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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 892

A Dangerous Enemy

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 2, 2018 21:10 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 892: A Dangerous Enemy
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet
Vol 24: Leo Arc
"A Present from Dresrosa"

[Insert text: A silhouette of hope...!!]
Nami: Guys......!!! // The ship is here!! / The cake is on board!! // Sanji-kun and the others made it back with the cake!!
Prometheus: ......
Chopper: Guohhh!! Sanji~~~~~!!
Brook: Sanji-san~~~~~~~~!♡♡
Prometheus: Mama......?!
BigMam: *sniff sniff* ♡ // Mmmmmm, what a sweet scent!♡
Bege: Hey, there they are! It's your lot's ship, and Big Mam!! // There's quite the massive fleet on their tail!! // The ship doesn't look in great shape, either!!

Bege: Ready yourselves, men!!
People: Yeah!!
Sanji: Nnnnnnnnnn... // Nnnnami-saaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n!♡♡ // I'm here to save you~~~~~!♡♡
People: !!
Bege: Pursued by Big Mam and Perospero... / For hours on end... // They did well to hold out this long...!! // With their Captain missing in action, too......!!

Nami: I see someone standing at the ship's bow! But...isn't there a weird sort of aura about them?
Jinbei: It is no Haki, that much is certain... / But that vessel belongs to Bege!! ......Why...?!!
Bavarois: Hmm? Did I just see someone dancing on the ship's bow......?
Perospero: La-lick!♪ They actually have gone and replicated that wedding cake!! / If the taste satisfies her, Mama's tantrum should subside!! // ...But Bege is on that ship...!!! / That cake must surely be poisoned!!
Chopper: The attacks have stopped... *pant*... / *pant* // I thought...*pant*...*pant*...we were really done for...
Perospero: (Should I destroy the cake?! // No...if I do, our last chance of stopping Mama's tantrum will be lost and this country will surely perish...!! // But if Mama dies from eating a poisoned cake, that too will mean the end of this country and our crew...!!)

Bege: Hey, Black Leg!! You've got yourself a deal!! / We'll take this cake!!! // As promised, we'll feed it to Mama, and we won't do anything funny until she's had her fill. / But once she's eaten it, all bets are off, yeah?!
Sanji: Do as you like. Our sole mission here... / ...is to put a stop to Big Mam's rampage with this cake!!
Chiffon: It'll stop her, I know it!!
Sanji: !
Purin: Hey, you!! Sanji!! ......-san!♡ / Hurry the hell up, if you don't want to die!! // Rabiyan! Full speed ahead!!
Rabiyan: ............
Purin: Let's fly so fast, Peros-nii and Bavarois-niisan won't spot us!!
Rabiyan: Right!!

BigMama: Here we go... // I finally found it......!!
Prometheus/Napoleon: Yes, Mama!
BigMama: MY~~~!! WEDDING~~~~~~~!! // CAAAAAAAAAKE~~~~~~~!!!

Bege: Here she comes! To the starboard!! Head southwest at full speed!! // We sail for Liqeur Island!!
People: Yessir!!! // Master Perospero!! The ship with the cake is changing direction!!
Perospero: !!! / But why?!
People: !
Brook: Ah!
Sanji: Hey. // I'm back!!
Purin: ...............!!
Nami: Sanji-kun!!
Brook: Sanji-san, Purin-san!!

Brook: I am so glad you are safe!!
Sanji: Right back at you!!
Nami: We nearly weren't!! I thought we were done for!! Thank you~~~~~!!
Sanji: ?!! // I LOVE YOU TOO!! NAMI-SAN!♡♡
Brook: By the by, Sanji-san... Why were you on Bege's ship?!
Chopper: It looks like they're going off somewhere?!
Sanji: There's no predicting what Mam might do after eating the cake. / So they're going to carry the cake to a nearby island.
Brook?: Wha...?! Carrying the bait like a decoy?! Why would they be so kind?!!
Sanji: They still haven't given up on assassinating her. // And as long as this ship stays safe, that's fine by me. // If they're willing to lead Mam off somewhere, so much the better.

Sqnji: Still, this place is in quite a state...
Jinbei: My apologies... I could not keep it from harm......!!
Chopper: What're you talking about, Jinbei?! If it weren't for you, we'd've been...
Sanji: We can talk later. I'm just glad you're all safe. / Where are Pedro and Carrot-chan?
People: !!
Nami: Actually, um.........
Brook: They're sleeping!! They were very tired from all the fighting... Both of them!!
Nami: ...............!!
Bavarois: Peros-nii, what now?! / The Straw Hats' ship and Mama are heading off in different directions!!
Perospero: Nghhh......!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrrrrring...!!* // This is Bege.
Perospero: Beeeeeeege!! You accursed man!! What would you want with me now?!!
DenDenMushi: About Mama's tantrum... / You can leave it to us. We'll feed her the cake and take care of her.
Perospero: As if I would believe a word from your traitorous mouth!!!

