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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 889

An Unknown Mama

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 2, 2018 15:47 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 889: An Unknown Mama
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 22: Leo Arc
"We're Pirates Too Now!"

[Insert text: The 26th son strikes back!!]
Daifuku: Damn that bunny rabbit~~~~~!!! // Let's do this!! // Genie!
Genie: You called, Master~~~~~?!!! // Let's show them... // ...a thing or two~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~~!! // Master Daifuku~~~~!! Stooooop~~~~~!!
Daifuku: Why, that little...!! She's taken another ship's wheel!! // Damn her~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Carrot: *smirk*
Daifuku: !! // Why, that cocky little rabbit~~~~~~~!!
People: Aaaaaahhhhh~~! // Aaaghhhh~~~~~!!
Nami: (..................)

Nami: She's just leaping around from ship to ship... // She really is incredible...
Chopper: Right?! / I never knew Carrot could do stuff like that!! She's like my little sister, you know!!
Jinbei: With the moon and clear skies on their side, they are truly strong...!!
Nami: !
Jinbei: It is said that when a Mink gazes upon a clear full moon... / ...it awakens greater animal instincts from the depths of their memories... // Men call that fierce white form "Sulong", the lion of the moon...!!
People: "Sulong"......?!
Jinbei: Ordinarily, the Mink loses control of their body for the duration of the transformation, indiscriminately attacking all who come near. / It is a terrible thing for all, including the transformed Mink themselves.
People: ! / What do you mean?
Jinbei: If a Mink is unable to control the Sulong transformation... / ...they use up all of their body's energy in a single night's rampage, perishing in the process.
People: Whaaa?!

Brook: So this technique is a double-edged sword... A strategy that puts the user's very life on the line...!
People: !
Brook: Mistress Carrot... Your plan of stealing the enemy's navigation wheels is most splendid! // Allow me to assist you before we are forced into close-quarters combat!!!
People: ?!
Chopper: A...Assist...?!! Brook?! // You're gonna fall into the sea!
Brook: Yohohohohohoho~~~~~~~~~~!♪
Chopper: !! // Oh yeah, he can run on water!! 'Cause he's so light!!
Nami: Let's leave the job of opening up a path forward to those two!!
People: Hold it right there~~~~~!!
Nami: There are enemies coming from behind, too!!
Chopper: Right!!

BigMam: *pant* // *pant*
People: ?! // !!
BigMam: Prometheus......
Bavarois: ......?! // Peros-nii!! It looks like there's something wrong with Mama?!
BigMam: Zeus......
Perospero: La-lick!♪ / Yes, I am quite aware!! // She is losing weight, and running out of breath as well...!! // For the moment, I am calling upon Zeus and Prometheus for aid!! / That is Mama's wish...!! // It has been about 8 hours now since her symptoms began!! / None of Mama's tantrums have gone unchecked for this long before... And I have never seen her so hungry! // From here on out, Mama is an unknown beast even to us, la-lick!♪

Perospero: Will she hold up until Cacao Island......?!
Bavarois: ...That reminds me, Peros-nii!! / We received word that the cake is currently heading this way - Purin is bringing it on a ship!!
Perospero: Hmm?! Is that true?! Well, that is quite the word of salvation!!
Bavarois: No, you don't get it, Bro!! It's definitely Purin bringing the cake, but... / The ship that's bringing it here... // ...belongs to Bege...!
Perospero: ?!! // ......?! La-lick?? / Why is the cake that will save our kingdom upon the ship of Mama's assassins?!!
Bavarois: ......I don't know... // What should we do?! At this rate... // ...we won't even be able to trust that cake......!!!

[Box: 21:00 PM // Inside Big Mam's territory / Bege's Ship]
Sanji: Don't screw with me!!!
People: Aaaaahhhh~~~~~~!!
Sanji: As if I'd ever...*pant*...*pant*... / ...allow a thing like that!!!
Bege: Big Mam is going to eat this cake without a doubt, right?!! / Then what kind of idiot wouldn't stuff it full of poisons and explosives?!!! // This is our chance to wipe out one of the Yonkou!! // Don't you get how precious this opportunity is?!!
Sanji: Shut up!! I've put all my pride as a chef into this challenge!!! / I won't let you ruin it!! We're going to defeat our foe with flavour alone!!!
Bege: !!! / Say what?!! Get your head out of the clouds!!!

