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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 886

Daddy Does Business

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 29, 2017 22:47 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 886: Daddy Does Business
[Insert text: To Big Mam!]
Purin: Open up a path, everyone!! // We're carrying the cake through to the port!!
People: Whoa...incredible!! All this in such a short time?! // It's already taken shape!! // And this aroma...mmmmmm!♡ // Once it's complete, Mama will be satisfied for sure!! // Such a wondrous scent!♡ Is this...heaven?!

People: That's our Purin-sama! That's our Chiffon-sama! That's our WCI31!! // Come on, let's hurry!! // Mr. Groom, why're you disguising yourself?
Sanji: I'm a bashful man.
Pound: ......Ahhh... // Ch...Ch...Ch... // Chiffon......!! My daughter......!!!
Oven: ......... // Hold it one moment, Purin!!
Purin: Oven-niisan! Move out of the way, please!!
Oven: I thought we were going to take care of Mama's food heartbreak here on this island?!
Purin: We're going to complete the cake aboard the ship, and stop Mama out at sea!!

Purin: Or what, do you want to let her wreak havoc here in Chocolat Town?! / If we get in contact with Peros-niisan, we should be able to meet up in the open water!!
Oven: I see... That does make sense. // Understood, my sister! You may pass.
Chiffon: Thank goodness! // Thank you, Oven-oniichan!
Oven: But you, Chiffon...
Chiffon: ?
Oven: Your path stops here!!
Chiffon: ?!! // Aaahhh!!
Purin: Chiffon-neesan!!

People: Whoahhh!! Master Oven, how cruel!! // How could you do that to your own sister?!!!
Chiffon: ......!!
Oven: Let the cake pass onward to the port!!
People: Yessir!! // ?!
Oven: Even if we are family, I cannot forgive a traitor so easily!!!
People: ...............!!
Purin: Chiffon-neesan!! // Stop this, Oven-niisan!!!
Sanji: (Ugh...!! What now?! If I fight and my identity is revealed, Purin-chan will be branded a traitor too!!)
Chiffon: (My debt is not repaid until Nami and the others have safely escaped...!!!) // *pant* // *pant*
Oven: !
Chiffon: I won't stop here...!! // I will see this cake to completion, Brother!!! // (Lola owes these people her life!! I can't settle for any less!!)

People: ...............!!
Oven: This isn't just some petty rebellion or family feud. / Chiffon......!! // Your crime is treason! / You attempted to murder our Queen!!! // I never dreamed I would be forced to take my own sister's life...
Chiffon: ......!! Stop, Brother!!
Oven: It is important to make an example. We have a country to uphold!!
Sanji: (This is bad...!! Is there no room to be worrying about consequences...?!!) // Hm?!
Oven: ?!!
Pound: (I'll save you, my daughter!!)
Chiffon: ...............!! // Who are you?!

Sanji: (I don't know... // ...who this guy is, but...!!)
Oven: I thought I tossed you out to sea!!
People: !!!

Sanji: (If I move so fast nobody spots me...!!! // Then I can save her with no issues......!!!)
Pound: ? // Huh?
Sanji: (Get ready to fly, Chiffon-chan!!)
Chiffon: Huh?

Oven: ...............!!
Pound: A...Am I stronger than I...thought I was...??
People: (Huh...? He...he just knocked Oven-sama...!! // Just who is that old guy?!)
Pound: Huh? Chiffon?
Oven: Like hell that was you!!!
Pound: Bueghhhh~~~!!!

Oven: Who was that just now......?!! // ...............!!
Sanji: Hurry up! To the port!!
Chiffon: ..................
Purin: (Nee-san, you have to stay hidden!!)
People: Open up the path!!
Chiffon: It looks like I dodged a bullet thanks to Black Leg... // But who was that big fellow?
Oven: There you are, Chiffon!!
Chiffon: !! / Ahh!!
Purin: Aahhh!! Stop, Oven-niisan!! // We need Chiffon-neesan! / We can't complete the cake without her!!
Pound: Anhhh... Chivvhon!! Stobb...!! // Ged yourr hanzz off Chivvon......!! *pant*... *pant*

DenDenMushi: *brrrring...!!*
Oven: What is it?!! / *ka-chunk!!*
DenDenMushi: Master Oven!!
Oven: ..................
DenDenMushi: Bege's vessel is heading towards your position at Cacao Island!! / We have a fleet on their tail!! We'll corner them at the port!!
Chiffon: Bege......!! It can't be...?!
Oven: Hahahah! I thought he was a more heartless man... / But it seems he's come for you, eh? // Perfect timing. Connect me to the amplifier!!
Sanji: Bege?!
[Box: Outside the Cacao Island port]
People: ?!

