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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 888


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 17, 2017 13:36 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 888: Lion
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 21: Ideo Arc
"The Ideo Pirates: It's the Pirate's Life for Us"

[Insert text: They face off...!]
Katakuri: Don't get so heated up right off the bat. / Answer my question. // You could easily have kept running. It's me you're up against, after all.
Luffy: *pant*
Katakuri: Nobody would have laughed at you for it.
Luffy: *pant*
Katakuri: So why did you come back? / You'd rather choose death over the shame of fleeing? // Or perhaps, realising the insurmountable gap in our strength... // ...you decided to beg me to make you my subordinate?
Luffy: *pant* // *pant*

Luffy: I came back... // ...to beat you!!!
Katakuri: I'm afraid that's... // ...not an option!!!

Bavarois: Fire~~~~~!!
Cannonballs: Yahoo~~~! // Wahey~~~! // Hahahah! Here we go!! // I'm gonna be the first in line!! // I'll be the one to take 'em out!! // Hmm? Who are we taking out again? // The Straw Hat Pirates, remember?!! // I don't see any straw hats! // ?! // 'Scuse me! Have you seen any Straw Hats around...?
Nami: They ran that way!!
Cannonballs: Huh?! // Let's go!! Thattaway!! // Thanks for the tip!! // Ahh! We're all out of air time!!
Bavarois: You idiots~~~~~~!!!
Nami: .........

Bavarois: Why are all our cannonballs so useless?!!!
People: ...Well, you see...... / With Mama out of control, it's so hard to keep them in line...!!
Cannonballs: Let me go next! // No, it's my turn!
[Box: 26th Son of the House of Charlotte // Charlotte Bavarois]
Cannonballs: Master Bavarois~~~~! We won't fail you!!
Bavarois: Mama's speed hasn't changed... // And we're sailing at full speed too!! // So why can't we catch them?!!
People: Well, we are up against Jinbei - there's nobody who knows the waves better than him... // But Master Bavarois, I believe our troubles are over!
Bavarois: Say what?!
People: We just received a transmission...

Carrot: Guys~~~~!!
People: ?!
Chopper: What is it, Carrot?!!
Jinbei: ......!!
Carrot: Loads of ships coming into sight, dead ahead!!
People: ?!! // ......!! Oh, curses!! // We've been pincered!!! // Damn it all... We still haven't managed to lose the ones behind us...!!
Announcement: Situation report!
[Text: Third Son of the House of Charlotte / Daifuku]
Announcement: The fleet of Master Daifuku has arrived from in front!! // And from behind us...
People: !
Announcement: Another fleet of reinforcements has arrived... // ...led by the Sweet Star Mistress Smoothie!!
People: ?!!
[Text: 14th Daughter of the House of Charlotte / Smoothie]
People: Even her?!

Daifuku: ...... // Peros-nii. What's taking you so long... // ...dealing with a single piece of vermin? / If you take any longer, I might just sink them myself.
Perospero: Do as you wish, la-lick!♪ / You lot are getting so hot and bothered over nothing!!! // Whatever happens...
Perospero: ...Mama is going to head to Cacao Island, where Purin awaits... // Hmm? / Is it just me, or has Mama lost a little weight...? // La-lick!♪
Daifuku: Ready cannons~~~~~~~!! // As soon as they're in range... // Fire at will!!

Brook: They're positioned to cut us off no matter which way we try to run... / There's nothing for it but to keep forging straight ahead!!
Jinbei: It looks like the fleet ahead is headed by the third son, Daifuku... / He has a genie at his command! He's no pushover, I warn you...
Chopper: I'll go and tear them apart! / Just get close enough for me to leap across!!
Nami: Close quarters...? That's not going to be pretty...!! // All right, let's go!!
Daifuku: Now, listen up! I want you to use cannonballs WITHOUT faces!!
Cannonballs: Whaaaaat?! But, Master Daifuku~~~!
Carrot: Bropper! // Guys~~~~!! // Let me do this! // I bet I can really help!
People: ?!

Carrot: 'Cause tonight... // ...is a full moon!!
People: ?!
Jinbei: You don't mean...Sulong?! // Are you trained in that technique?!
Carrot: Don't worry! Pedro trained me up good! / If Pedro was here now, I know he'd say "Leave this to me!!" // And I am a Musketeer too, you know! // (I'll fight! // For your sake too!! // Pedro!!)
People: !!
Perospero: !
People: ?!!

People: ?!!
Carrot: Rrrrghhh...
People: Carrot...?!! Even her hair is pure white!!
Chopper: ...............!! // Her eyes are red, too... / It's like she's a totally different person!!

Jinbei: What an extraordinary sight...
Nami: Th...this is...
Flashback!Dogupine: Though we resolved to do battle... // We could not even defeat Jack’s army!! // But things will not go so easily for them a second time!! We have our own trump card, as well...
Brook: ......?!
Flashback!Dogupine: The next time we meet in battle... // They will witness... / ...the Mink’s true power!!!
Nami: The Mink's...true power......!!!
People: This is bad, Master Daifuku...!! // Tonight's a full moon...!! The Mink girl among the enemy...!
Daifuku: ?!
People: She's become a Sulong!!!
Daifuku: !!

Chopper: !! // She's going to fall into the sea!!
Daifuku: As I recall, Pedro came from the phantom city of Zou... // So this girl is from the same place...?! // !!!

People: Incoming!! Shoot her down!!! // Don't let your guard down!! She's a warrior of Zou!! They're on a different level!! // ?!! // ?! // Wha... // Aaaaghhhhh!!

Nami: Hey, what's going on, Chopper?!
Chopper: .........
Daifuku: Hah!! What's your plan, girl?!! Going to take on every soldier in this fleet on your own?! // By the time you're done fighting, your friends' ship will be long sunk!!! Now give up this foolishness and - // ?!! // The ship's wheel?!! // She's destroyed the helm~~~~~~!! // Oh, crap!! Where is this ship gonna head now~~~?!! // That little bitch~~~!!!
[Insert text: A powerful ally!!]

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