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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 890

Big Mam On Deck

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 12, 2018 21:01 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 890: Big Mam On Deck
[Insert text: The greatest crisis the Golden Sunny has ever faced...!!]
People: What's going on?! // Mama got all thin!!
Bavarois: She got too hungry and...!!
Perospero: La-lick!♪ // How many years has it been since I last saw Mama so light and nimble...?!!
Daifuku: ......?!
BigMam: Aaahhhhhh...
[BubbleSFX: rrrrrrghhhhhh...]
People: ...............!!
BigMam: I'm so...very hungry...
Nami: ............
BigMam: But...nothing else will satisfy me...

People: Aaaaaghhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!
Chopper: The Sunny~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Brook: How are we supposed to get her off......?!!
Jinbei: Wait one moment, Big Mam!!!
BigMam: I don't see it... // It's not... // ...here...
Jinbei: There is no cake on this vessel!!!
BigMam: Dirty lies.
Jinbei: !
BigMam: That can't be true. // My son told me it was here!!! // If it's not here, I'll have to take the life of my own eldest son!!!

Perospero: (Sh...She remembered~~~~~!!! // Just how conscious is she in that state?! // I thought I could get away with it~~~~~~~~~!!)
BigMam: Don't you accuse my son of being... // ...a dirty liar!!! / Hey!! Napoleon!!
Jinbei: !!
Napoleon: Yes, Mama!!
Jinbei: !!!
BigMam: Let's do this. // Cognac!!
Jinbei: !!
Napoleon: I'll roast and slice you clean in two!!!

Chopper: A giant burning sword!!!
Nami: It's no good!! Run, Jinbei!!
Jinbei: Kairagi!!!
BigMam: Hahaba~~~~~~!!!
Jinbei: !!!
Perospero: He stopped Mama's "Cognac" in its tracks!!
BigMam: You think you... // ...can outdo me...

Jinbei: Urghh...
BigMam: ...in strength?!!! // You puny shark!!!
Jinbei: !!!
Brook: Jinbei-san!!!
BigMam: Hahahah... Maaahmahmahmahmahmah... // Where is it?! Bring out the cake!!! / I'm so hungry I could die!
People: !!
Nami: Stop it!! Big Mam!!
People: ?!
Nami: (Carrot's in that room...!!)

BigMam: If you want me to stop...
Nami: Ahh!!!
BigMam: ...answer my question~~~~~~!!!
Chopper: Nami!!!
Nami: I'm all right!!
Brook: This is very bad!! Those flames... // The flames on Big Mam's head are setting the sail alight!!!
BigMam: Where did you hide away... // ...such a huge cake?!!!
People: !!!
Chopper: Run for it, Nami~~~~~!!!

People: ?!!
Chopper: Guard Point!!!
Nami: .........!! // Chopper!!
BigMam: Well, aren't you a rare one!♡
Brook: The ship~~~~!! The ship's on fire~~~~~!! // Oh, this is quite the pickle!! If we don't put it out, the ship will...!! Water!! Water~~~~!
Jinbei: Kairyuu...
People: ?!
Jinbei: Ippon-zeoi!!!

People: Bueghh~~!! // !!
Prometheus: Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~~~! // Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~!! Ow!! Owowow!! / Dammit!! The water just suddenly...!!
BigMam: .........
Brook: Jinbei-san!!
Jinbei: Leave this vessel, Big Mam!! // Gyojin Karate Ougi...
BigMam: Then give me my cake......!!!

Jinbei: Buraikan!!!
BigMam: ?!!

Zeus: Mama!! // !!
Chopper: Whoahhh!!
Perospero: ...............?!
Chopper: All right~~~~!!! / You knocked her off the ship!!
Jinbei: I could not face any of you if I allowed her to damage it any further...!! // Do not lessen the ship's speed!! If Perospero and his men catch up to us... / ...all truly will be lost!!
People: Right!!
Jinbei: I am sorry, but Big Mam will not stay down for long.
Chopper: Is Carrot all right?
Nami: Yes, she's fine!
BigMam: Mahmahmahmah...!! // That's right...I just had a good idea......!!

BigMam: Let's slice it up!!
People: ?!!
Napoleon: A wonderful idea, Mama!!
BigMam: That way we'll find it for sure!! My lovely wedding cake!♡
Chopper: Now it's got longer!! If she swings that thing around...
Brook: This ship really will be done for!!
Nami: This situation's still better than a moment ago! / Now, Zeus-chan...!♡ // You love these, don't you? / Help yourself!♡
Zeus: Whoa!♡
People: !!
Zeus: I'm not falling for that one again~~~~~!! // Don't you lure me, you naughty temptress!!
Brook: Aaaaahhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
Chopper: Nami~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Brook: No, it's me.
Chopper: It's just you~~~~~~~?!!!
Brook: Yes... As I have no flesh, lightning cannot harm me...
BigMam: Looking to pick a fight with me, Soul King?!! / That blade of yours... // ...couldn't put a scratch on me, could it?!
Brook: Indeed not!! / So instead...... // Would you at least be so kind as to show me your panties?!

BigMam: Whaaaaaa~~~~~?!!
Nami/Chopper: Eeeehhhhh~~~?!
Brook: And with that... // It is done!
BigMam: ?! // ...............?
Brook: Hanauta Sanchou... // Tamashii no...!!!

Brook: Yahazugiri!!!
BigMam: ?!!
Zeus: Aaaghhhhhhhhh!!!
Brook: Our target was always you... // ...from the very start, Zeus!!
Zeus: Owowowow!! // Hmm?!
Nami: Positive-Charge Black Ball... // Release your thunder and be done!♡
Zeus: Why, you...!!

Zeus: Aaaaghhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~!!
Perospero: It can't be! Mama!!!
Bavarois: Zeus got himself discharged!!!
People: We've bought a little time!! // Hurry, Brook!! // Mama~~~~~~!!
Brook: But of course!!

Chopper: Way to go~~~~~~!! // Brook, you're amazing~~~~~!!
Jinbei: So this is the limit of the damage I could prevent.........!! / She smashed us up rather badly......!!
Brook: I do believe he is all out of energy to fight...
Nami: Oh, Zeus!♡ Hello again! // Maybe you misunderstood me a little before...!♡ / I wasn't asking you if we could become friends. / Let me ask you one more time......! // Will you become my servant? // Or would you rather die?
Napoleon: .........
BigMam: After them...!! // Prometheus!!!
Prometheus: Yes, Mama!!!
[Insert text: The onslaught continues......!!]

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