Bege: You just relax and go chase the Straw Hats.
Perospero: Why, you......! / *ka-chunk*
Bege: Heheh...
Perospero: We're going after Bege, Bavarois!! Just look at those scoundrels... They're clearly planning to assassinate Mama! / ......They might have even taken out Purin already...!!
Bavarois: But, Peros-nii, what about the Straw Hats' ship?!
Perospero: They'll meet their end at Cacao Island either way!! And besides...!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrrrrring...!*
Perospero: Smoothie, please respond!! / Are you following behind us?!
Smoothie: Yes, Brother, I'm right here.
Perospero: You lot carry on and corner the Straw Hats' ship!! / Bavarois and I will go after Bege and Mama!!
[Labels: Big Mam // Bege // Perospero / Bavarois // Smoothie // Golden Sunny]

Smoothie: Understood. / You could just have left this to us from the beginning.
Citron: What a waste of a journey...... / We might as well have just stayed on Cacao Island... // ...and had ourselves some nice tea with chocolate.
Cinnamon: Why so impatient? / Men are such fools.
[Text: 14th Daughter of the House of Charlotte / Charlotte Smoothie / (One of the Three Sweet Stars)]
[Text: 15th Daughter of the House of Charlotte / Charlotte Citron]
[Text: 16th Daughter of the House of Charlotte / Charlotte Cinnamon]
Smoothie: Don't be like that... Everyone, prepare for battle!
People: Yeaaaaaahhhhh~~~~~!!!

Nami: They know?! / About where we're meeting up with Luffy............?!
Sanji: Yeah. I'm afraid Cacao Island... / ...will be surrounded by a fleet ready to ambush us about now!!
Jinbei: It seems we have been acknowledged as a dangerous enemy... // This is the final and most dangerous obstacle in our path.........!!
Sanji: If we take the fleet head-on, we'll just be defeated...
Bege: ...This seem all right to you, Chiffon?!!
Perospero: After them~~~~!
BigMam: Give it here~~~~~!!!
Chiffon: Yes... Thank you, Bege...!!
Bege: This is quite the crazy mission we've taken on!! // It was gonna be hard enough just getting out of here, without trying to carry out an assassination too!!

Chiffon: This is what it means to repay a debt! // Don't worry!! Trust in the flavour of our cake! That man really was an incredible chef!!
Bege: Dammitall, this is what I love about you, Chiffon!!!
People: Yeaaaahhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Jinbei: A different fleet is coming after us!! // That's Sweet Star Smoothie's vessel...!!
Sanji: How long to Cacao Island?
Nami: A little over three hours...!! / We should arrive right at 1 AM, like we promised.
Chopper: There's no telling where on Cacao Island Luffy'll appear, or when... / And we haven't even got any way of telling him about the danger...!!
Sanji: ......... // I do have one idea in mind... // ...that could get us through Cacao Island.

[Box: Cacao Island]
People: Master Oven......!! The fleet surrounding the island just keeps growing and growing......!! / Do we really need this many vessels?! // It's not as though there's any chance of Master Katakuri letting Straw Hat escape to begin with...!!
Oven: Tell that to Tamago and Mont-d'Or!!
Montd'Or: It's absolutely necessary, Big Bro Oven!! // I mean, can you believe it?! Even that giant explosion at the Chateau was part of their plan!! / They may be rookies, they may be a small crew, but we can't underestimate them!!! // If they get away from us here, we'll be a laughing stock!!!
People: Huh??
Oven: Do I have to repeat myself?! Do it at once!! // Everyone return to your homes and break every mirror in this town!!!
People: What?!! Even the precious heirlooms...?!
Oven: If there are mirrors you don't want to break, throw them in the ocean! You can retrieve them once this is all over! // At any rate!! // I don't want a single mirror available on this island outside of this one here!!! / That's my final word on the matter!!! // If anyone here is responsible for Straw Hat escaping through a different mirror... // I'll execute their entire household!!! So hurry up!!!
People: Ahhhh!!!

[Box: Mirroworld: Luffy VS Katakuri]
Luffy: !! // *pant* // *pant*...!!
Katakuri: Don't bother getting up. // What chance do you stand of winning?! // (He's getting closer and closer to matching my Observation Haki...!!)
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*... // Urgh!!
Katakuri: (If I don't eliminate him quickly...) // *pant* // (...there's a chance he'll become a threat...!!!) // *pant*
Luffy: .........Huh...?! // Huh............??

Katakuri: Mochi... // ...tsuki!!!
Luffy: !!! // Aaaaaaghhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: A punishing blow...!]

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