Bege: Big Mam has spent her whole life eating the tastiest sweets from across the whole world... / ...and you think you can make a cake that'll overwhelm her?! Impossible!!!
Sanji: Yeah!! If I can't manage it, we're all doomed!! / That's what I call a challenge!!!
Bege: Even if you do succeed, she won't let us leave this place alive!!! // You don't even know what Big Mam used to be like long ago, do you?!! / If you don't take her out now, you'll live to regret- // ! // Aaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~!♡♡
People: Father!! // Father~~~~~~~~~!! // Why, you... What did you do to our Father~~~~~~?!! // Black Leg~~~~~!!! // What did you just slip into Father's mouth?!!!
Sanji: Ask him, why don't you?
Bege: This cream's so tasty I could die...!♡
People: The tastiness almost killed him~~~~~~!!!

Sanji: Listen up, Bege... If you want to kill her, I'm not going to stop you. / But you do it after I've filled my customer's stomach!!!
Bege: ...............!!
Sanji: If someone's hungry, I feed 'em!! / That's a chef's job!!
People: !! // Mistress Purin?! // Why are you collapsing?!
Chiffon: Bege! This cake was a special opportunity for me, too! / Please trust in the power of our sweets!!
Bege: ......... // Ahh, dammitall... It's like I've been hypnotized or something!! // (But this sheer bliss that's filling my mouth...)
People: Now, let's hurry it up! Is the nappe complete?! // Almost!! // Mistress Chiffon, two chefs have collapsed from the sweet scent!! // Hang in there, people!!
Sanji: (You'd better be all right... / Nami-san, I'm on my way!!!)

[Box: The waters of Big Mam's territory / Zeus and Prometheus]
Zeus: Hurry up, hurry up!♪ // Which way is it?
Prometheus: Straight ahead!! / I can feel Napoleon's thoughtwaves!
Zeus: You know, Prometheus, if you hadn't gone back to eat that forest fire, we'd be...!
Prometheus: And who was it that dealt me all that damage in the first place, Zeus?!! // You've got some nerve, letting that enemy girl manipulate you!! // We're special Homies, born from Mama's own soul, and don't you forget it! / Next time you betray Mama for a few tasty morsels, I won't let you get away with it!!
Zeus: I'm sorry......
[Box: Big Mam's territory - The Golden Sunny]
People: We can't steer the ship~~~!! // We're drifting off course~~~~~!!
Nami: A path's opening up......!!

Carrot: *pant* // *pant* // (It's so hard to stay conscious......!! I have to stop soon... How many ships are left?)

Genie: GENIE~~~~~!! // SLICE!!!
People: Aaaghhh~~~!!
Carrot: (Thanks for the help!)
Brook: Carrot-san!! Though it is not much... // I put that ship over there to sleep!!
Carrot: Baron Corpse!
Brook: You have done enough. Let us head back!!
Carrot: Thanks so much!
Brook: No, thank you!
Carrot: *pant* / *pant*
Brook: How will you return?
Carrot: If I hide my eyes from the moonlight...*pant*...*pant*...I'll change back. // We can use hats, coloured glasses, or just close our eyes... // It's the light of the full moon that drives us wild...!!
Brook: You were most beautiful, yohoho...

Bavarois: Peros-nii!! Daifuku-niichan is out for the count!! / The fleet's being carried away by the waves!!
People: Aaahhhh...
Perospero: Oh, how hopeless~~~~~!! That worthless Daifuku!!
Nami: Thank you so much, Carrot! You really saved us!! // If it weren't for you, we'd have been surrounded and sunk!
Carrot: Eheheh...!♡ Can I go to a room where you can't see the moon?
Perospero: Mama! Are you really all right?!
BigMam: Napoleon... // Become my blade...
Napoleon: Yes, Mama!!
BigMam: Zeus!! Prometheus!! Are you here yet?!
Zeus/Prometheus: !! // Yes, we will be right with you!!!

People: ?! // Mama?! She's like a totally different person...
Perospero: Wha...?
Bavarois: What is that nimble form...?
BigMam: *pant* // *pant* / Give me my.........!!
People: ?!
Chopper: Big Mam's coming this way~~~~!!!

BigMam: WEDDING CAKE~~~~~!!!
People: ?!!! // Aaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: No way......!!
Carrot: *pant* // *pant*
BigMam: Where is... // ...my cake......?
Jinbei: Get back, all of you!!! / Be ready to abandon this ship if you have to!!!
[Insert text: Point-blank range...!!]

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