Bege: Oven?!
Oven: Just a few moments ago... / ...I captured your accomplice Chiffon here on Cacao Island...!!
Pez: Ogyahhh! Hogyahhh~!
People: ?! / The missus?!
Oven: I am a man who respects the law!! // I show no mercy to traitors, even my own sister. // Now you're going to sail into the port and surrender to me.
Bege: ...............!!
Oven: If you make any untoward movements...you know what will happen.
Pez: Hogyahh! Ogyahh!
Bege?: There there, little one! Don't worry, we're going to save your Mama~~~!!
Oven: Right now as we speak... // We are heading toward the port ourselves from the city!!
Bege: ...............!!

Chiffon: Bege!!! Everyone!! You have to run for it!!!
Bege: ?!
Chiffon: It was my choice to come here, nobody else's!!
Oven: !
Chiffon: If they capture you, we'll all be executed anyway!! You have to save yourselves!!! // With a mother who hated me...... / All of you were my only real family!! / So one day, I want you to avenge me!!!
Bege: !!
People: Missus, what're you saying?!!!
Oven: I didn't give you permission to talk, Chiffon!!
[BubbleSFX: *smack!!*]
Chiffon: Aahhh!!
People: !!
Bege: Oven!! // We're almost at the port!! // I'll come ashore just as you say... / So don't lay another finger on Chiffon......!!
Pez: Hogyahh~! Ogyahh~!

People: Bege's ship is coming this way!! / All troops stay alert!! // Fleet, separate to the left and right... // ...and block off their route of escape!! // Yessir! // Hahahah!! Bege's vessel is in sight!! // Master Oven's carriage is approaching the port!!
Oven: Hm? // !!!

Oven: Dwaghhh~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaaghhhh~~~~!! Master Oven was shot~~~~~!!! // ?! / What's going on there?! Master Oven!! // ...............!!
Chiffon: ......! // You idiot...
Bege: Watch carefully now, Pez. // This is how your daddy does business!!!
People: FATHER~~~~~~~~~!!!

Sanji: You've got some guts, Bege!! // Now what'll their next move be? I'll back you up on this one!!
People: Attention, Firetank Pirates!! // You are completely surrounded!!
Bege: .........!!
Purin: Oh, no...!! They've made Oven-niisan angry!
[Box: The Golden Sunny]
People: A number of ship silhouettes are coming into view!! // So we're almost at the scene...
Jinbei: Ready the cannons!! It's time we did something other... / ...than just running!!
Chopper: Right!!
Carrot: ...Hey...Bropper...
Chopper: Hm?
Carrot: Is tonight... // ...a full moon?
Chopper: Huh??

People: This is Chips Town!! / Straw Hat Luffy has appeared here!! // This is Oshimna Town!! / We have reports of sightings of Straw Hat!! // It looks like Straw Hat is running wild around Mirroworld!
Luffy: *pant*
People: Has old Brulee been captured again?!
Luffy: *pant*
People: This is Green Town! // We've received reports of suspicious activity in the residential-
Katakuri: ..................
Brulee: ...What are you playing at, boy...? / If you want to run, you could just head for Cacao Island!
Luffy: Huh? Why do you know about...
Brulee: I overheard you!! *pant*... *pant*...
Luffy: ......!! Haki takes a lot of energy. / If I keep wearing him down, his Observation Haki will get weaker too eventually...!!
Brulee: Wih-wih! You're not as stupid as you look when it comes to battle, eh?

Luffy: ...But that's not good enough!!
Brulee: ?!
Flashback!Rayleigh: Now, Luffy. / I may have trained you... // But Haki blooms the brightest in dire situations - in the heat of real battle. // The stronger the enemies you face... // The stronger you can become!!!
Brulee: ..................
Luffy: ......Do you think I could see it too...? / The near future...
Brulee: ?! / Don't get cocky, you little brat!!!
Luffy: I want to surpass him!!! // I want... / ...to beat him at full strength!!! / To beat a billion-Beli man!!!
[Insert text: A battle to surpass the enemy...!!]

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