worry. Let's just make this cake.
People: Ahhhh! Mistress Purin is giving off steam!! // Did somebody bake her?! // Why would anyone do that?!!

[Box: Wholecake Island - Sweet City]
Montd'Or: What do you mean she's attacking Nuts Island, Peros-nii?!!
Perospero: Well, ah...the thing is...!!
People: Master Mont-d'Or!! It's terrible!!
Montd'Or: What now?! Things are already terrible!!
People: Our seabed investigations have revealed a shocking situation!!
Montd'Or: ?
People: There's not a single Territory Sea Slug out there~~~~?!!
Montd'Or: Why not~~~~?!!! // Are they dead?!
People: We don't know...
Praline: (Come, now!♡ Sing with me, everyone!♪ / My darling Sea Slugs~~~!♪ // It's so much fun if you leave your work behind~~~!♪ // Guard duty? // No, no!♪ // Reports? // I think not!♪ // Singing? // Absolutely~~!♡)
Jinbei: It is most perplexing... In these of all waters...
[Box: Open Waters - The Golden Sunny]
Jinbei: How can there be no pursuers after us...?!!
Nami: It must be a trap!!
Chopper: Don't worry!! We won't let our guard down for a second!!
Jinbei: ...Come to think of it, I do hope Aladine and the others escaped safely...
Montd'Or: How can tens of thousands of Sea Slugs all vanish at once?!!
Praline: (That's right!♪ There's no work today!♡)
People: C...Could they have been kidnapped......?
Montd'Or: By who, you fools?!!! / At this rate, there's nothing to stop any ships escaping~~~~~~~!!!
Praline: (That's the law~~~~~~♪ // ...of holidays!♡)
[Box: The bewitching song of Praline...!!]

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